Creating Winning Advertising Via Link
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Creating Winning Advertising Via Link






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Creating Winning Advertising Via Link Creating Winning Advertising Via Link Presentation Transcript

  • 1 CREATING WINNING ADVERTISING VIA LINKTM IN Soumya Saklani, Managing Director, Sub Saharan Africa Ghana| 23rd July 2013
  • 2 IN THE NEXT 20 MINUTES OR SO… 1. Why ‘pre-test’? 2. Introducing LinkTM
  • 3 Why pre-test advertising?
  • 4 AD SPENDS ARE HUGE & DOMINANT % OF MKT SPEND Sector Spend (GHS) 1 Telecommunications 10,603,661 2 Telecommunications 9,286,445 3 Beverages 6,799,929 4 Telecommunications 6,683,613 5 Telecommunications 6,579,104 6 Home, Personal Care & Foods 5,950,679 7 Foods 3,969,109 8 Foods 3,295,759 9 Beverages 3,270,657 10 Retail 2,944,054 11 Telecommunications 2,521,178 12 Foods 2,508,471 13 Social 2,375,557 14 Home, Personal Care & Foods 2,329,440 16 Beverages 2,242,759 18 Foods & Beverages 2,130,533 19 Foods & Beverages 2,056,656 20 Pharma 2,014,443 21 Electronics 1,984,681 22 Social 1,924,502 23 Telecommunications 1,923,860 24 Electronics 1,860,976 25 TV/Entertainment 1,780,682 87,036,748 Source: Annual 2012 Ghana Media Monitoring Top 25 Ad Spenders Ghana–2012
  • 5 DEVELOPING & AIRING CREATIVES IS AN EXPEN$$$IVE EXERCISE...! Strategy (US$ 0) Strategy (US$ 0) Creative concepts/ storyboards (US$ 10k) Creative concepts/ storyboards (US$ 10k) Animatic (US$ 20k) Animatic (US$ 20k) Finished film (US$ 350k) Finished film (US$ 350k) Media (US$ 1000k) Media (US$ 1000k)
  • 6 Top Ten Factors affecting advertising profitability in the short term and their likely impact upon profit Paul Dyson and Karl Weaver, Data2Decsions Admap 2006 Creative effectiveness is the variable most affecting the advertising contribution to brand profit after market size… …investing in copy-testing provides a huge return because it helps maximize the creative power of the advertising COPY QUALITY IS A KEY INFLUENCE ON ROI
  • 7 CREATIVE GUT IS NOT ENOUGH The most important word in the vocabulary of advertising is TEST. If you pre-test your product with consumers and pre-test your advertising, you will do well in the market-place.” David Ogilvy, 1963
  • 10 LINKTM HELPS YOU IMPROVE THE VALUE OF YOUR ADVERTISING LinkTM is Predictive Evaluative Diagnostic
  • 11 LINK GETS YOU MORE BANG FOR YOUR AD BUCK... IF YOU SPEND GHS 1 MILL, ON THE CAMPAIGN, WE’D GET THE EQUIVALENT OF GHS 200K+ FREE MEDIA! Average ads aired Average Client’s ads aired  (only qual /no test) Average Client’s ads aired  after a Link test In‐market ad efficiency*  (indexed) *As measured by the ‘Awareness Index’, a metric  proven to have a strong relationship with sales effectiveness +20% 100 103 120
  • 12 LINK HAS EVOLVED OVER TIME, WITH OUR UNDERSTANDING ON HOW ADVERTISING INFLUENCES BRANDS 19991999 20002000 20022002 20042004 20052005 20062006 20072007 2008200819891989 Link introduced for the first time in U.K. 19941994 Introduced persuasion measures, improved prediction of Awareness Index (branded memorability) Validation to sales and share response Improved prediction of Awareness Index (branded memorability) Online Link methodology launched in U.S. Introduced measures of emotional response Parallel testing against brain scanning Validation against share response updated Worked to apply neuroscience learning Updated questionnaire to address new learning and media world Link360: multi-media copy testing Incorporating Neuroscience techniques in tandem when applicable LINKExpress on mobile launched 2012 & now available in Ghana A Link test is being presented somewhere in the world every hour…
  • 13 LINK ALLOWS FAIR COMPARISON OF AD EFFECTIVENESS ACROSS THE GLOBE *As measured by the ‘Awareness Index’, a metric proven to have a strong relationship with sales effectiveness Based on analysis of 70 ads that were researched at two stages Database of 100,000 ads spanning 100+ countries allows cultural differences to be taken into account 1800 multi-country campaigns have given us insights into the factors governing how well advertising will travel Robust database - we’ve tested 2,000+ ads in Sub- Saharan Africa & 100+ in Nigeria & 70+ in Kenya And now, we are happy to announce that we now have Ghanaian norms in place with a database of ~ 50 ads
  • 14 The Link™ Philosophy…
  • 15 THE ADVERTISING CHALLENGE... Will the ad connect with the consumer in a branded fashion? Branded Engagement Do the brand associations make it more desirable at key decision moments? Response
  • 16 THE CHALLENGE OF ENGAGEMENT... Engagement is all about getting into the mental workspace
  • 17 A LITTLE EXERCISE IN ENGAGEMENT... 20 slides, at 1 second each Say whether… CAT or DOG BOTH NEITHERDON’T KNOW
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • 24
  • 25
  • 26
  • 27
  • 28
  • 29
  • 30
  • 31
  • 32
  • 33
  • 34
  • 35
  • 36
  • 37
  • 38
  • 39
  • 40
  • 41
  • 42 So, which images did you remember?
  • 43 THE CHALLENGE OF ENGAGEMENT Advertising has to compete with everything else in the environment to get into the ‘mental workspace’  Personal Relevance  Emotional content  And we tend to give time to things that are different
  • 44 BUT DOES AN ENTIRE AD ENGAGE? 30 Second TV Ad Recall 5% of ad creates 45% of recall
  • 46 WE CALL THIS THE ‘CREATIVE MAGNIFIER’... Brand What is involving and interesting in the ad Message
  • 47 WHAT WILL LINK TELL YOU? Will the ad connect with the consumer in a branded fashion? Branded Engagement Does the ad affect brand associations in the right way? Communication Do the brand associations make it more desirable at key decision moments? Response Awareness Index & Diagnostics Key Message & Diagnostics Persuasion & Diagnostics
  • 48 LINK HAS TWO SUMMARY METRICS OF AD PERFORMANCE. BOTH ARE PROVEN TO RELATE TO BRAND SALES CHANGES. 48 Awareness Index prediction Measures the incremental gains in advertising awareness an ad will generate per unit of media spend Independently validated against both long and short term sales changes, the AI is particularly key for established brands %ofcasesseeing salessharerise Low Medium High 39% 62% 74% Independently validated to short-term sales. Relationships seen are particularly strong for new products/line extensions Persuasion Score Measures the potential of your ad to positively change/enforce consumers relationship with your brand/product Based on 872 Cases (split into tertiles on total database norms). A sales share increase is one of more than 0.1% of a market share point. 45% 56% 75% %ofcasesseeing salessharerise Low Medium High
  • 49 LinkTM , the leading global copy-testing solution now available in Ghana with Ghanaian norms to benchmark against. IN SUMMARY... 1. Pre-test via LinkTM ! 2. Especially critical campaigns 3. Earlier, the better...!
  • THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! 50 For further information please contact: SOUMYA SAKLANI Managing Director Sub-Saharan Africa Millward Brown 94/2 Second Ridge Link, North Ridge, Accra | Ghana | t: +233307020406 Cell +233262952707 Email: