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Mindtree is a SAP partner across multiple geographies. We have active partnerships in the US, Australia, MENA and APAC.

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SAP offerings

  1. 1. Mobility HANA Cloud
  2. 2. SAP services Enterprises across the globe extensively use SAP to lay a dedicated team engineering the SAP Commercial project strong foundation for their IT infrastructure and prepare management. Mindtree team is also evaluating new features the enterprise for growth. Globalization and M&A under the partner testing program. As a co-innovation lab activities have thrown up new challenges of harmonizing partner we have engaged with SAP team to drive innovation business processes while catering to region-specific in SAP Mobility. imperatives. In addition, technologies such as mobile, social, Cloud and analytics have significantly changed the Combined achievements IT landscape. In this complex environment, it needs an Our best-in-class mobility solutions have won us two expert and a clinical approach to ensure that SAP delivers awards at the SAP TechEd, Las Vegas 2013 in the Logistics measurable business outcomes. and Retail Mobile app challenge.  Mindtree SAP alliance First prize at the SAP TechEd 2013 conference, Las Vegas (23, October 2013) won by mPromo under the Mindtree is a SAP partner across multiple geographies. ‘Retail Mobile App Challenge’. We have active partnerships in the US, Australia, MENA  and APAC. For many years Mindtree has been cohesively First runners-up at SAP Mobile App Partners Program Contest 2012, won by mPromo; also felicitated at SAP working with SAP in various facets ranging from product development, testing, consulting services to co-innovation, TechEd 2012, Bangalore.  First prize at the SAP TechEd 2013 conference, Las with strong focus on new edge technologies. Vegas (23, October 2013) won by mInspect, under the Mindtree team is currently engineering along with SAP, ‘Transport and Logistics Mobile App Challenge’. the new swede of SAP Fiori applications. We also have a MINDTREE'S SAP OFFERINGS Implementation Upgrades & rollout Upgrades with minimal Business value focused disruption and implementation with an predictable quality approach to deliver solutions Independent testing Optimized coverage with Mobility Sap services Mobilize the business short test cycles through with our deep mobility proprietary frameworks experitise and our award and reusable test scripts winning mobile solutions Application management Business intelligence Sustained cost reduction by & analytics applying “lean principles” Real-time decision support by harnessing the power of HANA. ©Mindtree Ltd 2013
  3. 3. Innovative Mindtree solutions, leveraging the power of Cloud, Mobility and HANA Drives growth, productivity and engagement Cloud Connects people strategy to business strategy, making it both social and mobile HANA Facilitates business innovation Driving growth, productivity and engagement with highly scalable architecture. It offers customers rapid innovative mobile apps deployment, rapid results and continuous innovation at a Our apps help customers liberate enterprise data, lower total cost of ownership than other solutions. accelerate key business processes, speed up decision Mindtree is collaborating with SAP and building the making and better engage with consumers. Built with following modules: the latest leading edge mobile technology, all this can be achieved for maximized revenue and sky-high productivity.  Employee files  Performance Management & Goal Management mInspect tightly integrates with SAP’s new Commercial (PMGM) Project Management (CPM) application and leverages the  Compensation management key functionalities of its PICM add-on. It improves overall  Variable pay project management and provides better reporting. With  Recruitment management and marketing unique features like capturing of accurate progress details along with inspection related pictures, it helps in Business innovation with SAP HANA improved reporting and quick closure of issues. Video surveillance solution powered by HANA: SAP HANA is a revolutionary database technology which enables Big mPromo integrates with SAP Trade Promotion Data management, real-time analysis and 3,600 times Management (TPM) and empowers the field force to plan, faster analytics and connectivity to multiple reporting execute and track trade promotion events effectively. tools. Our video surveillance solution consumes the video Enabling real-time insight into promotion performance, surveillance data into SAP HANA, performs trend and it drives proactive analysis and connects sales planning prediction analysis on the data and showcases reports to with execution across time horizons in one unified enable the management to take faster decisions. sales solution. Analysis of massive amounts of ERP data in real-time mWorkspace acts as a project dashboard, providing powered by HANA: Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) are information on the general health indicators of projects designed to accelerate analysis of large volumes of ERP and enabling managers to take corrective actions where data with preconfigured contents for HANA models and necessary. It enables viewing of a list of projects the user BOBI reports. is related to along with the status and indicates alerts and values of the key KPIs as configured. Sentimental analysis with SAP HANA: Sentimental analysis provides deep insight into market trends and Cloud – the platform that connects people strategy customer perception of brand and products by analyzing to business strategy, making it both social and mobile and interpreting massive volumes of unstructured social The SuccessFactors BizX is a complete set of tightly media content. It also has the capability to perform integrated solution delivered on a secure, reliable and analysis on structured and unstructured data combination. ©Mindtree Ltd 2013
  4. 4. Mindtree’s believes in a unique balance of human perspective with deep strategic thinking. We look beyond the immediate project and program horizon, at the impact that we can create with our customer on their end consumers and societies. All our people, processes, technologies and delivery are centered on this philosophy. It is this balanced approach that enables us to create possibilities to help our customers operate efficiently and effectively. Our values - Collaborative Spirit, Unrelenting Dedication and Expert Thinking are integral to every aspect of our work. They inspire action and set us apart. Our values help us see possibilities where others see a full stop. The following makes us unique as an enterprise: Consulting led approach Meaningful technology solutions Power of partnerships Predictable delivery Superior corporate governance About Mindtree Mindtree is a global information technology solutions company with revenues of over USD 435 million. Our 13,000 experts engineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish. Mindtree's consulting-driven approach makes us a strategic partner to over 40 Fortune 500 enterprises. ©Mindtree Ltd 2013