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ColdFusion 11 New Features


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This presentation talks about all new functions and tags added, cfscript enhancements etc.

This presentation talks about all new functions and tags added, cfscript enhancements etc.

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  • 1. Introduction to Coldfusion Splendor Presentor: Deepak Kumar Padhy Coldfusion Developer
  • 2. Contact Me @ Deepak Kumar Padhy ColdFusion Developer, Mindfire Solutions
  • 3. History Cold Fusion 1.0 (1995) Cold Fusion 2.0 (1996) Cold Fusion 3.0 (1997) ColdFusion 4.0 (1998) ColdFusion 5.0 (2001) ColdFusion 6.0 (2002) ColdFusion 7.0 (2005) ColdFusion 8 (2007) ColdFusion 9 (2009) ColdFusion 10 (2012) ColdFusion 11 (2014)
  • 4. Installation Express Installer: • Small size • Easy to Install • No support for SOLR, .NET, PDF generation • For Development only Normal Installer: • Large size • Takes much time for Installation • Best suited for Production Enviroment
  • 5. Enhancements • Complete cfscript support • JSON Serialization enhancements • Introduction of Member functions • Query Enhancements • Social Integration • Better Security
  • 6. cfscript support • All the tags having equivalent script based syntax. • Example: <cfscript> cftag1 (att1 = val1, att2 = val2) { child_tag1 (child_attr1 = 'cv1', child_attr2 = 'cv2') } </cfscript> • Script support for custom tags also. • Example: <cf_happybirthday name="Ted Cantor" birthDate="December 5, 1987"> cf_happybirthday (name="Ted Cantor", birthDate="December 5, 1987"); • Exceptions: <cfoutput>,<cfdump>,<cfinvoke>,<cfobject>
  • 7. JSON Serialization • JSON Serialization is for converting ColdFusion data to JSON format introduced in ColdFusion 8 • Now there are 3 enhancements. 1. Case preservation of struct keys. "this.serialization.preservecaseforstructkey = true" in application level for preserving the case of struct keys. 2. Datatype perservation. ColdFusion always tries to convert string to numeric, If successful it treats that value as numeric. CF10: {"ID":6,"NAME":"xyz ","CGPA":7} CF11: [{"ID":6,"NAME":"xyz ","CGPA":"7"}] 3. Key-Value serialization of cfquery. Along with row-wise and column-wise serialization, Now we have struct-wise serialization for better interaction via jquery. Row: {"COLUMNS":["ID","ADDRESS"],"DATA":[[1,"Bhubaneswar"],[3,"Bangalore"]]} Column: {"ROWCOUNT":2,"COLUMNS":["ID","ADDRESS"],"DATA":{"ID":[1,3],"ADDRESS": ["Bhubaneswar","Bangalore"]}} Struct: [{"ID":1,"ADDRESS":"Bhubaneswar"},{"ID":3,"ADDRESS":"Bangalore"}]
  • 8. Member Functions Member function is introduced for data structure and data objects. Ture Object Oriented way of calling a function. Example: var myArray = arrayNew(1); CF10 : arrayAppend (myArray,newObj); CF11: myArray.append(newObj); Supported Datatype: Array, String, List, Struct, Date, Spreadsheet, XML, Query, Image
  • 9. Query Enhancements • queryGetRow(qryObject, index) : Returns particular row value in structure format. • New way to execute queries inside cfscript. • queryExecute(sql_str, queryParams, queryOptions) sql_str: The SQL query needs to be executed. queryParams: An array or structure of parameters queryOptions: Other attributes like datasource, result,dbtype are passed
  • 10. Social Integration • ColdFusion has introduced the support for dynamically generating Like button, Tweet button, and Comment box for social media sites. • Supported widgets are: 1. Like Button 2. Tweet Button 3. Google Plus Button 4. Facebook Subscribe Button 5. Like Box 6. Facebook Comment Box 7. Activity Feed 8. Follow
  • 11. Security Enhancements • cfmail with two new attributs "encrypt" , "encryptionalogorithim" and "recipientcert" • Post installation secure profile enable/disable. • Allow/Disallow concurrent login session to Coldfusion administrator. • Integration of AntiSamy library for for better XSS attack protection. getSafeHTML(input [, PolicyFile ], throwOnError]) isSafeHTML(input [, PolicyFile ]) Application.cfc setting: <cfset = "antisamy.xml"> • PBKDF2 Key Derivation: generatePBKDFKey(algorithm, inputString, salt, iterations, keysize)
  • 12. Random • All the docs are wikified. • By default cfinclude will not allow to include js and css files . But for backward compatibility we can set "allowedextforinclude" property in neo-runtime.xml to allow some particular extension files. • IsValid() function bug fixed. CF10: isValid("integer", "$1,234") : true CF11:isValid("integer", "$1,234") : false • For backword compatibility we have an Application level setting "strictnumbervalidation" (default: true). • <cfhtmltopdf> to generate high quality pdfs quickly using PDF Service Manager.
  • 13. Types of Mobile Application
  • 14. Mobile Application Development • Why: PC and Desktop shipmetnts continue to decline since last 7 years . • ColdFusion Mobile Application platform comprises of : 1. CFML Language 2. Integrated PhoneGap Framework 3. ColdFusion Builder 3.0
  • 15. CFMobile : CFML Support • Create a 'ColdFusion Mobile Project' using ColdFusion thunder. • Select a mobile template (System/User template) to begin with the application. • Mobile template designed usning frameworks like bootstrap and jquery mobile. • Now <cfclient> does everything behing the screen.
  • 16. CFMobile : Continued. • Enclose client side CFML in <cfclient> tag. • CFML support on client side • All data structures and related functions – Struct, List, Array, Date, Query etc. • Tag and cfscript style code. • Member Functions syntax. • All basic language tags e.g. cfif, cffunction, cfloop, cfquery etc. • Does not support server side tags like cfldap, cfftp etc. • Does not support server side functions like addSOAPRequestHeader, spreadsheet functions etc. • Only variables, this and super scopes supported. • Does not support Application, Server, Client, Session and Arguments scope. .
  • 17. CFMobile : Continued. • Supports client side custom tags. • Can use client side (in-browser) database: websql • Use cfquery or queryExecute to execute client side SQL. • But qoq and in-memory query creation not possible. • Device APIs like Camera, Contacts, Audio etc. supported using PhoneGap. • Interoperability between JS and client side CFML • Call JS functions from cfclient. • Call cfclient functions from JS • OOP using client side CFComponent . • Easy way to call server side CFCs from cfclient •
  • 18. Inspecting and Debugging • Use weinre(Web Inspector Remote) for inspecting the application similar to firebug. • Steps: 1. Start the local weinre server. 2. Configure ColdFusion Builder. 3. Package the mobile application. 4. Inspect the mobile application. • Through weinre we can inspect HTML ,CSS elements and can view console messages. • Supports Client side CFML debugger to debug the code. • Debug code running in desktop browser or on mobile device. • Breakpoints, Step operations, Variable inspection
  • 19. Packaging • Packaging is for creating .apk file for android and .ipa file for ios. • Using PhoneGap build service and Coldfusion Builder. • Steps: 1. Get the required certificate 2. Register for a phonegap plan 3. Provide server and authentication details
  • 20. Packaging Continued. 1. For creating the self-signed certificate for Android , i. Open Comman prompt with administrator previlages ii. Goto JDK installation directory iii. Use "keytool -genkey -v -keystore keyname.keystore -alias keyalias -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000 " 2. For creating a phonegap account goto, 3. For providing certificate and phonegap account details, Goto ColdFusion Builder ->Window -> Preferences -> ColdFusion -> Phone gap
  • 21. References • • ions • • •
  • 22. Thank You. Presentor: Deepak Kumar Padhy Mindfire Solutions