Marketing to Diversity: Engaging Canada's New Mainstream

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Presentation given by Millward Brown's David Burgos at Multicultural Marketing Conference, Toronto, 26th March 2013.

Presentation given by Millward Brown's David Burgos at Multicultural Marketing Conference, Toronto, 26th March 2013.

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  • 1. Marketing to DiversityE N G A G I N G C A N A D A’ S N E W M A I N S T R E A M Multicultural Marketing Conference Toronto, 26 March 2013
  • 2. new mainstream is multicultural
  • 3. So what?
  • 4. To stay relevant and grow in today’s Canada…Brands must not only learn how to win the hearts and wallets of ethnic consumers.They also have to start engaging the so-called mainstream with ideas that truly reflectits cultural diversity, especially in the metropolises.
  • 5. First step: Move away from the ‘silo’ thinking Brands are able to leveraging SIMILARITIES and respect cultural NUANCES between ethnic and white consumers
  • 6. Understanding Canada’s multiculturalism VS. The Chicken Soup Model
  • 7. Understand & incorporate the ethnic perspectiveearly on in the marketing process Communication Image & positioning Product Foundational development research
  • 8. Cross-cultural marketing works… and it works both ways Universal insights Health vs. Nature Leading with ethnic insights, early on Diversity as a source of innovative and unique ideasNot all ideas travel well across cultures though…
  • 9. Sometimes brands do need to have a targetedapproach to better connect with ethnic consumersCommonsense fact: Well-executed targeted strategies are likely to do better than ‘mainstream’ work Different situations may require different levels of targeting…
  • 10. Targeted marketing is not new in Canada English Canada Quebec USA Celebrate Brand Engagement Realism Idealism achievement Need a reason to Need a reason to Need a reason to Brand Association Believe Relate Desire Individuality Motivating Life Values Joie de Vivre American Dream (The Mosaic)Source: Millward Brown Canada
  • 11. Basic advertising principles DO apply for ethnic consumers Engages consumers Incorporates the brand Successful ethnic advertising… Is easily understood Evokes a response Does all of the above in a culturally relevant waySource: Millward Brown
  • 12. Elements that help boost enjoyment of advertising and engage consumers Most enjoyable Most enjoyable US ethnic targeted ads US general market ads Genuine, funny humor Genuine, funny humor Music with cultural affinity Good music Appealing celebrities or role models Broadly appealing celebrities Family & children scenarios Feature children Friends Animals Escapism Escapism Characters portrayed in a positive way Functionality In-language dialogue increases chances of successSource: Millward Brown
  • 13. Guidelines when doing targeted advertisingAvoid stereotypesEmbrace diversity within ethnic segmentsTargeted advertising is more than diverse casting & languageDare to be bolder and differentMake your brand the center of the storyKeep the story simpleConnect with consumers emotionallyStay true to your brand ideal, be consistent
  • 14. Go beyond traditional media, leverage thedigital & mobile opportunityCross-cultural advertising is placed in ‘cross-cultural’ media optionsMore targeted work goes to targeted media, both traditional/TV and ‘emerging’
  • 15. Understand who your ‘mainstream’ really is at the local level China India Colombia Ghana Ecuador Poland Philippines Korea etc.
  • 16. Final thoughts…
  • 17. To target or not to target… Yes No All of the above Do targeted when needed… and when you don’t do it, ensure that your total market strategy is culturally inclusive, or cross-cultural beyond just casting
  • 18. Intelligent Marketing is about finding the right balancebetween targeted and cross-cultural Fail to adapt the offer sufficiently and youGo too far in the won’t be relevant todirection of targeted consumersapproaches andefficiencies are lost
  • 19. Is your organization ready for a diverse Canada?1. Acknowledge the fact that your market is diverse2. Having a diverse organization is the right business decision3. Try not to relegate multicultural responsibilities into an organizational silo4. Don’t just rely on Jin, Jose or Kesha for your ethnic strategy!5. Commitment must come from the top of the organization6. Leverage the expertise of both your general market and ethnic agencies7. Incorporate the ethnic perspective into foundational research8. Dare to be less politically correct9. When it comes to advertising, engage consumers in a culturally intelligent way that avoids stereotypes and does not force the ethnic factor
  • 20. THANK YOU! David Burgos VP of Cultural Strategy @DavidBurgos_MB