2014 Digital Marketing Trends


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In 2013, searchers evolved the way they sought information on the Internet, and towards the end of the year, search engines released their updates to better meet modern queries such as voice and conversational search. In 2014, we will clearly be able to see the effects of these new ranking methods. Social outreach, conversational intent, authority of the site, relevancy of the content to query and overall content quality will significantly impact the way your websites perform.

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  • To make a product or an service with more demand, it must have to have a proper promotional strategy. So this layout provides a clear outlook on what are all the significant digital marketing trends and tools to be needed to accomplish the competitive market.
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  • 2014 Digital Marketing Trends

    1. 1. 2014 Digital Marketing Trends
    2. 2. Panelists  Presenters Benu Aggarwal Founder & President Milestone Internet Marketing Kchitiz Regmi VP, Operations and Technology Milestone Internet Marketing  Moderator Mike Supple Director of Social Media Milestone Internet Marketing 2 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    3. 3. Milestone at a Glance Drive online revenue and profitability for our clients Digital marketing software and services for hospitality Silicon Valley ~ Chicago ~ India ~ 150 employees ~1400 hotels 3 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    4. 4. 2014 Top Digital Marketing Trends 1. Relevant & engaging conversational content User Experience 2. Impact of social media on SEO 6. Paid search evolution of new channels & platforms 7. Meta search 3. Mobile experience & responsive site design 8. Schema & semantic search 9. Website architecture conversion secrets 4. Google local, Bing local & hyperlocal 5. Identifying quality citations & links 10. Analytics & tracking 4 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    5. 5. Relevant & Engaging Conversational Content
    6. 6. Relevant & Engaging Content Pushes Higher Conversions  Content which provides value to user  Give answers to searchers’ questions  Provide fresh solutions for searchers’ problems  User really enjoy reading it and they bookmark it and share it Why thin content is not good?  Low quality content  Results in low engagement  Low sharing  No value  Bounce rate is high 6 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    7. 7. Website Content – Ready for Hummingbird Before Need directions – open Google maps, type address, get directions Hummingbird Now and Future Give me directions to Hyatt Regency Santa Clara  Google’s newest search engine algorithm update focuses on:  Voice search  Conversational search or natural language search  Knowledge graph and schemas  High-quality website content will provide answers to users’ queries by understanding the intent 7 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    8. 8. Relevant Content Pushes Higher Conversions Content goals: communicate, engage, and compel Use Foursquare tips in website content Relevant 8 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    9. 9. Creating Fresh Content on an Ongoing Basis Local Events Local News Trends/Seasonality Tips Content Reviews Use tools to research destination content Promote via other channels: Google+ Page Yelp MediaConnect360 Brand website www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com 9 @milestonemktg
    10. 10. Impact of Social Media on SEO
    11. 11. How Social Media Impacts Business Influence on Search Results “If something occurs on Twitter or occurs on Facebook and we're able to crawl it, then we can return that in our search results” – Matt Cutts, Search Quality Group, Google (22 Jan 2014) 1.15 billion users Define Brand Personality 540 million users 6 billion hours viewed/mo Customer Service Build Semantic & Longtailed Relevancy 225 million users Share Compelling Media Impact Purchase Decisions 11 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    12. 12. From Social to Conversion •Facebook •Twitter •Flickr •YouTube •Foursquare •Google+ •Pinterest Social: Travel Inspiration Blog Website Conversions Source: “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase,” http://www.google.com/think/tools/customer-journey-to-online-purchase.html, July 2013 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com 12 @milestonemktg
    13. 13. Brand vs Local Promotion 13 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    14. 14. Local Level 14 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    15. 15. Impact of Social on Search 15 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    16. 16. Measuring Impact Website Referrals Social Conversions Individual ChannelAnalysis Competitive Performance Monitoring Key Metrics  Competitive analysis  Referrals to website  Individual channel performance  Conversions and assisted conversions 16 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    17. 17. Mobile Experience & Responsive Site Design
    18. 18. Understand User Intent  Desktop User  Office hours  Research about property, specials, events, reviews and detailed information  Tablet User  Evening hours  Looking for visual content about property and destination  Mobile User  Lunch breaks/Starbucks  Looking for property location, maps and directions, click to call reservations, local area guide 18 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    19. 19. Robust Mobile Strategy – Which One is Right for You? Comprehensive Responsive  Same URL with two options Same Content Different Content  Different elements based on device type  Server side content optimization to reduce download time Separate Mobile  Different URL  Different layout  Different content for desktop and different for mobile  Integrated with CMS and analytics 19 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    20. 20. Responsive Websites – Desktop, Mobile, Tablet Versions DESKTOP SITE TABLET SITE MOBILE SITE  New Gestures  Jquery Swiping (photo gallery)  Pixel Width of average finger 20 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    21. 21. Google Local, Bing Local & Hyperlocal
    22. 22. Intangible ROI  Can you define ROI for the following: vacuuming the room, utility bills, friendly staff, etc?  Ensuring your UNAP is correct is the same idea – if UNAP is wrong, people can’t find you. 22 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    23. 23. Where is is Local? – All Channels Where Local? – All Channels Bing Local Google+ Local IYPs Yahoo Local Local Search Internet Yellow Pages Maps Local Citations Hyperlocal Travel Sites UGC  73% of all online activity is related to local content.  Hotel searches are inherently local in nature. www.milestoneinternet.com 23 blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    24. 24. Top Factors Impacting Local Signals  Optimizing local profiles on Google+, Bing Local, Yahoo Local  IYPs and Data aggregator: NAP consistency, citation volume  Social and Hyper-local Signals: Google +, Facebook likes, Mobile Click to calls  Removal of all duplicate listings Personalization Behavioral/ Mobile Places Page Social Review External Loc.  On-page local optimization  Quality & quantity of reviews Link On-page http://moz.com/local-search-ranking-factors Survey by David Mihm 24 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    25. 25. Naptune Local Search and UNAP Consistency Tool 25 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    26. 26. Optimizing Google+ Local Presence  Merged and verified  Correct UNAP and contact information  Optimized images for profile, cover and of property  Accurate map marker location  Correct categories  Optimized content  Overall review score  Key review takeaways  Get custom URL:+HyattEscalaLodge 26 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    27. 27. Optimizing Apple Maps Listing (Apple iOS6)  Milestone is editing Yelp, Factual, OpenStreet, Acxiom and Localeze to ensure accurate listing Before: After: Phone Number is Incorrect 27 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    28. 28. Identifying Quality Citations & Links
    29. 29. Links – Quality and Authority Datafeeds/ IYPs Local Profiles on Search Engines Quality Local Links Social Signals Freshness Signals Trust Signals Local/PR News Editorial Content Vertical Directories 29 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    30. 30. Qualifying Relevant Local/Niche Citations and Links 30 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    31. 31. How Do You Qualify a Partner?  Page Authority  Domain Authority  Page Rank  CTA Feature  Engagement  Photos  Eco Connection 31 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    32. 32. Measure ROI – Groups & Meetings Critical: Ensure you can measure conversion from these channels! (phone calls, RFP’s, actual bookings) 32 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    33. 33. Paid Search - Evolution of New Channels & Platforms
    34. 34. Digital Media Advertising Opportunities PPC DISPLAY SOCIAL META $ 34 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    35. 35. Channels to Achieve Your Goals Visibility & Branding $ Conversions & Revenue 35 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    36. 36. Mobile Ads Benefits  Low competition  Target Local destinations  Higher click-throughrate  Higher average position  Lower cost per conversion Destination Resort in Florida - 2OX ROI Average -14X ROI 36 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    37. 37. Improve Conversions 1. Images 2. Call extension 3. Sitelinks 1 4. Call-to-action 5. Remarketing – banner ads 2 4 5 3 37 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    38. 38. Display Advertising  How it works?  Create compelling image ads for targeted channels  Target relevant market using: remarketing, display select, GDN & betas, DSP’s, media placements  Can run text, image, animated image & video  Rotate multiple banner sizes  Benefits 3-star Hotel in Orlando 5X ROI Average: 3X-8X ROI  Increases brand awareness  Generates direct bookings  Target users who visited the site  Google Display Network (GDN) reaches 80% of global Internet users 38 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    39. 39. Meta Search
    40. 40. Meta Search – Show Rates Direct  How it works?  Provide rates for check-in/out searches for property and hotel geo searches  Compare pricing and availability on Trip Advisor, Google Hotel Finder,  Organic results in Google/Bing (coming soon Trivago & Kayak)  Benefits  Book direct, increase profitability and revenue (avoid competitor ads on OTA sites) 40 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    41. 41. Hotel Meta – Google Hotel Finder 41 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    42. 42. Schema & Semantic Search Give search engines what they want in the format they want.
    43. 43. Schema’s Gives desired information to search engine in the format they want Keyword = [Hotel in Bangkok near Airport ] Keyword = [Organization + Region + Nearby]  Organization-name: Ramada Hotel & Suites Bangkok  adr: street-address: 22 Sukhumvit Soi 12  locality: Klongtoey  region: Bangkok  NearBy: Suvarnabhumi Airport 43 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    44. 44. How to Look for Relevant Schemas? 1. http://schema.org/GolfCourse 2. http://schema.org/Park 3. http://schema.org/ShoppingCenter 4. http://schema.org/StadiumOrArena 5. http://schema.org/Museum 6. http://schema.org/Airport 7. http://schema.org/Aquarium 8. http://schema.org/CollegeOrUniversity 9. http://schema.org/Casino 10. http://schema.org/Zoo 11. http://schema.org/Beach 12. http://schema.org/Restaurant 13. http://schema.org/SkiResort 14. http://schema.org/Hospital 15. http://schema.org/SportsActivityLocation 44 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    45. 45. Schema Hypertree 45 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    46. 46. Setting Online Marketing Strategy Emulate the offline business drivers in the online world – becoming the online Director of Sales Community Social • • • Weddings Reunions Religious • • • Universities Hospitals Stadiums Conventions and meetings • • • Corporate retreats Conferences Tradeshows Attractions (leisure) • • • Local and regional factors Theme parks Getaways Museums • • Activities (leisure) • • • Skiing Wine tours Golf Hotel in city Hotel in region Specific needs Events • • • Festivals Concerts Sports events • • • Pet-friendly Park and fly Bed and breakfasts 46 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    47. 47. Case Study – Google Webmaster Indexed Pages Jumps Site live – March 19, 2013 www.milestoneinternet.com 47 blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    48. 48. Website Architecture Conversion Secrets
    49. 49. Architecture Impact on Search Engines Speed & Performance Relevant, Fresh and Engaging Content Optimized for Search and Visitors Crawlability Usability and Conversions 49 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    50. 50. Speed & Performance Minimize HTTP requests ( Reduce number of requests going to the server to improve page performance) Minify JS & CSS (Source code on page should be kept minimum to reduce download time) Optimized images (Reducing size of images reduces load time and increase page load speed) GZIP components (Gzipping files reducing the size of the files sent from your server, reducing sizes of pages by up to 70%) Just one second delay in page-load can cause 7% loss in customer conversions! 50 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    51. 51. Crawlability HTML HTML validation performed on W3C to make sure page complies with HTML standards and helps cross-browser, crossplatform and future compatibility < > CSS CSS validation to ensure no errors found in style sheets and all browsers aim towards compliance with the existing standards Link checker to ensure no broken links on pages and all links are properly working Canonical tags to avoid duplicate content issues and penalties xml Sitemap XML for website & images submitted to Google Webmaster 51 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    52. 52. Milestone Client Site HTML validation CSS validation Link checker Sitemap submission 52 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    53. 53. Relevant Fresh Engaging Content meta Schemas for semantic web is micro data and rich snippets that help search engines index the most critical data quickly and help improve clickthrough rates Optimized meta tags are structured tags that go in page head section so the browser can understand it <h1> Heading tags – H1, H2, H3 are present in body content Photos, images and map optimized and indexed for image and map search 53 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    54. 54. Milestone Client Site Meta tags Schema for address Schema for reviews H1 H2 54 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    55. 55. Usability & Conversion Content is above the fold for better conversion Sophisticated designs on client branding, positioning, and target market segment Eye tracking studies to determine how people spend time on site 404 Usability testing to understand information flow, conversion items 404 error pages for user to easily find pages Cross browser testing to make sure site is viewed properly on all browsers and devices 55 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    56. 56. Milestone Client Site Information Architecture Usability Colors Images Legibility / Eyetracking Backend 404 error page Content is above fold Eye tracking studies 56 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    57. 57. Analytics & Tracking
    58. 58. Your ROI Tracking Plan 1. Define your business objectives! 2. Identify channels 3. Know soft and hard conversion metrics 4. Know overlapping channels 5. Know demographic of your customers and user behavior when they land on your site 58 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    59. 59. Business Objectives & Channels  Increase long tail, unbranded, leisure, transient, family travel  All main search engines, referral traffic from most popular travel based directories, social channels to create engagements 1 2 3 59 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    60. 60. Demographic Tracking  Demographic tracking offers insights to who is visiting a website  Since keyword report shows 90% “not provided,” demographic tracking fills that gap perfectly 60 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    61. 61. Key Takeaways
    62. 62. Key 2014 Digital Marketing Trends User experience Search is more conversational & personal • Content, information on websites, engagement, download speed, etc. • Hummingbird (conversational search), Knowledge Graph, schemas, personal preferences, click through patterns, etc. More channels for reaching consumers • Google Hotel Finder, many more paid search options within Google, OTA meta search, Apple Maps, Bing/Nokia Maps, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. Mobile first! Social engagement and reviews 62 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg