Nature's Role in Sustainability


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This is a PowerPoint for a presentation I gave recently at CNU21, the annual gathering of the Congress for New Urbanism, in Salt Lake City. I was honored to serve on a panel presentation titled "Urbanism and the Land," with Susan Mudd of CNU and Laura Hanson of the Jordan River Commission. This presentation was intended to share with urban planners my expression of Nature's Role in Sustainability, and to outline my framework for what Father Thomas Berry called Earth Jurisprudence. He called on the legal profession to "articulate the conditions for the integral functioning of the Earth process." My Evolutionary Law framework describes the elements of the Earth process, including The Rights of Nature, sustainable Rights to Nature, Biopilia, Biomimicry, Cooperation, and Coherence (Quantum and Ecological). When those elements are implemented in a synergistic way, they lead to greater Biodiversity, Natural Resilience and Natural Happiness (indicators of the Integral Functioning of the Earth Process).

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  • Teller Lake. Photo courtesy of Boulder Open Space Mountain Parks Department.
  • For more on Problems vs. Predicaments, see Berry: We are changing the geosystems, biosystems on a scale of millions of years. We are terminating the last 65 million years of life development.That is a Predicament and our response must be a Mindset shift
  • Rich Louv (Keynote Speaker) identified NDD as a critical challenge, esp. for childrenI believe Nature Deficit Disorder is The Earth Community's Predicament
  • Every being – to exist – has three rights: the right to be, the right to habitat, and the right to fulfill its role in the great community of existence.“ The role defines the rights.
  • Headwaters of the Colorado River.
  • Photos courtesy of the Jordan River Commission. See C&NN and Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights. Nature Is Our Habitat: Our “right to habitat” includes our right to have a deep connection to the rest of Nature, not just as a resource, but as an integral aspect of our well-being. Annelies Henstra, a Dutch human rights attorney, calls this the “forgotten human right.”
  • Image from E. O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation:
  • Green Roof:_; Green Walkway in the Tree Canopy: Singapore; Green Wall: ; Green Wildlife Bridge: Banff, Alberta Canada. Vancouver has a goal: by 2020 every citizen will have a park or other natural environment within a 5 minute walk.
  • See the story of how Portland designers came upon this biomimicry based Eco-District.
  • This is the view from Boulder County’s “Osprey Cam” of a pair of osprey that has been returning to this nesting platform for the past 10 years. Live video and a video/photo timeline is available at
  • Coyote,Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Mink.
  • Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks “Critter Cam” Shots. Mountain Lion, North American River Otter, Bobcat, Beaver.
  • Images from National Geographic: [cite]
  • Images from National Geographic:
  • Images from National Geographic:
  • Images from National Geographic:
  • Images from National Geographic:
  • Images from National Geographic:
  • Dowdy Draw in springtime.
  • Natural Assets vs. Natural Allies
  • Nature's Role in Sustainability

    1. 1. Urbanism And The Land Nature’s Role In Sustainability
    2. 2. “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” - Albert Einstein
    3. 3. My Connection To Sustainability To achieve a viable human-earth situation a new jurisprudence, Earth Jurisprudence, must articulate the conditions for the integral functioning of the Earth process. Father Thomas Berry
    4. 4. The Earth Process Biophilia Biomimicry Rights Of Nature Rights To Nature Cooperation Coherence Resilience Happiness Synergy
    5. 5. Why Rights Of Nature?
    6. 6. Problems vs. Predicaments Problems Have Fixes Predicaments Require A Mindset Shift
    7. 7. Nature Deficit Disorder Is The Cause of the Earth Community’s Predicament
    8. 8. Rights Come From Existence Thomas Berry, “The Great Work” “The most absurd thing in modern times is the idea that only humans have rights.”
    9. 9. The Animals Have Rights
    10. 10. The Birds Have Rights
    11. 11. The Pollinators Have Rights
    12. 12. The Trees Have Rights
    13. 13. The River Has Rights
    14. 14. Beyond Ethics and Morality Nature Will Restore Equilibrium With Us Or Without Us
    15. 15. Rights Of Nature Are Here Now Ecuador’s Constitution New Zealand Grants Rights To A River Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature 24+ U. S. Cities’ Rights of Nature Ordinances U. N. Declaration on Rights of Mother Earth
    16. 16. Santa Monica Rights of Nature Ordinance Pittsburgh Rights of Nature Ordinance Cities Are Starting To Make The Connection
    17. 17. Sustainable Rights To Nature
    18. 18. Nature Is Our Habitat
    19. 19. Violate The Rights Of Nature Some Uses Of Nature
    20. 20. Fracking Threatens Land Use Controls
    21. 21. Biophilia
    22. 22. Biophilia is the “connections that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life.” Harvard Biologist E. O. Wilson What Is Biophilia?
    23. 23. What Are Biophilic Cities? "Biophilic Cities contain abundant nature; they care about, seek to protect, restore and grow this nature, and they strive to foster deep connections and daily contact with the natural world.”
    24. 24. Green Everything
    25. 25. Emerging Biophilic Cities Large: Chicago Small: Boulder West: Portland East: Pittsburgh International: Singapore
    26. 26. What Would Nature Do? Biomimicry
    27. 27. Green Infrastructure Is Biomimicry The Basics: Rain Gardens
    28. 28. From Mushroom Communities
    29. 29. To Portland’s Eco-Districts
    30. 30. Cities Focused On Biodiversity Chicago Wilderness Portland Intertwine Alliance Bay Area Biomimicry Network Vancouver Greenest City 2020
    31. 31. U.N. Warns Of World Without Water Quote from UN Secretary General on Urban Water Shortages
    32. 32. Preserving Biodiversity Is Key "Biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides are central to achieving the vision of a water secure world." UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
    33. 33. Nature is a system based on cooperation, not competition. Cellular Biologist, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Author of “Spontaneous Evolution” Cooperation
    34. 34. “Nature has an inherent order, and we damage our communities and ourselves if we don’t learn to live within it.” Jordan River Commission
    35. 35. Ecological coherence is an essential condition for healthy ecosystems. European Commission on Green Infrastructure Ecological Coherence
    36. 36. When We Are In Nature We Experience Coherence
    37. 37. Challenges of Habitat Preservation Reconnecting Habitat Restoring To Healthy State Development Impact Managing Public Access Funding
    38. 38. Reconnecting Habitat Zones
    39. 39. Public – Private Partnerships Boulder County 97,000 Acres Open Space Other Communities 5,000 Acres City of Boulder 45,000 Acres
    40. 40. Conservation Easements
    41. 41. Protect Habitat Wherever You Can
    42. 42. Daytime on Boulder’s Open Space
    43. 43. Nighttime on Boulder’s Open Space
    44. 44. Natural Resilience Healing Nature Deficit Disorder
    45. 45. Biodiversity Is Nature’s Resilience Biophilia Biodiversity Resilience
    46. 46. Serenity In Nature
    47. 47. Suddenly Nature Resets
    48. 48. Who’s Going To Clean Up This Mess?
    49. 49. Nature’s Volunteers Will
    50. 50. New Forests Emerge
    51. 51. Animals Return
    52. 52. Natural Happiness The Pursuit Of
    53. 53. When Nature Is Happy
    54. 54. People Are Happy Boulder Rated Happiest Community In The U.S.
    55. 55. Accountability Score EvolveMeasure
    56. 56. Synergy Our Primary Task: Create The Conditions For
    57. 57. "The universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects.” Thomas Berry
    58. 58. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein
    59. 59. "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.” Rumi