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Enterprise Beacon Object Hive - Siebel Version Control
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Enterprise Beacon Object Hive - Siebel Version Control


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Siebel Version Control Object Based (non file based) …

Siebel Version Control Object Based (non file based)
Exaready certified
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  • 1. Object Hive Siebel Version Control Enterprise Beacon, Inc.
  • 2. Why Version Control? • Siebel developers continuously make changes to Siebel objects • The smallest changes often introduce new defects • The quickest way of finding these defects is by inspecting the recent changes • These problems get compounded with multiple developers that are geographical spread out teams
  • 3. Cost of fixing defects The cost of fixing defects increases exponentially with every delay
  • 4. Why Version Control? … • When employees, consultants and system integrators leave so does the knowledge of the changes made by them • Developers forget the changes made by them as time passes • Without proper version control business runs the risk running into catastrophic production defects that can not be fixed in time or not at all
  • 5. Siebel Version Control State of the mart • Siebel repository offers Check-in/Check-out but does not keep the version history of the objects modified – Siebel check-ins OVERWRITE the previous version of the object – There is no way to find out a objects state in a previous version – The developer only has to debug based on the current state • Support for file based version control systems – SVN, CVS, Perforce, ClearCase, SourceSafe
  • 6. Siebel to SVN/CVS integration .srcctrl.bat .srcctrl.bat .srcctrl.bat
  • 7. SVN/CVS challenges • Is built for Versioning files not objects that Siebel is made off • Does not integrate seamlessly with Siebel – srcctrl.bat files have to be placed in Siebel tools (Client side integration as opposed to Siebel repository) • Check-ins are not atomic – Failure to check-in in SVN does not prevent check-in to Siebel repository and vice a versa • Hard to query - Files are checked based on project vs object check-in • Hard to Maintain – SVN usernames and password have to be administered and
  • 8. Siebel Tools UI is suited for Siebel's objects -easy to query and navigate Siebel Objects -comfort zone of the Siebel developer
  • 9. In SVN/CVS developers have to comb through XML tags and diff XML files No easy to navigate or query like Siebel tools Hard to find right sif (object vs project changes)
  • 10. As a result SVN/CVS is rarely implemented and even rarely adopted vs.
  • 11. Object Hive Deployment
  • 12. Object Hive State of the Art • Uses a db repository and structure similar to Siebel Repository instead of a file based repository makes it easy to query • Server based solution – Changes are captured directly from Siebel server repository – Versioned objects are created in Object Hive repository – No deployment necessary on individual developers tools – Query and compare objects using UI similar to Siebel Diff – Powerful analytics – Does not require additional user admin, users are authenticated against Siebel db • UI similar to Siebel Tools
  • 13. Object Hive Architecture
  • 14. Familiar UI
  • 15. with familiar features
  • 16. Powerful Repository Analytics provides insight into Siebel development A feature not possible with Siebel tools or SVN/CVS Sample report for user GKING shows all Integration Objects customized by the user And how many times each object was modified by the user and new features!
  • 17. Sample report for Integration Object ‘getJobInfo’ IO
  • 18. User Experience Hard to use and query Rich UI, and easy to query Integration with Siebel repository None Seamless Reporting None Bar/Pie/Time line Charts Authentication None Same as Siebel Comparing objects XML diff GUI Tree Diff SVN/CVS Object Hive Comparison of SVN/CVS and Object Hive
  • 19. ROI • Developers can quickly pin point changes that introduce bugs. Save hours and days – Tools pays for itself in reduced debugging time • Lead developers can track changes introduced by developers. Pre-empt bugs. • Managers powerful analytics, track the development accurately. Compliance. Admin keep track of changes reduce migration headaches and manage parallel development reduces risk of untraceable changes
  • 20. System Requirements • SQL Server – Object Hive db needs to be on the same database server as the Siebel server • Oracle – Object Hive needs a db link to the repository db. • Runs on any platform (Windows or Linux) and most browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari)
  • 21. Certifications for Object Hive 1.1
  • 22. Are you?
  • 23. Try it now! 1) Register on our site 2) Launch a test drive 3) Connect using Remote Desktop Client 4) Try Object Hive free for 30 days with Labs Demo