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MonoDroid : A mobile cross platform option using C# and Xamarin Studio IDE.

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  • MonoDroid Crossplatform

    1. 1. MonoDroid A Mobile Cross Platform Framework Using C# and Xamarin Studio IDE By Nirmal Hota
    2. 2. Agenda  What is MonoDroid  How it Works  Installation  Xamarin Studio IDE  Few Commonly used Android Objects  Data passing mechanism  Android Resources
    3. 3. What is Cross Platform Applications  An application that runs in any platform (OS) with no or minimal changes.
    4. 4. Why it is Cross Platform
    5. 5. Mobile Platforms Supported
    6. 6. What is MonoDroid MonoDroid is an Android based native application development framework from Xamarin. This helps us creating native application for Android. Works on .Net framework Works with Visual Studio 2010 onwards. It has its own IDE too, called Xamarin Studio
    7. 7. Features Supported device features Contacts GPS for Geolocation Accelerometer Camera Notifications Dot Net wrappers around the Android native APIs allows it to consume the device native features directly. Produces native application
    8. 8. How it MonoDroid works ? MCW : Managed Callable Wrappers ACW : Android Callable Wrappers
    9. 9. Installation Supports Windows and Mac environment Mac installer installs - Android SDK - Xamarin Studio - Xamarin.Android - Xamarin.iOS Windows installer installs - Android SDK - Xamarin.Android for Visual Studio - Xamarin Studio - Xamarin.iOS for Visual Studio Installer :
    10. 10. Xamarin Studio IDE Demo
    11. 11. Few commonly used Android Objects Activity - Activity is a process which creates a window on screen which allows a view to be appeared. Intent - Message passing mechanism which enables an activity to be invoked. View - An area to display the UI controls.
    12. 12. Few commonly used Android Objects Bundle - A Collection of data that makes the communication between the activities. AndroidMenifest.xml - An XML file to store the app configurations
    13. 13. Data passing mechanism between screens Demo
    14. 14. Android Resources
    15. 15. This is not end of the road Journey continues with explore....... Thank You
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