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Mokipay public mr_20120323_v6

  1. 1. NFC BASED MOBILE PAYMENTS ANDLOYALTY PLATFORM IN CLOUDWe empower Mobile Operators, Banks and Retail companiesto provide Mobile Wallet services for their customersFast. Convenient. Please see how it
  2. 2. How it works? Customer taps the Customer receives the Customer confirms the phone to NFC reader request to confirm the transaction by entering transaction* PIN code to his phoneNear field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for phones and similar devices to establish radiocommunication between the phone with NFC chip and NFC device (reader) by bringing them into closeproximity (a few centimeters). In case of online payments – the customer enters his phone number in websiteinstead of tapping the phone to NFC reader.* Mokipay was developed specifically as a secure mobile payment system. It has a convenient Macro (morethan 10 EUR) transaction confirmation system using Mobile infrastructure (PIN code on Mobile phone), whichensures the user and transaction authentication.Customers equipmentWe issue Mobile Wallet packages which include NFC sticker and Customers ID. Packages aredistributed by Mobile Operator, Bank or Retail company.Customer attaches the sticker to his mobile phone (any model) and activates Mobile Walletby sending SMS, online or using mobile application (iOS and Android). Customers use SIM cards which support WIB (has SIM tool kit) or wPKI. SIM card is used to run the application which push the request to confirm the transaction to customers phones screen. Customers may also use NFC embedded phones with SWP SIM cards. In this case – there is no need to stick the sticker to mobile phone.
  3. 3. Mobile Wallet Account (Bank or other holder of the account) Merchant POS system NFC readerTransaction scheme in details Mokipay Transaction Center Payment module Online Shop Merchant Mobile Network Operator Trusted Service Provider OTA servers At shops, restaurants and other places Customer taps the phone with NFC sticker attached (or NFC embedded) to the NFC reader. At online shop Customer enters his phone number in to the payment module. NFC reader reads (or payment module gets) Customers ID and the details of payment transaction and transmits it to the Mokipay Transaction Center (MTC). MTC checks the Customers account balance and states if there is enough funds to make a payment transaction. If yes – the request to confirm the payment transaction is sent to customers mobile phone using Trusted Service Providers (TSP) and Mobile Networks Operators (MNO) OTA infrastructure. The request to confirm the transaction is pushed to Customers phone screen from the application running on SIM card (therefore any phone model can be used and there is no need to run the applications on the phones operating system). The Customer confirms the payment transaction by entering his secure PIN code. The confirmation is sent back to MTC and MTC confirms the transaction for the Merchants. In case of MICRO payments (less than 10 EUR or other defined sum) – MTC immediately sends the confirmation of the transaction after the checking of the Customers account balance.
  4. 4. Mobile WalletThe Customer can access his Mobile Wallet using mobile applications (iOS and Android), website or mobileweb. There are few options of Mobile Wallet account: Linked to Bank Account Special Prepaid Account Customer can make payments using On the process of NFC sticker activation the mobile phone from the regular Bank system opens a special prepaid account for the account. Partnership and integration with customer. It can be topped up by bank transfer, Banks information systems is needed. using credit card or by cash in self service kiosks or at payment places. Mobile Operators Bill Mobile payments can be included into Mobile operators bill Linked to PayPal Account Linked to Credit Card
  5. 5. LoyaltyMokipay platform includes multifunctional loyalty system: cash back,discounts, coupons, group buying, rewards … .Customers using their mobile phones for payments automaticallyparticipate in loyalty programs, run by Mokipay as well as provided by theMerchants.Mokipay has developed its own loyalty program, which includes cash-backbased on the number of purchases and the sums spent at merchantsplaces. The more customer buys, the higher is cash-back.Mokipay also runs a time limited (weekly) campaigns of high cash-backs(25%-50%). These campaigns increase the number of transactions by200%-800%.If the merchant runs its own loyalty pro-gram, it can be integrated with Mokipayplatform using API. In this case rules ofmerchants loyalty program would auto-matically apply when user makes pay-ments using his mobile phone.
  6. 6. Merchants equipmentCurrently we use 3 types of NFC readers: 1. Desktop integrated to POS system NFC reader (for example QPROX QP 3000) 2. Handheld Stand Alone NFC reader (GPRS or Wifi) 3. NFC embedded mobile phones with POS application as a readerMokipay payment transactions can also be processed by other NFC readers. Mokipay in consent of the ownerof the reader installs the necessary software to read and route Mobile payment and loyalty transactions. Mokipay has developed POS application for NFC embedded phones for Samsung Bada operating system (in cooperation with Samsung R&D). Samsung Wave and other NFC embedded phones can now be used to accept Mobile payment and loyalty transactions. This solution is very convenient for Taxi drivers, small businesses, independent service providers. Mobile payments are widely accepted in Lithuania by cafes, restaurants, shops, petrol stations, pharmacies and other Merchants. Mokipay has more than 250 contracts with Merchants, who accept Mobile payments and provide loyalty bonuses to Mobile Wallet users. We have deployed 600 NFC readers in Lithuania.
  7. 7. Business model Merchant 1 Bank (or other holder of NFC reader Mobile Wallet accounts)* 4 2a Mokipay 3 Customer Mobile Network Operator 2b1. Fees paid by Merchanta. Payment transaction fee (commission paid to Bank)b. Regular Loyalty transaction fee (commission paid to Bank)c. Loyalty campaign fee (fixed or percentage commission on each transaction) (paid to Bank)d. NFC reader rent and support fee (fixed monthly fee, paid to Bank)2. Fees paid by CustomerCustomer acquires Mobile Wallet package from MNO or Bank.2a. Fees paid by Customer (to Bank)a. Fee for using account for Mobile payments (x EUR/month) (fixed fee, periodical)b. Account top-up fee x EUR or x% (if the account is prepaid account) (fixed or percentage)2b. Fees paid by Customer (to Mobile Network Operator)a. Fee for using SIM card to confirm payment transactions (x EUR/month) (fixed fee, periodical)b. Fee for participating in Loyalty programs and Loyalty programs integrations (x EUR/month) (fixed fee, periodical)3. Revenue share between MNO and BankIf the Mobile Wallet services are provided by MNO and Bank in Partnership – Mokipay recommends to workon a revenue sharing model.4. Fees paid to Mokipaya. One time system deployment fee (customization, integrations and etc.)b. License per active user (x EUR per month)c. Payment transaction fee (x EUR or x%)PLEASE NOTE: the presented business model is only a recommendation. All figures are exposed for demon-strational purposes only and must be specified individually. The business model may be changed by the re-quest of participating organizations or in order to correspond to customers expectations.* Mokipay can cover the part of Bank as it has e-money license (which enables provision ofpayment services across EU) and can open a separate prepaid account for the customer.
  8. 8. Lithuanian tech start-up Mokipay together with mobile network operator Omnitel (a part of TeliaSonera) has launched NFC mobile payments service at European Mens Basketball Championship (EuroBasket 2011) hosted in Lithuania Mokipay?We are not building the platform – it is a proven and fullyoperational system launched in Lithuania on a national scale.While most of other Mobile payment systems based on NFC are just a small scale pilot projects, Mobilepayments based on Mokipay platform become an ordinary payment method in Lithuania.Mokipay mobile payments are accepted by many local and international Merchants (including McDonalds,Statoil, Douglas, …) and has already proven its superiority to the customers and merchants.Our primary goal is to correspond to the end user needs. We put on priority user experience, ease of use andconvenience. Mokipay users do not need special applications or smart phones to make a transaction. Thepayment process is as usual and as easy as payment using traditional payment cars (most of our users say –even more convenient and faster).Most Mobile payment and loyalty systems have serious limitations. Mokipay – is very flexible and compatiblesystem. It works with all handset models (as example – Google Wallet only works with Nexus S 4G availableon Sprint). It is compatible with most popular NFC readers and is Bank or payment card independent (neverless – it can be linked to any Bank or Credit card).
  9. 9. For Investors TimelineMokipay is initiating Series A Finalist at Contactless &investment round. Mobile Awards 2012 April ***The proceeds will be used for operational Negotiations with MNO, Marchexpenses, further platform and product Banks and Retail companiesdevelopment and international growth. *** Participated at Mobile FebruaryMokipay would prefer investors with a World Congress 2012deep know-how and experience in mobile ***and payment markets. Started selling Mobile Wallet packages in the name of JanuaryMokipay would expect the investor to Omniltelcontribute on the definition of the 2012 ***products, interoperability of the platform Gold medal. Product of the Decemberand its development directions as well as Year 2011on international sales. *** Contract with Omnitel November (TeliaSonera). OctoberFactsMokipay team is 23 professional employees September(a half of them is a technology team).Mokipay OPEX is 45.000-50.000 EUR permonth (travel expenses not included). GO LIVE! on August 18th August ***At the moment Mokipay revenue is Betagenerated from the sale of Mobile Wallet *** Julypackages (selling directly to the end-users Investors (private persons)and bulk sales to MNO) and from the join Mokipaycommission on transactions. Private BETA JuneLithuania is the test and product ***development market for Mokipay. In othermarkets Mokipay will not address the end Mokipay was officially Mayusers directly (unless requested by investor) founded on May, 27th– we will partnership with MNO and Banks ***and will serve users in the name of these First Mobile payment Aprilorganizations. transaction on April 18th
  10. 10. Innovative. Experienced. CredibleManagement teamMarkas ZbarskisFounder and PresidentMarkas is the owner of one of the biggest IT companies in Baltics “ERP.” He is professional managerexperienced in leading large-scale IT projects with background on engineering and businessadministration.Aurelijus VadeikaChief Technology OfficerAurelijus has over 15 years experience in wide range IT Project management and Productdevelopment. Lately focused on innovative projects, including self-service payment terminals, financemanagement portals and mobile applications.Mindaugas RutkauskasChief Operating OfficerExperienced business manager with background of MBA and Law. Previously served as CEO andstarted one of the biggest media groups and developed biggest network of internet portals inLithuania.Advisory BoardMike Mayer (Israel) – over 30 successful years and a proven track record in the IT industry. Mikehas held key positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, Oracle and most recently at SAP as VicePresident Global Emerging Markets.Jim Dvorkin (USA) – Five9 CTO, has a rich experience in development of IT and communicationprojects. Jim has held key positions in companies like SalesForce, Echopass, Contactual, NextAgeTechnologies, Genesys Solutions.Dainius Kreivys (Lithuania) – ex-Minister of Economy of Republic of Lithuania (2009-2011). Dainiusinitiates early stage business development programs in Lithuania, is experienced in development ofretail and real estate businesses, is successful businessman.ContactsMindaugas RutkauskasChief Operating Officer+370 687