How Classteacher Assessment Program Helps Students.


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How Classteacher Assessment Program Helps Students.

  1. 1. An Integrated Solutions Approach Assessment Program “The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”......Robert M HutchinsThis presentation is confidential and should not be reproduced (in whole or in part) nor summarised or distributed without the prior written permission of MindshaperTechnologies Ltd. The recipient(s) of this report agree(s) to keep its contents strictly confidential and undertake(s) not to disclose the information contained herein toany person other than those of its/their employees.
  2. 2. Assessment Program Importance of Assessment Classteacher Assessment Program
  3. 3. Assessment – An important cog in learning Importance of Assessment Learning Processes Learning Outcome Formative Assessments Summative Assessments Remedial Inputs Assessment that guides and encourages effective approaches to learningThree objectives for educational Assessment that validly and reliably measures expected learning outcomes assessment Assessment that provides remedial inputs to help realign the learning processes
  4. 4. Repositioning the role of assessment Importance of Assessment How academic staff view teaching and How students view teaching and learning learning REPOSITIONING STUDENT ASSESSMENT AS A STRATEGIC TOOL FOR ENHANCED TEACHING AND LEARNING What course content should be taught? In what ways am I going to be assessed? What should students learn? What do I need to know? What teaching and learning methods are What then are the learning objectives? appropriate? How can student learning be assessed? What approaches to study should I adopt?Assessment can be the final consideration for Assessment is usually at the forefront of staff in the design of the teaching and students perception of the teaching and learning process learning process
  5. 5. Assessment Program Importance of Assessment Classteacher Assessment Program
  6. 6. Classteacher Assessment Program Bloom’s Taxonomy – Basis of AP Classteacher Assessment ProgramAC based on Bloom’s Taxonomy - Defines the goals of the learning processLearner should have acquired new skills, knowledge and/or attitudes (KSA – Knowledge, Skills & Attitude) Cognitive (knowing/head) Affective (feeling/heart) Psychomotor (doing/hands)
  7. 7. Classteacher Assessment Program - 3 Solutions Classteacher Assessment ProgramClassteacher Assessment Program consists of three solutions:  Automates entire Assessment processAssessment Centre  Teachers conduct multiple standardized assessments rapidly  Formative assessments to be conducted in the classroomAssessment Devices  Rapid/Real time assessment of student learningSkill Assessment  Co-scholastic measurement of student learningProgram  Scores benchmarked against over 60,000 students around India
  8. 8. Classteacher Assessment Program Key Features in AC Classteacher Assessment CentrePowerful application that automates the entire assessment process enabling school to conductmultiple standardized and high quality assessments rapidly and with minimum effortKey Features:Question paper creation Schedule/Administer Tests Scoring of student performance Reporting and analytics• Autogenerate/pick Qs • Assign tests to sections • Automatic scoring • Comprehensive reports• Include subjective Qs • Save tests to reassign • Collation of overall results • Rich analysis for teachers• 50K Qs in system
  9. 9. Classteacher Assessment Program Key Diffferentiators of AC Classteacher Assessment Centre  Auto-generate question papers  Randomized questions and choices  Instantaneous report Generation Rapid Assessment Cycle  Ability to create questions  Questions of varied difficulty levels  Addition of Subjective question Open Architecture  Multimedia files in questions Rich  Hints to students Analytics Bird’s eye view Identify development areas Multiple report Generation Teachers focus on lesson plans
  10. 10. Classteacher Assessment Centre in Action! Classteacher Assessment Centre
  11. 11. Classteacher Assessment Centre in Action! Classteacher Assessment Centre
  12. 12. Classteacher Assessment Centre in Action! Classteacher Assessment Centre
  13. 13. Classteacher Assessment Devices Classteacher Assessment Devices Devices to assess student’s understanding of topic/subtopic in realtime by the teacher; Immediate steps and change in focus can hence be achieved to shape-up student outcomes Get instant response from students to pace the teaching Receiver connected to laptop, wireless handsets for students Reports – By student, By question, student level, class level Active participation of all students in class Direct help to students who answer incorrectly Create questions/utilize AC question bank
  14. 14. Classteacher Assessment Devices in Action! Classteacher Assessment Devices
  15. 15. Classteacher Assessment Devices in Action! Classteacher Assessment Devices
  16. 16. Classteacher Skill Assessment Program (SAP) Classteacher Skill Assessment Program A scientifically designed test that assesses a student’s overall development and benchmarks him/her against a company of his peers over a representative population Measures scholastic and co-scholastic skills 3 areas of Assessment  Problem Solving and Creativity  Science in Daily Life  Application of Language Scores benchmarked against over 60,000 students over India 16
  17. 17. Why join the Skill Assessment Program (SAP)? Classteacher Skill Assessment Program Holistic Development : SAP addresses holistic development needs of an individual. This is not addressed in scholastic tests Remedial Direction: SAP scores indicate a possible direction for remedial action by parents or the school Identifies natural strengths : Allows appropriate career choices to be made 17
  18. 18. Clues for Career Choices! Classteacher Skill Assessment Program Problem solving and creativity Science in daily Life Application of Language Research and development, Medicine, Engineering, Research Journalism, Mass media (Print Engineering, Management, and development, Teachers, Civil and Audio visual), Publishing, Consultants, Technicians, services and other public sectors Literary, Critics, TeachersTeachers, Civil services and other public sectors 18
  19. 19. Sample SAP Report Classteacher Skill Assessment Program 19
  20. 20. Tri-fold impact of Classteacher Assessment Program Classteacher Assessment Program Students:Teacher/Schools: • Induce discipline in students by:• Minimizes redundant time spent in – Regular assessments creation and scoring of tests reducing – Assessments on computers workload Leveraging Students – Apply learning to solving problems• Allows teachers to focus on creating • Allow student to focus on application learning plans & learning needs of Provides personalized and co-scholastic skills students practice for students• Clear view of combined & personalized attention on topics & subjects• AC integrable with CCE Boon to Teachers/Schools Advantage Parents Parents: Aid to teachers to Ability to be directly involved in Ability to analyze develop students academics trends in child’s • Focus on development needs of assessments and performance students as per academic progress minimize teacher time spent • Encourage child for developing areas of competence and interest • View continuous progress made by the child on topics and subjects
  21. 21. Assessment Program - Unparalleled Features Classteacher Assessment Program AC + HHD + SAP Asset + DAApproach  Teachers input in questions  Questions beyond curriculum      Mid-topic scholastic assessments    Ability to conduct multiple assessments    Descriptive questions  Features  Instantaneous reports    YoY analysis for students    Mobile device kit for assessment    Scholastic and Co-Scholastic assessment    Linkage to CCE  Coverage  Mapping for classes 1-12    Comprehensive coverage beyond Science, Maths and English  