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BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Infographic
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BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Infographic


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If the 9th annual edition of the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands tells us anything, it is that the recession is over. …

If the 9th annual edition of the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands tells us anything, it is that the recession is over.

We are delighted to share the latest data gathered by Millward Brown on behalf of WPP using the proprietary valuation method of Millward Brown Optimor. It shows that the combined brand value of the world’s most important brands has risen by 12 percent to $2.9 trillion. This follows a 7 percent improvement the previous year.

BrandZ™ has cemented itself as an invaluable resource to help businesses understand how their financial health is intrinsically-linked to, and enhanced by, brand building. After a few dark years the evidence is clear that the world’s strongest brands are leading the global recovery.

We are providing data from 150,000 interviews with consumers from around the world and the insights, as always, are fascinating. The 2014 edition reveals that the combined value of the BrandZ™ Global Top 100 has almost doubled in eight years. Since 2006, the stock market value of the BrandZ™ Strong Brands portfolio, a sub-set of the main survey, has appreciated by 81 percent over the same period.

Unique to our approach is the recognition that in all markets a small number of consumers account for a large proportion of sales. Loyal consumers are more valuable to a brand than occasional users, a crucial factor when analyzing brand value.

The Top 100 also confirms that more favorable economic conditions have helped traditional Western brands improve their valuations, which means fewer brands from fast-growing economies are represented. Brands that are in business for reasons beyond the bottom line are also more likely to have increased their value.

Not surprisingly technology brands dominate the top positions and there is a new number one. Google has knocked Apple off its perch after three years at the top. Apple is performing well but is it still redefining technology for consumers? What is obvious is that the value of technology brands reiterates how they are now an integral part of our lives.

Apparel is the fastest growing category with the Top 10 apparel brands growing by 29 percent, but all brands must continue to innovate and excite consumers to drive their businesses forward, something Google excels at. There is no room for complacency on quality or customer service as a brand’s reputation can be dented in seconds through the power of social media.

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  • 1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 34 545556575859 100 2014: YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION, CONSOLIDATION AND DISRUPTION Google’s rise symbolizes the strength of the technology category. Technology brands in the Global Top 100 total $827 billion, almost 30% of the value of the BrandZ™ Global Top 100. Technology category rose 16% overall in brand value. Top Brand The value of the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2014 is $2.9 trillion. Top 100 $2.6 trillion Top 100 $2.9 trillion 20142013 Twitter LinkedIn Ford Bank of America PayPal ING Bank UBS Newcomers The BrandZTM Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands share price index consistently outperform the S&P market index. Brand value appreciated by 54% among the BrandZ™ 2014 Top risers, compared with 44% last year. TENCENT +97% +68% +61% +61% +58% +56% +56% +55% +53% +51% 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 81.1% 44.7% BrandZ™ S&P 500 $158,843m $147,880m $107,541m $90,185m $85,706m $80,683m $79,197m $77,883m $67,341m $64,255m CATEGORY GROWTH REGIONAL GROWTH STOCK MARKET PERFORMANCE TOP 10 RISERS Apparel $99,599m $841,482m Technology GROWTH ACROSS ALL CATEGORIES FROM 2013 8283848586878889909192939495969799 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 1714 31 32 33 35363738394041424344454647484950515253 6061626364656667686970717273747677787980 7581 98 RISING IMPORTANCE OF TECHNOLOGY KEY VALUATION CHANGES Google increased the most in $ value in the 2014 rankings. It has also increased significantly since 2006, $121.4b, second only to the gain of $131.9b by Apple during the same period. $45.2 BILLION Tencent, the Chinese social network and Internet portal, led the list of fastest risers overtaking China Mobile as China’s most valuable brand. 97% BRAND VALUE Twitter and LinkedIn entered the Top 100 for the first time, at numbers 71 and 78, respectively. TOP 100 DEBUT Amazon became the first retailer to enter the Top 10 at number 10. TOP 10 DISTINCTION FACEBOOK BT IKEA UNIQLO FORD MOVISTAR NIKE DHL CVS Brand Contribution indicates how much of brand value can be attributed to brand itself. The index runs from 1 (low) up to 5 (high). Luxury is the most represented category in the top brands by Brand Contribution with 6 brands, followed by beer with 2 brands. BRAND CONTRIBUTION +29% Cars $138,856m +17% $111,758m Luxury +16% $280,975m Retail +16% +16% GlobalBanks $123,800m +15% RegionalBanks $251,351m +6% $171,621m FastFood +10% $66,207m Insurance +11% $330,427m Telecoms +8% $109,033m Oil&Gas +3% SoftDrinks $142,103m +4% $111,528m PersonalCare +12% 5% 3% 3% 3% 41% 41% 4% 29% 40% 20% FAST GROWING MARKETS 10% 16% $271,893m $29,490m $72,306m Beer +14% North America 5.9% 50 Top 100 brands $959,514m Top 10 brands 312 Continental Europe 19% 23 Top 100 brands $246,799m Top 10 brands 312 UK 5.4% 6 Top 100 brands $155,753m Top 10 brands 12 3 Asia 15.8% 20 Top 100 brands $314,188m Top 10 brands 312 TOP 10 BRANDS Download the full report at