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ManageMind Surveillance Manager

  1. 1. ManageMind Surveillance ManagerOverviewMindtree’s ManageMind Surveillance Manager is a comprehensive openplatform video surveillance solution for small and medium sized installations Key featuresof up to 500 cameras.  Web browser based client that provides access to the fullThe single site distributed architecture and the ability to run on standard functionality – live view, search,off-the-shelf hardware ensure hassle free system expansions. ManageMind playback, configuration and control,Surveillance Manager also provides a reliable platform by supporting administration, events and alarmsfailover/redundancy.  Failover servers to ensure high availability and uptime of theThe browser-based client architecture enables the software to provide access systemto full functionality from any desktop computer and hence reduces the cost  Powerful search functionality toinvolved in installation, configuration, training and maintenance. isolate video, alarm or event ofA large suite of video analytics algorithms are available as an add-on plug-in interestmodule to enable designated users to receive timely alerts and detect events  Support continuous/ activityof interest. based recording  Advanced alarm management withManageMind is available in two flavors - ManageMind Lite and ManageMind Pro integrated incident management –(Professional). ManageMind Lite supports up to 50 cameras per system while automatic alarm actions, alarmthe ManageMind Pro is highly scalable and targets larger enterprises with assignment, alarmrequirements of 500 or more cameras. acknowledgement, alarm search and alarm priorities  Large portfolio of video analytics available as plug-in modules  Standards based – ONVIF, SNMP, RTSP, HTTP  Storage statistics and incident summary ©Mindtree Ltd 2012 Page1
  2. 2. Feature details Display Maps  Different tiled layout views  Preview live feed from all cameras available for display of live video in the map in preview mode.  Layout views supported per  Live video can be accessed through monitor – Full screen, 2X2, 3X3, a mouse click 4X4,5X5, 1+5, 1+12, custom  Hierarchy of maps / linked maps  Video from any camera in the  Cameras with pending camera tree can be viewed through alarms highlighted a single click  All alarms associated with a camera  Carousel views / camera tours and their status can be obtained  Topology: Tree-based view of all devices and cameras connected Recording  View of alerts and events – real time  Manual recording: Recording on and recorded manual input  Real time status on video  Alarm recording: Recording on being recorded trigger from a digital input or video  Snapshot analytic alarms  Scheduled recording: Based on a Auto discovery of devices daily, weekday, weekend schedule  ONVIF and UPnP  Activity-based recording and protocols supported continuous recording modes supported Audio  Duration of pre-alarm and  1 way and 2 way audio support post-alarm can be configured  Resolution and frame rate can be Maps configured on a per camera basis  Supports openstreet GIS maps and  Watermarks from camera are floor maps in png / bmp / jpg format embedded in recorded video • Overlay camera location on map by  Support for DAS, NAS and dragging and dropping camera from SAN storage location ©Mindtree Ltd 2012 Page2
  3. 3. Features Search and playback Camera controls  Search for recordings and / or  Change camera settings like alarm videos brightness, contrast, iris settings,  Search based on date range, time color balance, sharpness range, camera and alarm type  PTZ controls through on-screen  Playback listing display modes: navigation buttons TimeLine, list view and  Keyboard commands for full screen snapshot mode PTZ navigation  TimeLine mode: Enables user to  Full screen digital zoom-in, search and play recorded archives zoom-out by clicking on the timeline bar.  Presets Alarm videos are highlighted.  Tours and preset patrols Supports continuous play at  ONVIF and HTTP PTZ increased speeds protocols supported.  List view mode: List the recorded  PTZ command expansion archives in the form of a list through SDK  Snapshot mode: Snapshots of the recorded videos displayed in a grid Configuration  Instant playback  IP cameras, video encoders, storage,  4 channel synchronized playback network elements  Simultaneous live video and  Different resolution and frame rate recorded video playback for display and recording  Standard playback controls with  Per camera-based frame rate, slider for seek bar functionality resolution and codec settings  Ability to control playback speed  Configuration of alarms, events and rules Export  Export videos (avi / mp4) or images Health monitor (jpg) in proprietary format  Automatic status monitoring of  Player with playback devices connected and critical controls available services daily • Reports can be sent via ©Mindtree Ltd 2012 Page3
  4. 4. Features Alarms management Archiving  Set automatic alarm actions when a  Manual or scheduled rule is triggered  Scheduled by specifying frequency,  Alarm actions include email, SMS day of week, time, recurring period alerts, move camera to a preset and the location position, play audio file etc  Alarms can be prioritized to indicate Failover (optional feature) the order in which they should be  Management and recording responded to functions are automatically handed  Link to video with each alarm over to a backup server when the main server goes down Administration  Advanced ACL – resource and User has to choose either the action-based access controls archiving or the failover feature  Allows access control on a per-user per-camera basis Cameras supported  Supports multiple authentication Axis, Honeywell, Sony, Bosch, types: Windows active directory, Panasonic, ACTi, LG, Wipro, HCL, LDAP and surveillance Vivotek, Appro, Digisol manager database  Audit trail / logs of all control and Mobile client support system commands issued. Logs of Live display and PTZ control for a all alarms, events and alerts. chosen camera Reports Integration support  Chart-based reports on the alarms A Software Development Kit (SDK) is and events received over the last available with the Surveillance seven days Manager. A comprehensive  Charts on alarms by category, Application Programming Interface alarms per day, alarms by source (API) with detailed documentation and alarms by status enables easy integration with other systems like access control, third party video analytics and point-of-sale ©Mindtree Ltd 2012 Page4
  5. 5. Feature list ManageMind Pro ManageMind Lite Full featured client Browser-based client Browser based client Upgrades / feature addition / bug fixes Only the server needs to be updated Only the server needs to be updated Live View 30+ FPS Y Y Device control (PTZ) Y Y Recording and playback Y Y Instant playback Y Y Multiple camera playback Y Y Archiving schedules Daily Daily Multi-stage video storage management Y Y I/O and event control Y Y PTZ patrolling and scanning Y Y Camera tree-based topology Y Y Audio support Y Y Audio recording Y Y Map function Y (open street) Y (static, customized) Max camera Live View per client 25 16 Evidence export formats JPEG, AVI, native database JPEG, AVI, native database Microsoft active directory support Y Y Centralized management Y N Analytics support Y N Multiple servers per system Y 1 Max. no. of cameras per system 500 50 Recording server failover Y N Multicast support Y Y Multiple stream per camera (multi-stream) Y Y Search for recorded video Camera, date, time-based, events Camera, date, time-based, events Multi-CPU support Y Y IPv4 support Y Y Health monitor Y ©Mindtree Ltd 2012 Page5
  6. 6. System MJPEG support Y Y MPEG-4 support Y Y MPEG-4 ASP support Y Y H.264 support Y Y Supported IP device brands 11 11 ONVIF complian ONVIF compliant Supported IP device models > 30 >30 Multiple stream per camera Y Y Multicast Y Y Max. recording servers per system Unlimited 1 Recording server failover Y N Devices installed per server Depends on hardware Depends on hardware Devices recording per server Depends on hardware Depends on hardware Send camera pre-alarm images to Y Y recording server Built-in Video Motion Detection (VMD) Y Y VMD exclusion zones Y Y Video Motion Detections per server Unlimited 50 Recording capacity per device / day Unlimited Unlimited Audio One-way audio support Y Y Two-way audio support Y N One-way audio recording Y Y Supported audio channels 1 1 PTZ Preset positions Unlimited 50 Go to preset on event Y Y Preset patrolling Y ©Mindtree Ltd 2012 Page6
  7. 7. Combine patrolling and go to preset Planned Planned on event Scanning (moving slowly) Y Y User priority Y Y Control through Joystick Y N I/O and events Input events Y Y Motion detection events Y Y Event-based alerts Y Y Event-based notification Y Y Event-based output control Y Y Event-based device start / stop Y Y Event-based matrix control Y Y Incident Management Y N Hardware configurable events (such as Y Y tampering, temperature, video lost) Archiving Y Y Archiving of recordings Y Y Keep online access to archives Y Y Parallel archiving and recording Daily Daily Archiving schedules Y Y Retention time per device Y Y Archiving schedule per device Y Y Archiving to network drives Y Y Dynamic archiving (disk spanning) Y Y Force automatic archiving Integration Video content analysis support - Built-in / Add-on ©Mindtree Ltd 2012 Page7
  8. 8. Recording server API/SDK Y Y Client plug-in support Y Y Generic events via TCP/IP Y Y Video analytics Camera view tamper Y (unlimited) Y (max 3 channels) Scene change recognition Y (unlimited) Y (max 3 channels) Guard inactivity Y (unlimited) Y (max 3 channels) After-hours activity recognition Y (unlimited) Y (max 3 channels) Management server Automatic device scanning Y Y Automatic device model detection Y Y Centralized device management Y N Device group support Y (3 groups) N Centralized recording server management Y N Centralized user management Active directory Active directory On-the-fly configuration changes Y Y Run servers as windows services Y Y Scheduled start / stop of devices Planned Planned Configuration Automatic device MAC address Y Y registration Offline activation Y Y Ip camera, encoder, storage, network Y Y element configuration Camera based resolution, frame rate, Y Y CODEC settings Configuration of alarms, events, rules Y ©Mindtree Ltd 2012 Page8
  9. 9. Viewing clients Max. number of clients 16 3 Support NAT Firewalls Y Y Multicast support Y Y Local proprietary account Y Y database support Local Windows account database support Y Y Microsoft active directory support Y Y Alert and notification Client for alerts Alarms are displayed on the Alarms are displayed on the full featured browser client full featured browser client Alert at camera com. failure Y Y Alert at disk full Y Y E-mail notification Y Y SMS notification Y Y Multiple notification orofiles Y Y SNMP notification Y Y Logging System logging Y Y Event logging Y Y Audit logging Y Y Rule logging Y Y Alert logging Y Y Languages English Y Y French Planned Planned German Planned Planned Hindi Planned ©Mindtree Ltd 2012 Page9
  10. 10. System requirements Management server  RAM: 8GB  RAM: 4GB  CPU: Dual Quad core, Intel Xeon,  CPU: Quad core, Intel Xeon, 2.8GHz or higher 2.8GHz or higher  Operating System: Windows  Operating System: Windows Enterprise Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Server 2008 R2 (or higher) (or higher)  Support up to 512 cameras  Support up to 50 cameras per server Recording server  RAM: 8 GB NA  CPU: Intel Xeon, 2.8GHz or higher  Operating System:  Server Grade Linux 2.6 (RHEL5, Suse) or Windows Enterprise Server 2008 R2 (32/64 Bit)  Support recording up to 128 cameras per server Client  Desktop computer with Internet  Desktop computer with Internet Explorer (Version 7 and above) Explorer (Version 7 and above)  RAM: 4 GB  RAM: 4 GB  Operating System : Windows 7  Operating System : Windows 7  Nvidia graphics card with  Nvidia graphics card with 512 MB RAM 512 MB RAMAbout MindtreeMindtree is a global information technology solutions company with revenues of over USD 400 million. Our team of 11,000 experts engineermeaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish. We enable our customers achieve competitive advantage throughflexible and global delivery models, agile methodologies and expert ©Mindtree Ltd 2012 Page10