IVR System Solutions: Multi-Utility Call Centers


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Here’s one more Interactive Voice Response IVR system focused presentation from Milsoft's 2009 User Conference informative. It was originally presented there by Buddy Johns. The Milsoft Electric Utility Solutions Users Conference is the premier event for both our users and vendors offering interoperable electric utility management services that enhance Milsoft’s Smart Grid Systems. If you’d like to receive information about our software training events, you can email: missy.brooks@milsoft.com.

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IVR System Solutions: Multi-Utility Call Centers

  1. 1. Multi-Utility Call Centers: Challenges and Opportunities Buddy Johns
  2. 2. Customer Response Center • CRC is a multi-utility call center that handles after-hours calls for our Member Systems. • Located at PowerSouth Energy Cooperative in Andalusia, Alabama • We currently have 11 members that participate with a customer base of around 250,000. • Use Porche IVR to manage our calls
  3. 3. Benefits for our Members • Cost Effective - We distribute the cost back to the participating members on a per meter basis. • Reduction of employees • Allows member on-call personnel to be mobile • Allows our members access to our Porche System, its features, and numerous phone lines 24/7, using remote software at a fraction of the cost of establishing their own system
  4. 4. More Benefits • Better means of handling outages, which increases their customer service • Convenience to switch over to Porche on the fly for major storms or in house meetings • Gives members a reliable means of accessing historical data • Activity reports every morning • Can choose to use CRC Full-time or Part-time
  5. 5. Challenges Challenges we faced along the way and how we answered them…….
  6. 6. Challenge: Retention • Challenge: Retaining Employees. Initially used all contract employees • Remedy: Transitioned some of our contract employees to full-time PowerSouth employees
  7. 7. Challenge: Large Call Volumes • Challenge: Handling large call volumes with our budgeted staffing levels • Remedy: Besides padding our schedule during storms, we set parameters when members should use their remote access and get involved with the outages.
  8. 8. Challenge: Remote Access • Challenge: Members having a reliable remote access. Originally the only means was dial-up. • Remedy: We provided them with a VPN connection at their office and homes where it was possible and they had access to high speed internet.
  9. 9. Challenge: Routing • Challenge: Routing and rerouting members tollfree numbers during emergencies and on the fly. We originally had to call in to our LD provider and have them do it for us. • Remedy: Our LD provider has a web-based tool that gives us access to switch routing on these numbers online and on the fly.
  10. 10. Questions: CRC is dedicated to providing excellence in customer service to our member systems!