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MindSphere Corporate Presentation
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MindSphere Corporate Presentation


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About …

A Professional Mentoring & Business Consulting Firm focused on providing mentoring and management solutions to startups and young entrepreneurs across industries.

“Ignite & Mentor Young Business Minds to build an idea from its inception or journey, nurture and grow it, to a size that would have impact in the space that it was created to be in. Creating Value for their customer eco systems and Wealth for their stake holders”

Vision “Ignite – Emerge – Transform - Excel”

Bangalore Based Professional Mentoring & Business Consulting Firm Incorporated in April 2012 with a focus on providing mentoring and management solutions to startups and young entrepreneurs across industries.

MindSphere differentiates itself as a company that doesn’t just provide solutions to its clients’ immediate problems but believes in engaging with the client and enabling it as a self-sustaining entity. We partner with our clients in all its meaning of partnership and define, redefine and fine-tune a business into one that is capable of finding solutions to all its challenges of the future. This happens when we work with you towards gaining fresh perspective to the challenges and also finding an insight of all your capabilities and hence, creating a system that learns and thrives in all situations, with or without a mentor

Founded by Sanjay Prasad a Serial Entrepreneur with 23+ rich years of experience and Four successful ventures from inception to successful acquisition to his credit

His last venture MindRiver which was in the IT Services space grew from a 4 People startup to a 400+ Strong enterprise that was acquired by Acropetal within 7 years of its inception and grew share holder wealth by 23 times.

Mentoring for Startup's & Young Entrepreneurs, Management Consulting, Business Consulting, Strategic Consulting

Published in: Business

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  • 1. MindSphere Consulting Minds Without Fear Corporate Overview
  • 2. MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 3. Vision “Ignite – Emerge – Transform - Excel” MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 4. Mission “Ignite & Mentor Young Business Minds to transform an idea into a viable business. Nurture and grow the organization to a size that would have impact by Creating Value for it’s customers and Wealth for it’s stakeholders” MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 5. Mandate • We are “A Professional Mentoring & Business Consulting Firm” • Our focus “Start-ups and young & emerging enterprises” • Our belief “Engagement, partnership and enablement towards a self-sustaining entity” • We empower “The minds without fear” MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 6. Our Origins • Incorporated in April 2012 at Bangalore • The Sponsors – with an average of 24+ years of experience in leading organizations through all stages of the business, our sponsors come with the vision to Ignite – Emerge – Transform – Excel • The Idea: – to partnering with clients in all its meaning of partnership… – to work towards gaining fresh perspective to the challenges and capabilities… – to create a system that learns and thrives in all situations…with or without a mentor • The mandate: “Create Value for the Customer Eco System”, “Create a mark on the space that they operate in” & “Create Wealth for their Stake Holders” MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 7. The Originator • Sanjay Prasad – Chief Executive & Mentor - is a Serial Entrepreneur with 23+ rich years of experience and four successful ventures from inception to successful acquisition to his credit. He brings to MindSphere 23+ rich years of experience in sales, marketing management and technical leadership in the high tech industry. He also brings to MindSphere his entrepreneurial spirit that drives his desire is to build an idea from its inception, help nurture and grow it, to a size that would have impact in the space that it was created to be in. He has Cross-functional process and operations experience and track record in developing and monetizing new businesses. Has strong Customer relationship management expertise with focus on solutions and consultative selling with specialized knowledge of high tech and communications technologies. Over the years he has built strong relationships with leading Telco's & Enterprises and possess strong communication, influence and team leadership skills. As a CEO / Senior Management Team member in various firms he has the ability to successfully build an idea from its inception till it has emerged and exceled in the space that it was created in. Before MindSphere, he was the Executive Vice President & Head – Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions & Services (EISS) vertical at Acropetal Technologies Limited plus also Lead Strategic initiatives within the group. He lead a 500+ strong team projected to close as a US $ 20.00 Million Vertical within Acropetal at the end of the current fiscal year (March 2012). Prior to Acropetal Technologies Limited, He was the Chief Executive Officer at MindRiver Information Technologies Private Limited, an IT Services Firm. He was instrumental in growing MindRiver from a 5 people startup to a 450+ people strong enterprise with revenues of Four Million US Dollars as on March 2011. In April 0f 2011 Sanjay successfully identified and merged MindRiver with Acropetal Technologies Limited by which Acropetal acquired 100% Equity of MindRiver. Shareholder wealth grew approximately 22 times in a span of under Seven years MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 8. Our Approach One business Many phases Each Phase Many features & Pain Points Deep Engagement – in every phase Collaboration – towards sustenance Enablement – for the next phase of growth MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 9. Our Offerings - Ignite • Ignite – Mentoring for Start Up’s: Germination of a Seed from its inception till it embarks on its journey of emergence, growth, transformation & excellence. Bootstrapping your firm • One may have a brilliant idea to work towards creating a successful business but then there are major challenges from all sects of one’s life that one faces - continuity of income, maintaining the current standards of life, social standing on personal front, stability and success on the professional side. We just don’t know how to take those first steps towards becoming an entrepreneur. • Well, the first step towards taking that big leap of entrepreneurship is being systematic and organized. Your main focus at this stage should be to define your idea and transform it to a marketable product, arrange sufficient funding and create plans to take it to the MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 10. Our Offerings - Ignite MindSphere Consulting - Confidential Detailed Strategic Business Plan Go To Market Strategy Financial Planning & Process Company Incorporating & Setup Statutory Registrations & Compliance Banking & Treasury Corporate Branding & Communication Human Resource Planning & Process Sales & Marketing Planning IP Management Customer Relationship Management Process Operations & Service Delivery Process
  • 11. MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 12. Our Offerings - Emerge • Emerge – Shredding Your Start Up • The biggest hurdle for a startup to take itself to the next phase of growth is the very fact that it is a startup! • It is a common issue for many new businesses that they just cannot come out of that image and mindset of being a startup. If you are a startup that has been running for six months to one year, it is high time now that you should stop calling yourself a startup and shred that start up mindset • It is now time for you think about taking your business to its next levels. When we start up we tend to accept, with gratitude, all assignments that come our way. But reaching the next levels calls for reviewing and renewing your goals and your work style so far and adopt a more focused approach towards running your business. • MindSphere assists you in shredding your startup; through analyses, processes and practices MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 13. Our Offerings - Emerge Gap Analysis MindSphere Consulting - Confidential Short Term & Long Term Solution Planning Corporate Renewal Review & Renew (Business Plans, Strategy Finance, HR, Technology, Operations & GTM) Process Alignment Operational Strategy Growth Strategies New Offerings & New Markets IP Management
  • 14. MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 15. Our Offerings - Transform • Transform – Reinvent Yourself • Is it time now to take that leap to the next phase? The leap that asks for a lot of effort and perseverance? • Actually this is a stage when many firms just give up as they can’t get the next big order or the next level of funding or attract the right talent. They just don’t know how to make the move to the next phase of growth. MindSphere’s Transformative efforts would assist in doing just that; towards Transformation – The Reinvention of you. MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 16. Our Offerings - Transform CEO Mentoring & MindSphere Consulting - Confidential Advisory Management Team Mentoring & Advisory Investor Management Board Participation & Management Succession Planning Innovation Management
  • 17. MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 18. Our Offerings - Excel • Excel – Transcend Beyond • Now that you have an established business, you should think of reaching the next level of your business's lifecycle i.e., towards further growth and advancement. MindSphere, understanding your needs for advancement, has created offerings which help you in charting out an advancement plan based on your business and financial goals, your strengths and the elements in the general business environment. • Our service offerings with the "Excel" program prepares you to thinking beyond your current scope, they prepare you to reach for the stars!!! MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 19. Our Offerings - Excel MindSphere Consulting - Confidential Business Diversification Geographic Expansion Going Global Venture Funding Private Equity Placement Merges & Acquisitions Due Diligence Roadmap for an IPO
  • 20. Our Advisory & Mentor Panel Tanuja Randery, President - Strategy & Marketing – BT Global Services Prior to BT Tanuja was at Colt Group, where she worked for the past nine years, most recently as Chief Executive Officer of MarketPrizm, a global trading infrastructure and market data company acquired in 2011.Before that, Tanuja held senior operational roles at Colt as managing director of the Global Business Division, UK/Ireland Major Enterprise Business and also managed the Benelux business as managing director of Colt Benelux. She started with Colt in 2004 as managing director of strategy and transformation .Prior to joining Colt, Tanuja was vice-president of strategy at EMC Corporation, after seven years with McKinsey as a consultant specialized in high tech and sales and marketing. Tanuja was born in Kolkata, India, and holds an MBA from Boston University. She is an extremely valuable mentor for firms looking to go global and could provide great insights to a Global Go To Market and Global Strategy for a business MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 21. Our Partners Legal & Compliance Finance & Accounting MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 22. Our Mentees MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 23. What our Mentees Say About Us “Sanjay has proved to be an excellent mentor, honing our business mindset and skills. Under his guidance, we have been able to successfully transform Robots Alive and shed our unorganized startup mindset. We have evolved into a more structured and well organized establishment, all geared up to become a successful enterprise. Sanjay has always been very vocal, outright and honest about everything due to which we were quick to realize our drawbacks and act upon it immediately. We are confident to go places with him on board as Chief Mentor” – Abheek Bose – Chief Executive Officer – Robots Alive “Your guidance has been like a support system. It was under your mentorship that I have been able to make the first few moves as an entrepreneur more confidently. One great thing that I must mention about MindSphere is that it just doesn’t support a company but it actually enhances its personality and of the people within. MindSphere doesn’t do your work but believes in teaching you how do it and hence teaching you all the nuances of being a professional entrepreneur. I am very positive that Antara Design Studios as an organization would achieve its vision with your guidance. Thank you” – Antara Pal Chowdhury – Chief Executive – Antara Design Studios MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 24. What our Mentees Say About Us “Our Association with MindSphere started about 3 months back. Though having worked in multiple Large Indian and non Indian MNCs for about 15 years, at a time, when it came to laying processes and procedures for an organization and getting the right inputs from Industry colleagues mostly senior, was becoming increasingly difficult, I got introduced to Sanjay. We were a startup of about 15 months + and did reasonable well to sustain those first 15 months, however I was not getting a overall picture of what was going right and what wasn’t. Sanjay helped me pay attention towards the Finance processes and functions, health of the organization, cash flows, Legal & Statutory compliance, short term and long term strategies, Sales & Marketing, branding etc., which helped take a step out of the box and take that critical look at all these functions. And more importantly how a business person should strategies to build wealth and increase the shareholder value while ensuring that the employees grow along with the organization and make them part of the plan to succeed” - Bhargav Balla - Founder & CEO - Ninth Dimension MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 25. What our Mentees Say About Us “Sanjay has been an integral part of Andy from the inception stage. With him on board and his focus on the business growth of Andy, we are very confident to take Andy places. His contributions have been invaluable in various aspects of the business especially on Sales, Marketing, Financial Planning, Legal and Operations.” – Abheek Bose - Creator Andy Robo “Sanjay has been a guiding force for us at MindSquare from the time we started our company. His vast knowledge across various areas like Sales & Marketing, Finance, Statutory Compliance, Company Structuring etc. has helped us a lot in our day to day operations. His business intelligence and support has given us enough confidence and courage to come out of the initial nervousness of a start-up company. In the years to come we are sure of scaling greater heights and success with his continued support and vision for our growth. Thank you Sanjay for being part of us and our dreams” – Balakumar Vijayendran – Director MindSquare Technologies “MindSphere has created a new insight for my Business. I'm always amazed at the level of knowledge and skill Sanjay provides. A true mark of his success is his discipline for keeping things simple so that others can easily and quickly digest it. He has helped me organize things and provide invaluable feedback on structuring our business for growth and success. I would recommend his services and will continue to seek advice from him in the coming year.” – Rooparani Y – Chief Executive – Designtheme MindSphere Consulting - Confidential
  • 26. MindSphere Consulting Minds Without Fear Thank You