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Classteacher Digital Math Program

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  2. 2. Digital Program It is a comprehensive program based on technology and activity based learning; extension of the classroom and scholastic/co-scholastic assessment for learning. Classteacher Math Program allows improved conceptualization through experiential learning and is completely structured on NCERT. Why Digital Math Program? Some students acquire a fear of math while at school. Students fear of math is inhibiting learning and leading them to under-perform. Theres valuable lesson for teachers too. If teaching methods can be used that generate interest and allow each student to participate in the learning process, then the problem might disappear. Whatever the root cause, the lesson for everyone who thinks they cant learn math is: Yes, you can! But only if you believe that you can. Who knows? You might even find, after all, that you enjoy it. Digital Math Program Its a blended solution of technology and activity based teaching and learning!F Technology based learning:A license of leading software which are dynamic, interactive, versatile and user friendly.F Activity based learning:Mathematical engagements offer teaching and learning aids manipulatives, learning by doing numbergames, activities based learning comprising interesting and innovative manipulatives to help a student learnfrom do and discover approach.Student gets connected with the real life scenarios with the help of kits such as money kit, mirror dice kit,clock, hollow cylinder, dummy cheque book etc. And there are other kits to get connected to the theorems,numbers, geometrical kits, angles and volume kits. Advantage of Classteacher Digital Math ProgramIt allows student to understand the practical world and logic behind practicality with the help of numbers andfigures. It helps to find the reasoning, to relate and to understand logic behind every number. Math Programprovides the assistance and helps a student to develop an attitude of; “yes, Ican because i know it!”.Math Program provides every possible learning to explore the logic andreason with the visual co- relation, by getting and solving problemsin every view. 2
  3. 3. Digital ProgramwVisualization and demonstration of the mathematical concepts in a fun & learn method through aids,interactive tools and manipulative kits make things go easy.wMath Program removes the fear and builds confidence of the student.wMath Program helps to expand the horizon and create possibilities to be excellent in numbers.wMath Program is based on the (CBSE) NCERT Math syllabus and caters to students from primary tosecondary level. Classteacher Math Manipulatives are interactive dynamic objects that allows learners for constructing mathematical knowledge. The key is to allow students to be able to construct meaning on their own by using objects by sliding, flipping, turning, and rotating them. Using manipulatives in the classroom helps in the progressive movement of discovery and inquiry-based learning.The use of manipulatives provides a way for children to learn concepts ina developmentally appropriate, hands-on and an experiencing way.Classteacher manipulatives are used in the first step of teachingmathematical concepts, that of concrete representation. Thesemanipulatives are useful for mastery of basic skills and conceptualunderstanding of K-12 mathematics and calculus. With a host ofmanipulatives from pattern blocks, interlocking cubes and tiles, variousconcepts can be taught using them. Classteacher kit consists of 34 Math Manipulatives 3
  4. 4. Digital Program Software for the Dynamic Classroom Autograph is the ideal solution for the instructor looking to bring mathematics to life, whether through true-to-form animations or through student-driven exploration.Its powerful features and point-and-click technology engage all levels of students. Autograph is a dynamic PC program operating in 3 modes:1D - Statistics & Probability2D - Graphing, coordinates, transformations and bivariate data3D - Graphing, coordinates and transformations1D GraphingStatistics and probability - Data Sets and GroupingsData entered as either raw or groupedwContinuous or discrete dataw a data setTransformw change class width on grouped dataDynamicly Generate data from probability distributionsRepresentations of datawHistograms including frequency densitywCumulative Frequency diagramsw whisker diagramsBox andwDot plotswand three standard deviationsMean w Line graph w average Moving wand leaf Stem w box with set size, mean, standard deviation Statistics w of statistics and tabulated values TableAlso possible are operations with data sets and plots of probability distributions 4
  5. 5. Digital Program2D GraphingCreation of interactive objects based on moveable points, lines, vectors,conics, polynomials, shapes, data sets. Vectors Created as an interactive object using points or with Cartesian or polar coordinates. Vectors can be added, subtracted, multiplied, duplicated, have the angle between them found and can form the basis of straight lines and translations.EquationsOne line true notation entry in explicit, implicit, parametric, piecewise, and polar forms. Slow plot allows you to draw curves incrementally, stopping at important points.CalculusDifferentiate, find the area below a curve or between two curves. Integration treated as a first orderdifferential equation.Differential equations first and second ordersolved. Plot slope field. Boundary conditionsspecified interactively.3D GraphingPoints as the basis of objectsForm objects including: w shapes w w lines vectors w planesShapesEither form shapes from joined triangles or select from a list of preset shapesTransform shapes: w Rotations w Reflections w Enlargements w Translations 5
  6. 6. Digital ProgramLines and planesLines and planes from points, vectors or equations. Intersection of: wand planes Lines w Two planes w planes ThreeVectorsVectors created from points or entered in Cartesian form. Add, subtract,copy, vector and scalar products.EquationsExplicit, implicit, parametric, spherical and cylindrical polar.Draw normals and tangents to surfaces and parametric curves Acceleration andvelocity vectors to parametric curves. Trinity Maths is an eclectic mix of traditional, progressive and original mathematics in the form of excel based macros to aid the teacher with multiple clue buttons to provide differentiation to include lower ability pupils "Maximizes the power and potential of the ICT, the successful teacher and the pupil.” Trinity Maths is an intuitive, versatile and powerful ICT resource which can be integrated into all phases of the structured Mathematics lesson at any level of attainment. It aims to demonstrate exemplar practice, through the highest quality of presentation to promote academic excellence. This second generation resource maximizes the power and potential of not only the emerging ICT technology in todays classroom, but also the successful teacher and the student of Mathematics. "Multiple clue buttons provide differentiation to include lower ability pupils.” Complicated, time consuming theories are communicated simply and effectively without having to spend hours preparing resources before the lesson. It maximises and allows greater control of lesson pace to focus on essential teaching points and generates a purposeful atmosphere in the classroom. Trinity Maths offers a comprehensive, rigorous and eclectic mix of classic traditional, new progressive and original mathematical material. Problem solving in engaging real-life contexts and calculator-assisted questions are also included. "Extension and enrichment activities address the needs of gifted and talented pupils.” No other ICT package supports delivery of the National Curriculum, Numeracy Strategy and Framework key objectives in such a comprehensive and user-friendly way. Trinity Maths has been created, trialled and improved within the Mathematics Department of Trinity C of E High School, a DfES designated Leading Edge School. In terms of its concept, content, presentation and interface, Trinity Maths raises the bar very high for the learners. 6
  7. 7. Digital Program Math iPerform consists of the Learning, Interactive and E-testing zone to provide a host of active learning content and other resources which help a student explore concepts or simply revise. A community platform that brings the students and experts together to an interactive testing area that provides tools for self assessment. v discover what they already know in Math Students based on previous scores and for content areas that v Study Planning they need to master v The primary mode of instruction explains the Math v Explain concepts within each lesson v practice their knowledge by solving Students v Apply problems and receiving immediate feedback v Explore v challenge themselves by Students investigating/solving tougher questions v to peers Connect v Collaborative Learning! Focus on v connect and interact with their peers all Students v Seek guidance around the country v iPoints v feature of boosting students performance A unique and motivating them by featuring them on Math iPerform pages; top iPoint scorers win exciting prizesMath iPerform – Leveraging StudentsiPerform caters to variety of learning styles and interests of all studentsBenefits to Students v Finely graded questions v solutions Detailed v Comprehensive coverage v interactive sessions with iperform mentors Regular v Collaborative learning environment v iPointsMath iPerform – Advantage ParentsEnsures discipline of self-learning in students under the guidance of the parentsBenefits to Parents v content Engaging Self-paced learning requiring no supervision v v designed questions, animations and explanations Carefully vmentors for much needed guidance and support Online v solutions Detailed Comprehensive coverage v Collaborative learning environment v 7
  8. 8. Digital ProgramMath iPerform – Boon to SchoolsEnables schools to confirm sense of progress towards academicsuccess by achieving small instances of successBenefits to Schools v animations and teaching Interesting v consistency of learning inputs Provides v an extended arm for teachers Acts as v of assignments, homework and quizzes Allocation v Helps bridge the gap for weaker students Math SAP is used for co-scholastic measurement of student learning possible through Skill Assessment Program with scores benchmarked over 60,000 students across IndiaPaper and Pen based test every year to measure co-scholasticaptitude and development of skills in students. SAP LevelsMeasures co-scholastic skills including problem solving and Level 1: Grades 3rd, 4th and 5thcreativity: Level 2: Grades 6th, 7th and 8th Level 3: 9th and 10th v attention span Focus and v formation Concept v retention Concept v Quantitative aptitude v understanding and comprehension Concept v Application of math in everyday life v of word problems Solving v Development of Math aptitudeClassteacher Math Program Entire Cycle of learning for studentsEnd to End Learning for students Learn Interaction Digital Explore Program Skill Scholastic Assessment Assessment Continuous growth in all areas 8