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A comparative study shows that there are huge variations in the level of inspections and fines in the EU. the legal reality is that we are faced with a big “collage” of different jurisdictions, authorities and competencies on a European and global level. For example, Spain is the country responsible for the 80% of data protection fines in the EU due to its legislation in terms of Privacy and Data Protection

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Overview Privacy in Europe. Infographic MYP at Bloomberg BNA

  1. 1. Reproduced with permission from Privacy & Security Law Report, 13 PVLR 823, 05/12/2014. Copyright ஽ 2014 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033) http://www.bna.com Privacy Enforcers in the EU: A Comparative Study Of National Data Protection Agencies’ Annual Reports BY AURE´LIE POLS F ollowing are graphics highlighting comparisons of selected topics discussed in the annual reports of data pro- tection authorities in various European Union member states. 17 % 83 % S l mnly public budg t inanc d L ss-making ag nci s Balanc d budg t M d rat surplus (up t 25%) High surplus ( v r 50%) SOURCES OF FUNDING DIStRIbUtION OF DPAs bUDGEtS 9 7 5 3 1 3 5 8 7 135% SPAIN MAjoR SURPLUS -32% CzeCh RePublIC MAjoR DefICIT Data Pr t cti n Ag nci s ar rar ly hug m n y l sing nt rpris s r eur p an c untri s, n th c ntrary! With Spain l adingth way,th right quilibriumn dst b undb tw n having a balanc d budg t, pr t cting citiz ns’ rights and st ring c n mic gr wth thr ugh nurtur d ntr pr n urship. DPAs and th ir inanc s: wh r d s th m n y c m r m & is Data Pr t cti n a c st? DPAs ar public budg t inanc d t c v r uncti ning c sts. Th ways all cating this budg t vari s p r c untry. S m c untri s als charg s r r gist ring th ir data il s whil th rs r ly m r n in s t assur r v nu . INCoMe CoSTS f s and public budg t inanc d Ppulatin(inmillins) P pulati n Budg t DPAsannualbudgt(inurs) DPA bUDGEt AND POPUlAtION Hungary Irland Ic land P rtugal UK R mania Sw d n estnia Italy CzchR public P land Gr c Latvia Slvnia N th rlands Bulgaria D nmark L uxmb urg finland Malta Slvakia franc Spain 25.000.000 20.000.000 15.000.000 10.000.000 5.000.000 0 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 COPYRIGHT ஽ 2014 BY THE BUREAU OF NATIONAL AFFAIRS, INC. ISSN 1538-3423 Privacy and Security Law Report®
  2. 2. COUNtRIES wIth thE hIGhESt RISk OF SANCtIONS (total sanctions / # of inspections) COUNtRIES wIth thE hIGhESt AvERAGE SANCtIONS (total amount earned by sanctions / # of total sanctions) COUNtRIES wIth mOSt CItIzEN COmPlAINtS COUNtRIES DOING thE mOSt INSPECtIONS Whil th high st av rag am unt sancti ns g s t th UK, th ICo als nj ys th l w st sancti ns and insp cti ns c mpar d t citiz ns c mplaints. Additi nally, c untri s ar als limit d in th maximum am unt sancti ns th y can attribut . UK franc Hungary Spain D nmark B lgium Ir land P land 16.000 12.000 8.000 4.000 0 C mplaints franc P rtugal Sl v nia Italy UKSl vakia Sw d n 500 400 300 200 100 0 Insp cti ns 13.800 5.389 2.929 421.350 UK Spain Hungary 200€ R mania8.800€ Italy 135.650€Unit d Kingd m 34.000€ Spain 1.700€ P rtugal 370€ N th rlands LoWeST 75% R mania 38% Italy 55% Unit d Kingd m 11% Spain(*) 79%P rtugal 21% N th rlands LoWeR RISK DPAs and th ir activiti s: what is all this m n y us d r & d s it d nd citiz ns’ rights? DPAs xist t d nd citiz ns’ rights t data pr t cti n. Whil sancti ns ar th m st publiciz d utc m s, th ir daily tasks r v rt ar und c nsulting, insp cting and ll wing-up n c mplaints r d nunciati ns -think th ombudsman typ pr il - whil giving r c mm ndati ns. UK franc Hungary Spain D nmark B lgium Ir land P land 16.000 12.000 8.000 4.000 0 C mplaints 2 5-12-14 COPYRIGHT ஽ 2014 BY THE BUREAU OF NATIONAL AFFAIRS, INC. PVLR ISSN 1538-3423
  3. 3. NUmbER OF SANCtIONS PER COUNtRy SANCtIONS IN thE lIGht OF COmPlAINtS mAxImUm AmOUNt OF SANCtIONS DPAS CAN hAND OUt (in euros) AmOUNt GAINED by SANCtIONS PER COUNtRy As th data manating rom th annual r ports w look d at is so disparat , it rapidly b cam dang rous to go into urth r d tail. W did want to l av you with som id as o quantity and amount o sanctions or th last availabl y ar or ach DPA as w ll as maximum in s ach country is allow d, by law, to hand out. Sanctions Amount gain d by sanctions Portugal Italy Spain UK €- 5.000 10.000 15.000 20.000 25.000 30.000 35.000 40.000 135.000 140.000 Portugal Italy Spain UK Av rag sanction € 1,690 € 8,823 € 34,091 € 135,650 Av rag sanction g n rat d by a complaint € 681 € 5,837 € 2,550 € 230 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Spain Italy estonia Latvia franc Bulgaria Slovnia Portugal Romania UK Slovakia N th rlands Hungary CzchR public 572 19.500.000 € 3.120.000 € 1.500.000 € 644.000 € Spain Spain UK 3 20.000.000 19.500.000 19.000.000 18.500.000 18.000.000 3.000.000 2.500.000 2.000.000 1.500.000 1.000.000 500.000 0 Spain UK Italy Portugal franc Bulgaria Romania Irland N th rlands CzchR public Min Max UK 606,642 Spain 900 600,000 Cz ch R public 204,000 408,000 G rmany 50,000 300,000 Poland 270,000 N th rlands 250,000 franc 150,000 Gr c 146,000 Italy 6,000 120,000 Hungary 36,000 Portugal 250 30,000 Switz rland 7,900  All the amount are in € currency, the currency is in constant value of last october, in order to do the comparison and comprehension of information easier. M trics and KPIs T H O M O G E N I z A T I O N O f f I N A N C I A L D A T A , 3 PRIVACY & SECURITY LAW REPORT ISSN 1538-3423 BNA 5-12-14
  4. 4. TO START YOUR FREE TRIAL CALL 800.372.1033 OR GO TO www.bna.com/privacy-insights Unparalleled news. Expert analysis from the new Privacy & Data Security Portfolio Practice Series. Comprehensive new treatises. Proprietary practice tools. State, federal, and international primary sources. The all-in-one research solution that today’s professionals trust to navigate and stay in compliance with the maze of evolving privacy and data security laws. Privacy & Data Security Law Resource Center™ = = = = = = = = = = = = = = SAFE DATA & SOUND SOLUTIONS 0214-JO11295 © 2014 The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. NEW PORTFOLIOS & TREATISES NOW AVAILABLE