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Minesoft Company Overview
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Minesoft Company Overview


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Overview of Minesoft, a software development company that supplies integrated mine software, business software and database data management software.

Overview of Minesoft, a software development company that supplies integrated mine software, business software and database data management software.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Any sufficiently advanced technologyis indistinguishable from magic.Sir Arthur C. Clarke
  • 2. Main Menu AboutSoftware Support
  • 3. Why Consider Minesoft? Focused on after sales services and support Mining software developed by mining specialists One integrated, relational and secure database Easily integrate with 3rd party software One license fee per site (not per user) Additional online training
  • 4. Current LocationsUnited States PeruGhana ZimbabweZambia South Africa
  • 5. Major Clients
  • 6. Suite of Software
  • 7. Software
  • 8. Windows Based Applications Minesoft Data Minesoft Manager Estimation Minesoft Minesoft Grade Control Sampling Minesoft Minesoft GeoBase Recon Minesoft Survey
  • 9. Web Based Applications Minesoft Minesoft Compass Stock Minesoft Performance
  • 10. Data Manager Menu
  • 11. What is Data Manager? Complex Data Sharing Data manager is a dynamic database management system. The user friendly interface helps to simplify importing data in various formats into a secure integrated relational SQL database and enables the user to manage the data once it is in the database.
  • 12. Sampling Menu
  • 13. What is Sampling? Underground & Surface Sampling Minesoft Sampling allows the user to easily capture sampling information into a secure integrated relational database with minimized input requirements through step by step wizard based screens.
  • 14. Survey Menu
  • 15. What is Survey? Advanced Survey Calculation Minesoft Survey allows easy capturing of information into a secure integrated, relational database. The application offers advanced survey calculation methods, with dynamic check survey features that produce a detailed survey log sheet and peg register.
  • 16. GeoBase Menu
  • 17. What is GeoBase? Geological Borehole Logging, Plotting & Management System Minesoft GeoBase is a comprehensive borehole logging system that allows easy capturing of data into a secure integrated, relational database and incorporates extensive data validation functionality and checks. The user can then produce standard and graphic borehole log sheets and other geological reports.
  • 18. Estimation Menu
  • 19. What is Estimation? Mineral Resource Estimation Minesoft Estimation is used to produce an accurate geological and resource model. This is done through a series of geostatistics, using processes such as kriging, working in 2D or 3D space. A step by step wizard based approach ensures data accuracy.
  • 20. Grade Control Menu
  • 21. What is Grade Control? Short Interval Control & Automated Processes Minesoft Grade control allows the user to update existing resource data with the latest information. The application produces short term models for planning and automated processes for everyday evaluation.
  • 22. Recon Menu
  • 23. What is Recon? Reconciliation Module Minesoft Recon provides reconciliation between the resource model, short term model, grade control and planning on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis depending on the needs of the user.
  • 24. Performance Menu
  • 25. What is Performance? Performance Management Minesoft Performance is a dynamic web based employee performance management application. It allows the user to keeps track of daily activities through an integrated notepad, provides various customized performance review types and it offers employee training scheduling and development plans.
  • 26. Stock Menu
  • 27. What is STOCK? Stock Management Software A web based application that allows easy capturing of data into a secure integrated relational database and allows the user to manage and control stock.
  • 28. COMPASS Menu
  • 29. What is COMPASS? Organizational planning & control system A web based planning and control system designed to manage equipment, production, human resources and safety. It allows the easy capturing of data into a secure relational integrated database.
  • 30. What is COMPASS? Control Organise Manage People Attendance Safety System
  • 31. Modules MenuCommon Components MOS – Management Operating SystemPipe Line Cost (Budgeting)Human Resources SafetyPortfolio of Evidence InvoicingPay Run MIS –Management Information System (Reports)Contract Management Client Survey
  • 32. The way forward ProposalImpleme Supportnt
  • 33. Implementation Work closely with project owners Minesoft’s experts will be on site during this phase Take-on and conversion of historic data Client sign off
  • 34. Support & Training On- and off-site training Advanced and additional training available Online web based training sessions weekly User manuals and online help Aftersales service and support is our priority
  • 35. Updates & Maintenance Regular updates provide users with additional functionality Periodic maintenance to optimize software performance Regular client contact and interaction to better our software and benefit all current users
  • 36. Licensing & Sla’s Flexible and customised licensing and Service Level Agreement (SLA) options to suit the size and needs of your business Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum options depending on YOUR needs
  • 37. ContactBeing a Minesoft user, you’re guaranteed of user-friendly,efficient systems geared at streamlining your workflow. +27 (11) 958 2909