Redefining surveillance


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Redefining surveillance

  1. 1. Intelligent video surveillanceRedef ining surveillanceWelcome to possible
  2. 2. Today, surveillance is all pervasive, cutting across various industries. The associated technology is transitioning fromstandalone and analog video to networked (IP) and digital video. The intelligent video surveillance solution fromMindtree offers comprehensive IP video surveillance software products which are capable of addressing small, mediumand large installations.SecureMind - Integrated with IOMEGA® StorCenter™ Key features  ONVIF 2.01 compliant  Search and playback with timeline view  Video surveillance solution up to 48 cameras  Unexpected activity within specific regions alertMindtree’s SecureMind Surveillance Manager is a feature-rich  Supports video loss, sceneapplication that is preinstalled on the IOMEGA® StorCenter™ network change detection and camerastorage device. This offers end-to-end monitoring, recording, playback occlusion alertsand export solution for small enterprises, supporting up to 48 cameras.  Integrated with more than 15The open platform architecture enables the software for future brands of camerasexpansion. SecureMind can be scaled up to large distributed enterprise  Direct VGA monitor support inby seamlessly integrating with Mindtree’s ManageMind CMS software. addition to web client  Two way audio and relaySecureMind is a perfect video surveillance solution. The software offers I/O integrationretail and banking sector the flexibility to add-on video analytics  Secure recordingsapplications like people counter and heat maps. This helps improving  Supports monitoring and playbackbusiness operation. The easy search option quickly locates incidents through mobile deviceand allows to export video sequence as proof of evidence.  Supports up to 17 languagesManageMind (Lite / Professional) Surveillance Manager Key features  Supports installation up to 500 cameras  Enterprise class multi-server support  Search and playback with timeline, grid and icon views  Multi monitor support  Basic incident management work flow  Site mapsMindtree’s ManageMind Surveillance Manager is a comprehensive open  Native failover supportplatform video surveillance management software for any small and  Bulk export schedulemedium sized installation up to 500 cameras. back-up functionality  Incident summary and storageThe distributed architecture and ability to run on standard off-the-shelf statistics reporthardware ensure hassle free system expansions. In addition to the open  Supports video loss, scene changeplatform offering, ManageMind Surveillance Manager also provides detection and cameraa reliable platform by supporting failover / redundancy. With the same occlusion alertsuser interface, the ManageMind video analytics can be added  2 way audio and relay I/O integrationand configured.  Integrated video analytics
  3. 3. ManageMind CMS and CMS cloud Region Region Key features  Supports central management of Streaming Management Recording Streaming Management Recording distributed sites Central  ManageMind CMS Cloud is a hosted multi-tenant solution for VSaaS Recording Management Streaming (Video Surveillance as a Service) Live Live  Scalable system for medium to stream CMS server stream large installationsManageMind CMS / Cloud is an advanced open platform central  Open architecture, standardsmanagement station for large installations up to thousands of cameras. based, interoperable with multipleThe software supports central management of distributed sites, brands of IP camerasenabling the operator to effectively monitor and manage large video  Central management of all thesurveillance installations. connected devices (IP cameras and IOMEGA® StorCenter at all locations)The distributed installation which consists of CPE (Customer Premise  Supports single as well as multipleEquipment) like IP cameras and IOMEGA storage appliance with ® customers through Cloud EditionSecureMind application can be managed locally as well as centrally by  Supports failover serverthe user. ManageMind CMS is a highly reliable and scalable option with  Multiple recording options – recordseveral integration possibilities. This enables the user to create a always, record on alert, offlineunique security solution. recording and record neverVideo content analytics People Heat maps Key features counter  Works in real time Object counting Missing Fire & smoke  Less complex and patent & image object detection stabilization detection pending algorithms Guard  High accuracy video PTZ auto Direction inactivity tracking detection detection analytics solution  User defined rules and regions Sterile Face Crowd zone of interest detection detection monitoring  Integrated with ManageMind Significant Scene change Foreign Video activity and camera object Video Surveillance Manager for stitching summarization detection occlusion detection web-based configuration and Display Content analysis Search alarm managementThe video analytics software provides timely alerts to makesurveillance systems more pro-active, accurate and efficient. Mindtreehas developed unique low complexity algorithms that are accurate andcan run real time on standard platforms for segments like retail,banking and transportation.
  4. 4. Product portfolio SecureMind ManageMind Lite ManageMind Pro ManageMind CMS  Supports up to  Supports up to  Supports up to  Supports thousands 48 cameras 50 cameras 500 cameras of cameras  Integrated on IOMEGA®  Single site, single  Enterprise grade,  Multi site distributed NAS devices server installation multi server surveillance InstallationAbout MindtreeMindtree is a global information technology solutions company with revenues of over USD 400 million. Our team of 11,000 expertsengineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish. We enable our customers achieve competitiveadvantage through flexible and global delivery models, agile methodologies and expert ©Mindtree Ltd 2012