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Spigit Icon is a quick, easy, free way to get answers to questions from your crowd. Designed for business, you can setup a free, private, public or invite-only site in minutes. Got Yammer? Your crowd can use their Yammer credentials to login to Icon. Try it now! Enterprise Q&A that helps everyone at work make better, more informed business decisions.

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Spigit Icon - Crowdsourcing Q&A app for business

  1. 1. You have Questions. The Crowd has Answers. You’vebuiltyour crowdonYammer. NowactivateitwithIcon! • Company-wide crowdsourcing for employees or with customers and partners • Crowdsource ideas and make sure each idea gets its day in the sun • Pairwise voting that’s pure genius so the crowd surfaces the best answers Icon is a crowdsourcing app to get answers that drive better business decisions. How do we guarantee better reception on our new phone? Make the protective cover an extended antenna Earbuds become an extended antenna Vote Vote Vs beabetterleaderMore informed leaders make better decisions • Inspire action by starting a challenge • Listen to your employees and customers • Get real-time reactions on any subject • Give everyone a say in the big picture • Create alignment with the final decision 1 CEO Steve Johannsen All Company Asked a question in Icon: “What should our top 5 strategic priorities be for next year?” Like ∙ Reply ∙ Share ∙ More ∙ 3 minutes ago ACTIVITY STREAM Ben created an Answer Double down on our products for healthcare on Icon Ariane created an Answer Expand in LatAm and Asia on Icon Jenn started voting on What should our top 5… on Icon Makebetterdecisions 2Decisions people make directly impact the bottom line • Base decisions on information that’s current, not stale. • Get real-time knowledge from experts • Use Icon’s pairwise voting to surface top ideas • Close the loop by communicating the final decision • Use Icon to get input from customers and partners Reduce phone packaging by 60% - better margins and eco-friendlyby Jenn timeismoney 3You need answers and you need them now • Add the dimension of time to social • Immediate help on issues • Time-critical information to close a deal • What’s on people’s mind now • Rally people to action on a timeline $ 4 1 FocusonwhatmattersDon’t cloud your radar • Cut though the noise and surface important information • Game dynamics and social algorithms so the crowd can pick winning answers • Concentrate on the top ideas that people who know best have voted up. • Icon helps you identify people who are the most engaged • Purpose-driven collaboration in your social network. Rushing to Profit! How do we reduce costs in Q2? Top Answers Replace wasteful travel with web conferencing by George Make the profit gap visible to everyone by Jenn Consolidate vendors and negotiate better discounts by Kat 2 3 TransformWork 5An innovation culture where everyone drives growth • Improve decision making throughout your business • People are more engaged when they’re being heard • Get alignment - from the core to the remote edge of the organization • Crowdsourcing will transform your business processes - the very way you work • Icon gives you that edge to innovate faster than the competition Crowdsourcing app for your company to get answers that drive better business decisions Leading social innovation platform for the enterprise BENEFITS: • Get new ideas and give them an equal chance • Pairwise voting that’s pure genius so the crowd surfaces the best answer • Enable better leaders and more informed decisions Spigit solutions powerover 1500leading brands *integrates with Yammer and SharePoint icon.spigit.com spigit.com BENEFITS: • Invent disruptive new products and services • Increase employee engagement and customer loyalty • Make innovation a predictable business process • Reduce costs through process innovation FREEINYAMMER APPdirectory 1-925-297-2600 info@spigit.com www.spigit.com icon.spigit.com