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Top 2012 Trends in Online Marketing - Milestone Internet Marketing

Top 2012 Trends in Online Marketing - Milestone Internet Marketing



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As online search continues to rapidly evolve to incorporate organic, social, and paid search, Milestone’s panelists will discuss the changes in-depth and describe what these changes mean for the future of online marketing. Topics will include Google’s Penguin update, warning signs of ‘over-optimization’, opportunities in Google+, the importance of microdata, paid search remarketing, and display advertising.



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    Top 2012 Trends in Online Marketing - Milestone Internet Marketing Top 2012 Trends in Online Marketing - Milestone Internet Marketing Presentation Transcript

    • Top 2012 Trends inOnline MarketingWebinar seriesJune 6, 2012 Milestone Confidential
    • Panelists Presenters Meagan Hasenoehrl Sr. E-Strategist, Organic Team Milestone Internet Marketing Yasmin Davila Sr. E-Strategist, PPC Team Milestone Internet Marketing Cassie Vignieri Sr. E-Strategist, Social Media Team Milestone Internet Marketing Moderator Nelson Toriano Sr. E-Strategist Milestone Internet Marketing Milestone Confidential 2 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Agenda Organic search  Google‟s semantic search  Microdata/Schema  Google‟s Penguin Update Paid search  Display advertising  Remarketing Social media  Convergence of social and local  Rise of image-based social sharing Milestone Confidential 3 @milestonemktg www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Organic Milestone Confidential
    • Agenda What‟s New in Organic Search?  Semantic Search  Micro Data / Rich Snippets  Penguin Update Milestone Confidential 5 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Semantic Search Milestone Confidential
    • Google Adding Semantic Technology to Keyword Search Milestone Confidential 7 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Google Gives Search a Refresh  Keyword Search  Determines the importance of websites based on words it contains, links to those sites and dozens others  Factors in person searching, such as location and time  Semantic Search  Refers to the process of• Qualitative, fresh and relevant content understanding the actual• Results based on people intent meaning of words• Information arranged in organized  Can differentiate between fashion (SCHEMA) words with more and one• Increased engagement, credibility meaning, such as the car• Fast download time brand „Jaguar‟ and the animal „jaguar‟. Milestone Confidential 8 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Semantic Search and SEO How to incorporate semantic search?  Beyond keywords placement  Create natural content around relevant keywords  Incorporate content based on user sentiments  Add contextual phrases  Cuisine types  Setting i.e. waterfront, etc.  Occasions people dine there for, etc. Milestone Confidential 9 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Micro Data Milestone Confidential
    • What is Micro Data/Rich Snippets? The few lines of text that appear under every search result Designed to give users a sense for what‟s on the page and why it‟s relevant to their query Milestone Confidential 11 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • What Does Micro Data Look Like? Milestone Confidential 12 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Micro Data: Where is it Applied?Types of Microdata: Business Information Review Maps Images Packages Bread Crumbs Milestone Confidential 13 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Penguin Update Milestone Confidential
    • Google‟s Penguin Update Fight against Web Spam  Keyword stuffing  Link schemes  Cloaking, “sneaky” redirects or “doorway” pages  Purposeful duplicate content White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO  focus on creating high quality sites that create a good user experience Milestone Confidential 15 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Google‟s Penguin Update  Is your site relevant and user friendly?  Site speed  Bounce rate  Time spent and page views  Quality back links  Fresh content  Multimedia content: Images and Videos  Social relevancy  Over optimization penalties Milestone Confidential 16 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Key Takeaways Use search engine best practices for linkbuilding and optimization Provide your guest with useful and relevant information Make it easy for the search engines to attain by using rich snippets Make sure your content is qualitative, fresh and relevant Review user sentiment: Trip Advisor, Fodor‟s Forum, Yelp Add information about unique selling points guests already love about your property and hot topics Milestone Confidential 17 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • PPC Milestone Confidential
    • Agenda Display Advertising Remarketing Resources & Additional Reading Milestone Confidential 19 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Display Advertising Milestone Confidential
    • Overview Why display advertising? How to be successful How to optimize Milestone Confidential 21 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Why Display Advertising? Generate Awareness  Create all types of ads - text, image, interactive and video ads Increase Sales  Place those ads on websites that are relevant to what youre selling  Targeted ads to the people that are likely to convert Drive Loyalty  Retargeting  Manage and track your budget, campaigns and results as you go Milestone Confidential 22 Source: http://www.google.com/ads/displaynetwork/index.html www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Why Display Advertising? Display Search 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016Display advertising is on pace to nearly triple in 2016 to $27 billon in ad spend. Milestone Confidential 23 Source:. http://searchengineland.com/search-vs-display- which-will-come-out-on-top-in-2012-101993 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • How to be Successful Campaign Structure  Specific adgroups  Easy to manage  Easy to adjust Targeting  Select specific placements  Test topic targeting  Exclude placements Milestone Confidential 24 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • How to be Successful Multiple Ad Sizes  Monitor Ad Performance  Maximum reach  Evaluate your ads  Understand type of user performance and placements  Tell user what type of action to  Test Google Conversion take tracking  Maintain a high quality ad campaign for best visibility Bidding  Monitor CPCs and CPAs  Ensure ads get best visibility possible Milestone Confidential 25 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • How to Optimize Landing Pages  Highlight exact deal or promotion  Easy to navigate  Clear call to action Targeting  Geo-targeting  Add placements and exclusions Refresh ads Milestone Confidential 26 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Remarketing Milestone Confidential
    • Overview Why remarketing? How it works How to be successful How to optimize Milestone Confidential 28 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Why Remarketing? Re-engage with your target audience Awareness  Ability to track where users drop off to understand behavior Increase ROI Action Remarketing Interest  Ability to bring lost visitors to convert  Manage and track your budget, campaigns and results as you go Desire Easy ad creation Milestone Confidential 29 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • How It Works Place code on your site – to drop a cookie on users computer Ad is shown on display network websites when cookie is found No personal identifiable data is stored or recorded Milestone Confidential 30 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • How to be Successful Identify Your Audience  Images are Worth a  Specific page Thousand Words  Add an item to shopping cart but didn‟t convert  Users who completed a  Constantly test purchase 2 months ago  Don‟t set it and forget it! Custom Ads  Remind user why your better than competition  Include a call to action  Try different messages  Show product or photo the user viewed Milestone Confidential 31 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • How to Optimize Start with a broad approach and become more granular Landing Pages  Clear call to action Test various ads Schedule retargeting efforts at specific intervals Create custom combinations to further segment your audience Milestone Confidential 32 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Resources/Additional Reading Online:  Google Adwords Help  PPC Hero‟s Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords Quality Score  Mashable  Search Engine Watch  Search Engine News  Milestone Insights Blog Milestone Confidential 33 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Social Media Milestone Confidential
    • Convergence of SocialMedia and Local Results Milestone Confidential
    • What is Google+ Local? New look for Google Places  Combining Places and Google+ to make local a more social experience Integrates Zagat‟s 30-point scoring system Get recommendations based on location, circles and your past reviews Reviews from people in your circles are highlighted = increase trust factor Deeper visual experience with location photos Milestone Confidential 36 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Google+ Local and Hotels Search meetssocial and local personalization head on Milestone Confidential 37 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Old vs. New No more 5 star ratings – now 0 to 3 Emphasis on images – more impactful to the user Ability for user to book (through OTAs) Socialize as the property – keep listings fresh and engaging Milestone Confidential 38 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Bing‟s Personalization of Search Results Milestone Confidential 39 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Key TakeawaysSearch algorithms are constantly evolving  Traditional ranking methods still weigh heavily  Google and Bing are continuing to add social signals to their algorithmsBusinesses should embrace change  Playing ball with the search engines ensures visibility across platformsBuild consistency across marketing channels  Embrace the convergence of different channels by which users seek information Milestone Confidential 40 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Rise of Image-basedSocial Sharing Milestone Confidential
    • Image Sharing is Popular Photos on Facebook generate up to 180% more engagement than the average post1 Over 300 million photos are shared per day on Facebook2 Virtual pinboard site Pinterest is the fastest site in history to break the 10 million unique visitor mark3 Facebook recently bought mobile photo-sharing site Source: Google Trends Instagram for $1 billion4 Google searches for 1 https://www.facebook.com/business/fmc/guides/bestpractices 2 http://newsroom.fb.com/content/default.aspx?NewsAreaId=22 infographics have increased 3 http://www.business2community.com/social-media/the-rise- several hundred percent over and-growth-of-visual-social-networking-0169161 the last few years 4 http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2012/04/09/facebook-buys- instagram-for-1-billion/ Milestone Confidential 42 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Pinterest and Instagram“Images are the new black in social media” –ideahatching.com Pinterest Instagram 18.7 million unique visitors  40 million users (May 2012) (Mar 2012)1  Most successful mobile Enormous amount of photo platform engagement  Integration into Facebook Visually compelling  Allows users to show their Significant amount of own creativity about your conversation around travel property Simple for users to share your impressive photography 1 “Marketers Find a Friend in Pinterest” New York Times 17 Apr 2012 Milestone Confidential 43 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Should You Be On Them? InstagramPinterest  Platform: mobile only  Platform: web and  Primary use: individuals mobile sharing original photos  Primary use: sharing and commenting  Business case: on existing content  Build brand awareness  Drive foot traffic Business case:  Incorporate into Twitter  Build brand #hashtag and tagging awareness strategies  Images can drive  Not a direct conversion traffic to specific channel URLs  Not a direct conversion channel Milestone Confidential 44 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Encourage Sharing Provide users with the compelling opportunity to share your content (in a way that is in your best interest) Milestone Confidential 45 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Key TakeawaysSocial sharing of images is experiencing rapid growthThe biggest investment piece is creating original and compelling imageryMaintain SEO best practices to enhance media value across multiple channelsSet specific and realistic measurement goals before spending significant amounts of time and resources on new channels Milestone Confidential 46 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg
    • Thank You! Questions or Comments? Feedback? Input on future webinar topics? Visit our blog: http://blog.milestoneinternet.com Recap and slides from this webinar: http://bit.ly/M9Pgsq Product questions: sales@milestoneinternet.com Milestone Confidential 47 www.milestoneinternet.com blog.milestoneinternet.com @milestonemktg