Edu 697 week 6 - capstone project - word acquisition lesson - copy 2


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Edu 697 week 6 - capstone project - word acquisition lesson - copy 2

  1. 1. Hi! I’m Mrs. Lund! Welcome to English Honors Vocabulary!Vocabulary This learning module will aid you in List fulfilling Sunshine State Standards Course Requirement #1: Student will refineDefnitionS vocabulary for interpersonal, academic, and workplace situations, including figurative, Practice idiomatic, and technical meanings (LA.A.1.4.3).Extra Practice and More NAVIGATION: Challenge Use the tabs at the left (click slowly) to Video move about the lesson.Additional This page is HOME!Resources 2
  2. 2. Vocabulary ListVocabulary These are the words you will be List studying in this learning module.DefnitionS Acumen Mellifluous Practice Banal PreludeExtra Practice Elucidate and More Challenge VideoAdditionalResources 3
  3. 3. A Different ViewVocabulary How about a new perspective on the List words? This is a design:DefnitionS PracticeExtra Practice and More Challenge VideoAdditionalResources 4
  4. 4. DefinitionsVocabulary Click on the words below to travel to List a website that will show you a video for that word with a definition, visual, and a fewDefnitionS sample sentences. Acumen Practice Banal ElucidateExtra Practice and More Challenge Mellifluous Prelude Video (VocabAhead Vocabulary Videos. Retrieved from px)Resources 5
  5. 5. PracticeVocabulary Now practice what you have learned. List Click on the link below to go to a websiteDefnitionS with flashcards for each word. Click on the bottom-right corner of each card to see the Practice definition. Click on the right or left arrows to proceed forward or back in the slide deck.Extra Practice and More Challenge You can choose to show the title of each Video card (the word) first with the definition on the back or to show both title and definitionAdditional on the front.Resources 6
  6. 6. Extra Practice or More ChallengeVocabulary If you need more practice, follow this List link back to the flash card site. Quizlet .com Flash Card SiteDefnitionS PracticeExtra Practice and More Challenge Video As shown above, just below the flash cards, there are two tools for study and two forAdditional games. The difficulty of the games can beResources adjusted to provide more challenge. 7
  7. 7. Additional Resources • Learn new words, play games,Vocabulary List explore language - • SAT Vocabulary Quiz - Practice • Building a Better Vocabulary: Fill-in-the- BlanksExtra Practice and More Challenge ar/cgi-shl/ • Vocabulary Building Games - Video vocabulary-games/AdditionalResources 9
  8. 8. ReferencesVocabulary Feinberg, J. (© 2009). Design retrieved at List SAT_Words Florida Department of Education (1997). CourseDefnitionS Description – Grades 9-12, Adult. Retrieved from h/pdf/1001320.pdf Practice Lafazi, Inc. (Producer). (©2008-2010). VocabAhead Vocabulary Videos. Retrieved from Practice px and More Challenge Quizlet, LLC (Producer). (© 2005-2010). Quizlet. Retrieved from Shandlin Middle School. (October, 2009). Word Smart [video Video file]. Retrieved from Feinberg, J. (© 2009). Finished design retrieved atAdditional SAT_Words 10
  9. 9. Vocabulary ListDefnitionS Practice FINISExtra Practice and More Challenge VideoAdditionalResources 11