#ChappalMaaro Case Study


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#ChappalMaaro was a twitter campaign created by MindShift Interactive for The Bombay Store's launch of a range of flip flops.

On the basis of insights, MindShift and The Bombay Store tapped consumer sentiments on twitter towards getting them to discuss the changes they'd like to see in their city/country.

The Municipal Elections in Mumbai, India was the day the campaign was launched on Twitter.

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#ChappalMaaro Case Study

  1. 1. #ChappalMaaro An initiative by The Bombay StoreSocial Media Marketing by MindShift Interactive
  2. 2. ObjectiveTo spread awareness about the range of flip flops introduced by The Bombay Store
  3. 3. Strategic ApproachChose Twitter as the primary platform to engage and interactCreated a hashtag appropriate towards ensuring awareness about Flip FlopsSelected a day of the Municipal Elections in Mumbai, India and used it as aconversation starterLeveraged the sentiments of the Youth towards the elections with a humoroustwist to it#ChappalMaaro was the hashtag chosen. The term, in Hindi, is used todenote the action of hitting someone due to an activity you dislike.
  4. 4. Consumer Sentiments
  5. 5. Influencer Interactions
  6. 6. #ChappalMaaro Trending in India
  7. 7. #ChappalMaaro Trending in Mumbai
  8. 8. Outreach in thefirst 25 minutes!!
  9. 9. Overall Campaign Outreach
  10. 10. Demographic Outreach
  11. 11. Chart Toppers
  12. 12. Campaign Sentiments
  13. 13. Campaign SummaryTotal Outreach:+1,50,0004,10,000 Impressions (via tweets)650+ Tweeps (unique) used # ChappalMaaroUnique Users of +78 who spoke directly to the brandBrand Sentiment: 7:1 (Positive : Negative)Trended as the No 1. Hashtag in India & Mumbaiwithin 25 minutes of its introduction
  14. 14. Key Achievements• The Bombay Store wished to introduce Flip Flops, something never before associated with them before. The success of #ChappalMaaro coincided with the launch and lead to a 80% + sellout in less than 5 weeks.• Gaining consumer insights in advance helped modify the campaign to ensure a successful outreach, achieving a successful ROI and acknowledgement within the Industry as a best practice.
  15. 15. About The Bombay StoreIn the early 1900s while India was still under the British rule, one of the strongest manifestations of mass awakening was the desire to patronize all that was swadeshi (Made in India). Great Indian patriots and businessman like Lokmanya Tilak and Sir Ratanji Jamshedji Tata amongst others conceived Bombay Swadeshi Co-Op Stores Co. Ltd, which came into existence on 17th December 1906. It became the first retail organization to be listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.As the store now caters to an audience with a contemporary mindset, the brand was therefore rechristened in December 1995 as The Bombay Store. The Bombay Store currently operates out of 12 outlets.
  16. 16. About MindShift InteractiveMindShift Interactive is an Insightful Digital Outreach powerhouse that provides business with a data-centric approach towards achieving an impactful, innovative and, most of all, sustained Social Media presence.MindShift Interactive Private Limited is the parent company of MindShift Digital and MindShift Metrics, our Social Media Marketing Agency and Social Media Research Company respectively. Combined together, they give businesses an insightful and innovative Social Media Outreach.
  17. 17. Thank You