Introducing ProjectDirector


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Project teams are more dependent on effective collaboration than ever. Staying on the same page from start-to-finish is essential to preventing conflicts and delays. Mindjet ProjectDirector helps today’s agile teams stay on track. Brainstorm, plan, collaborate, and execute on projects of all sizes—with fewer snags along the way.

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Introducing ProjectDirector

  1. 1. mindjet.comMeet Mindjet ProjectDirectorMindjet is a virtual whiteboard, collaboration andproject management suite for everyone on your team.
  2. 2. mindjet.comProblemStaying on the same page from start-to-finish.SolutionBrainstorm, plan, collaborate,and execute on projects of all sizes:with fewer snags along the way.MapsTasksPeopleFiles
  3. 3. mindjet.comMindjet ProjectDirector Capabilities1. New Project Quick Start2. Virtual Whiteboard3. Dedicated Project Folders4. Integration with Cloud Storage Services
  4. 4. mindjet.comNew Project Quick StartHelps users create new projects quickly and easily.
  5. 5. mindjet.comNEW PROJECT QUICK START1. Quickly get started— click on New Project to begin.
  6. 6. mindjet.comNEW PROJECT QUICK START2. Invite team members by email address oradd existing account members.
  7. 7. mindjet.comNEW PROJECT QUICK START3. Select a map template for your project.
  8. 8. mindjet.comNEW PROJECT QUICK START4. Upload files from your computer or from popular cloud storage services.
  9. 9. mindjet.comNEW PROJECT QUICK START5. Review your setup, and you’re ready to go.
  10. 10. mindjet.comNEW PROJECT QUICK START6. Start working on your project’s map, add tasks,upload files or invite more team members.
  11. 11. mindjet.comVirtual WhiteboardGenerating ideas and visual project plans thatsync to a detailed view of each task.
  12. 12. mindjet.comVIRTUAL WHITEBOARD1. Generate ideas and organize plans.
  13. 13. mindjet.comVIRTUAL WHITEBOARD2. Turn topics into tasks that update automatically. Link topics to tasks and sync both ways.
  14. 14. mindjet.comDedicated Project FoldersKeep all your files and tasks organized in a single view.
  15. 15. mindjet.comDEDICATED PROJECT FOLDERSProject-Centric File ManagementThere’s a lot of information that goes into a project - documents, files, tasks, etc.ProjectDirector lets you upload, share and access it all in one place.
  16. 16. mindjet.comIntegration with Cloud Storage ServicesEasy file management and sharingwith Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive.
  17. 17. mindjet.comAccess and share files from popular cloud services. Upload files and docs fromyour computer, Box Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive and Google Drive.INTEGRATION WITH CLOUD STORAGE SERVICES
  18. 18. mindjet.comUltimately, ProjectDirectormakes teamwork work better.
  19. 19. mindjet.comMAKE TEAMWORK WORK BETTERVisualize Scope and PrioritiesProjects are laid out visually so everyone can see the big picture,and filtered views let you drill down to the details.Avoid ObstaclesWith Mindjet’s social task management, you can quickly identify bottlenecksbefore they impact your timeline.Keep Up & On TrackProjectDirector helps teams execute on project changes quickly. Our mobiletask app lets everyone report progress and check status from anywhere.Project-Centric File ManagementMindjet’s project folders let you keep all of your files organized. Everyone onthe team can access, download, share, and revise documents quickly.
  20. 20. mindjet.comGet Started TodayTo start your trial or learn more aboutProjectDirector go to