Advertising Beyond Borders -Ghana


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Advertising Beyond Borders -Ghana

  1. 1. one size fits many? a d v e r t i s i n g b e y o n d b o r d e r s
  2. 2. one size fits many? A D T R A N S F E R E N C E A N D A F R I C A B E Y O N D C U LT U R A L D I F F E R E N C E S 2
  3. 3. defining ad transference… context: cultural and socio-economic factors analysis : ads tested in multiple markets to determine ad transference (6000+ data points*) metric: enjoyment (likeability is the closest link to pure cultural transference) as a percentage of all ads * Source: Millward Brown Global LINK™ Database 3
  4. 4. the reality of a diverse world... North America Latin America Asia Western Europe Eastern Europe and Russia 51% 48% 40% 56% 58% 43% Africa and Middle East 4 Transference WITHIN geographies Global Avg 52%
  5. 5. among emerging markets, africa is quite different when it comes to advertising… 5 relevant everyday situations emotional messaging celebrities prominent music visual humour 41 49 40 31 35 20 11 09 24 36 25 24 30 20 24 % of ads…
  6. 6. so what can work in africa…? 6 emotional connect family, community sunlight ‘bubbles’
  7. 7. so what can work in africa…? 7 happy optimism important to show positive images coca-cola ‘crazy for good’ emotional connect a sense of fun, of drama
  8. 8. so what can work in africa…? 8 simplicity in messaging firm focus on brand benefit panadol ‘invisible man’ omo ‘soccer girl’ happy optimism emotional connect a sense of fun, of drama
  9. 9. 9 yet transference within africa is only 43%...why? 43%
  10. 10. there are clear cultural differences within africa 10 ghana nigeria east africa 80 80 64 15 30 27 40 60 41 65 55 52 PDI hierarchy IDV individuality MAS masculinity/Aggression UAI Uncertainty avoidance authority community harmony structure power individuality assertion less hierarchical harmony comfort in ambiguity
  11. 11. ghana: what works? 11 geisha ‘bath time’  the importance of family connection and bonding (and how we bring it to life!) pepsodent ‘father-son’
  12. 12. ghana: what works? 12 coca-cola ‘with meals’indomie ‘office’  social moments – around a clear brand benefit and anchor
  13. 13. ghana: what works? 13 sensodyne ‘sensitive’ariel ‘jubilee’  tonality is important– its not just a product story
  14. 14. nigeria: pride in recognised success, vibrancy 14  strong sense of pride  aspirational imagery, a desire for acknowledged success  vibrancy matters (local music, colour) mtn ‘nigeria’
  15. 15. why is it so difficult to use the same advertising execution across countries? clearly, there is more divergence than convergence in the world when it comes to advertising 15
  16. 16. what impacts an ad’s ability to travel? Cultural Differences Brand Heritage in each market 16
  17. 17. four key factors affect advertising transference  stage of category development  brand stature and meaning  media exposure and advertising diet main contributors in 70% of cases where an ad fails to travel  cultural factors 17
  18. 18. stage of category development can influence how consumers respond to advertising a number of categories are evolving rapidly… …and this affects consumer expectations from brands and advertising fairness/ fade creams anti-ageing fairness+ sun protection+ blemish removal serumsbb creams skin care 18
  19. 19. differences in brand stature can affect brand perception and expectations from advertising brand status can vary significantly by market… clusters by brand strength for global deodorant brand cluster 3 chile, france, italy, japan, thailand cluster 2: argentina, australia, germany, turkey, uk cluster 1: brazil, mexico, poland, south africa, usa usa brazil south africa poland argentina australia uk germany turkey chile france italy thailand japan mexico 19
  20. 20. advertising diet and media exposure can also affect response to advertising a recent regulation in china that bans ads during dramas and movies on tv and imposes restrictions on ad length… is leading to ads such as this on tv… …and this on the internet wrigleys extra ‘sweet, sour, bitter, spicy’ nivea ‘gangnam style’ 20
  21. 21. a simple travel checklist for advertising • stage of category development o are the category offerings similar? o does the message differentiate you from competitors? • brand stature and meaning o is your brand in a similar life stage? o does your brand have the same positioning? • advertising and media environment o are there differences in media context? (e.g. ad length) o is the advertising context similar? • cultural response to advertising o does the consumer insight hold true across these markets? o do these markets fall into the same advertising clusters? mkt 1 mkt 2 mkt 3 21
  22. 22. one size fits many? a d v e r t i s i n g b e y o n d b o r d e r s special thanks to e cummings For further information please contact: SHIV MOULEE Chief Solutions Officer Africa & Middle East & Asia Pacific Millward Brown Cell +6591299487 Email: