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OITUR-FULP. Investigación universitaria y tendencias tecnológicas en el sector, por Carlos Navarro
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OITUR-FULP. Investigación universitaria y tendencias tecnológicas en el sector, por Carlos Navarro


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OITUR-FULP. Investigación universitaria y tendencias tecnológicas en el sector, por Carlos Navarro. Expuesto durante la III Tourism Revolution Convention

OITUR-FULP. Investigación universitaria y tendencias tecnológicas en el sector, por Carlos Navarro. Expuesto durante la III Tourism Revolution Convention

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  • 1. Título Píldora o Taller III Convención para la Transformación Turística Paraninfo ULPGC, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Islas Canarias OITUR - FULP. Investigación universitaria y tendencias tecnológicas en el sector turístico D. Carlos Andrés Navarro MartínezTítulo Píldora o Taller
  • 2. Índice de Contenidos Qué es la Vigilancia Tecnológica Por qué creamos OITUR Quienes trabajan con nosotros A quién damos servicios Tendencias tecnológicas en el sector turístico
  • 3. Qué es la Vigilancia Tecnológica Proceso organizado,selectivo y permanenteAnalizarla y convertir en conocimiento Tomar decisiones
  • 4. Por que creamos OITUR
  • 5. Quienes trabajan con nosotros
  • 7. Tendencias tecnológicas en el sector turístico
  • 8. El cliente que viene8
  • 9. Más informado9
  • 10. Más organizado10
  • 11. Más confiado11
  • 12. El precio lo pones tú12
  • 13. Dónde tú quieras cuando tú quieras13
  • 14. La que tú quieres14
  • 15. La que tú quieres SeatGuru ( helps passengers select airplane seating, in-flight amenities and airline information based upon the airline and type of aircraft they’re flying. The site now features 25,000+ user comments, and offers more than 650 airline seat maps covering 90+ airlines.15
  • 16. Déjate aconsejar TripKick ( tackles an equally important aspect of travel: hotel rooms. Coverage of each hotel includes detailed information on which rooms to request—which rooms are oversized, which have great16 bathrooms or are quieter than others. TripKick also points out which floors are better, and which to avoid.
  • 17. Te puedes fiar Oyster Hotel Reviews ( employs 13 professional reporters who independently review hotels ( reporters), paying for their own stays. Once a review of a particular hotel has been posted online, Oyster invites other travelers whove visited the same hotel to add their comments and reviews.17
  • 18. AnticipateFarecast ( offers airfare predictions from over 75 US departure cities to major domestic destinations, as well as for 200 international routes. Users can check if fares are increasing or dropping, and are provided with recommendations on when to buy. The website makes its predictions primarily by searching for patterns in ticket prices on airline and travel agent websites and claims a 74.5% accuracy. Farecast also offers rate indicators for hotels ( hotels) in 30 destinations.• ( offers historical prices for trips in 77,000 markets in the US and Canada. It seeks out fares and destinations at a billion combinations per query, while keeping track of 500 airlines serving more than 270,00018 markets around the globe the airline.
  • 19. Enriquecer la experiencia Una aplicación basada en localizacion, denominada EpicMix que utiliza tecnología RFID permite a los esquiadores ver dónde esquiaron ese día, pendientes y obtener puntos EpicMix. Los resultados obtenidos los pueden compartir vía Facebook yTwitter.19
  • 20. Recomendación TripAdvisor’s Trip Friends permite a los usuarios preguntar a sus amigos de Facebook en busca de consejo en relación con la planificación de sus vacaciones directamente desde la página de TripAdvisor. Lanzado el año pasado utiliza la popular aplicación de Facebook “Citties I’ve Visited” para localizar amigos que han visitado lugares de interés.20
  • 21. Autenticidad, todavía hecho aquí The Andaz (, a hotel on Wall Street, NY, launched its own farmers market in July 2010. Customers are able to browse and buy goods from all of the hotels restaurant suppliers such as duck and pheasant eggs,21 pickled vegetables and chutneys.
  • 22. Plataformas de innovación One Billion Minds ( is a prize-led innovation platform that connects problem-solving scholars with solution-seeking companies and non-profits. One Billion Minds challenges student and alumni crowds from universities worldwide to come up with innovative solutions to real-world problems. Prizes from the participating corporations include cash, professional recognition, and opportunities to interview for full-time or internship positions.22
  • 23. Tal y como tu quieres….otros también Restaurant 4Food (, opened in New York City in 2010, has a unique proposition that turns the dining experience into a competition engaging a customers online social network. Customers start by going to the 4Food website, where they can build a healthy burger from typical ingredients. They then name the creation and broadcast it to their social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc) with the objective of having friends order their unique creation. 4Food has a leader-board that shows the most23 ordered burger and the creator receives USD 0.25 credit per order. .
  • 24. P2P Weeels (, launched in June 2010, is a cab-sharing app designed for New York City. Users are able to search for other travelers heading in the same direction as them and then arrange to meet-up in a convenient place - where the taxi (organized by Weeels) can pick them up.24
  • 25. P2P Launched in January 2011, IMGuest ( is a social platform for business travelers to meet and network. Free to access, users sign into the site using their Twitter or Facebook account, check-in to IMGuest and then meet other guests staying in the same hotel. Its possible to search for other users according to age, gender, nationality and interests..25
  • 26. P2P (, es el Google Maps chino para 38 de las mayores ciudades de China.26
  • 27. El cliente manda Launched in beta during March 2011, UK based HolidayCrowd (http:// begins by inviting prospective travelers to list a trip theyd like to take, specifying details such as destination or budget. Participating travel agents then assess the request and build an itinerary, knowing that theyre competing with one another. HolidayCrowd verifies each agent individually to ensure theyre legitimate and licensed. After reviewing the bids, consumers can chat to get any questions answered, and then choose the one they like and book it for free through HolidayCrowd..27
  • 28. Food reviews In invitation-only beta in February 2011, TopDish ( is a social network featuring user-generated food reviews. The site offers images and ratings of individual dishes, as well as diners comments. Users can also create a food profile, specify their tastes and preferences and the service will then suggest restaurants..28
  • 29. Historias geolocalizadas Launched in April 2011, Germany based Storytude ( is a website and app for Android and iPhone that offers location-based stories as a way to tour several German cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne). Using its apps, consumers are able to follow along with a variety of fictional stories that use real-29 life locations as their backdrops. Each chapter is typically associated with a different spot in the city in question.
  • 30. ExclusividadLaunched in February 2011, Dutch company Buitengewoon In Het Land (http:// is offering a pop-up dining experience in countryside areas of natural beauty. Accommodating over 100 guests, the sites are selected and the events and menus are planned in collaboration with regional producers, landowners and 30restaurant owners.
  • 31. Diseño cool31
  • 32. Slow travel32
  • 33. hibridación33
  • 34. Nuevas formas de interactuar34
  • 35. Muebles inteligentes35
  • 36. Tendencias tecnológicas en el sector turístico …si no analizas, difundes, conviertes en conocimiento y sobre todo...
  • 37. Como trabajar juntosContactoObservatorio Sobre Innovación en el Sector Turístico (OITUR)Unidad de Promoción de la InnovaciónFUNDACIÓN CANARIA UNIVERSITARIA DE LAS PALMAS (FULP)Edificio Polivalente II, Parque Científico Tecnológico delCampus Universitario de TafiraLas Palmas de Gran Canaria, 35017 – Españahttp://www.oitur.come-mail: info@oitur.comTeléfono: 928459956Fax: 928459961