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  • 1. Create Your Own
  • 2.  Symbaloo is a free visual bookmarking site  It is a very easy to use organizational tool for teachers and is very kid-friendly  Students are able to access it from anywhere  They can use it to further their learning by engaging in interactive online activities and playing educational games
  • 3. •Go to www.symbaloo.com
  • 4. •Click on “Create an account” •Fill in your name, email, and password
  • 5. •This is what the home page looks like once you’ve successfully logged in
  • 6. •To add a webmix, click on the settings icon on the far left, or the + tab
  • 7. •This is what pops up when you add a webmix
  • 8. •Name your webmix
  • 9. •This is what an empty webmix looks like
  • 10. •Click on an empty square to add a new tile
  • 11. •You can either create your own tile or search for existing tiles
  • 12. •When you create your own tile, you can choose the color, the text, and the icon/image
  • 13. •Enter a website address •Some will automatically appear with a name for the tile and an image, but you can still change the name and the appearance
  • 14. •Once created and saved, the tile will appear in your webmix
  • 15. •To search for an existing tile, type the name of what you’re looking for
  • 16. •Choose the tile you want
  • 17. •This is an example of an unimpressive pre-made tile
  • 18. •The new and improved tile using color, text, and icons
  • 19. •To edit your webmix, click on “Options”
  • 20. •You can rename your webmix
  • 21. •You can change the wallpaper of your webmix
  • 22. •You can change the icon shape and color of your webmix name tab
  • 23. •You can increase and decrease the size of your webmix
  • 24. •You can change the transparency settings of your webmix
  • 25. Here is the symbaloo I created. It is geared toward the upper elementary grades: 3-5. http://www.symbaloo.com/