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Top 10 Internet Marketing Resolutions for 2012
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Top 10 Internet Marketing Resolutions for 2012


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2011 has been a year of several industry wide changes search engines have made frequently for updating their algorithms to serve the best …

2011 has been a year of several industry wide changes search engines have made frequently for updating their algorithms to serve the best
possible results to their users. As an online marketer, staying on top of all the latest changes can sometimes be a daunting task. The key to
being relevant is creating content across all channels that serves the best interest of your customers. These ten tips give a strategic path to
ensure your marketing efforts have the best possible ROI throughout 2012.

Published in: Technology

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  • Can we add snippet for secondary site Show rich snippet pictRich Snippet is google way to index most critical and time sensitive information on your site faster. User can achieve rich SERPs by providing certain information on your site such as address, phone numbers, reviews, events etc in the desired format . -image for address
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  • Show local, directories, IYPs, New Sites, etc.. Chart from the book and Show handy list and UNAP audit
  • Show local, directories, IYPs, New Sites, etc.. Chart from the book and Show handy list and UNAP audit
  • Proposed Changes for CMS Moderation / Preview Module Update in site map when ever we update pages 404 page friendly to search Template backend and front end change -Change Template structure – title, Hi, H2, image names, anchors, - search friendly - add hcard for footer - Add place for social icons Clean up footer and layout -Clean out layout for local favorite - Page for video and maps
  • Social Media Marketing Plan. This plan should include crucial information such as: which channels you will be targeting and why; what are the goals you are trying to achieve; who is your target audience; what type of content you will need to generate to connect with this target audience; etc.
  • Show local, directories, IYPs, New Sites, etc.. Chart from the book and Show handy list and UNAP audit
  • Show local, directories, IYPs, New Sites, etc.. Chart from the book and Show handy list and UNAP audit
  • Han please show Deals, Offers, Coupons, Contest – Site coupons, Google Coupon, living social, mobile coupons,
  • Show local, directories, IYPs, New Sites, etc.. Chart from the book and Show handy list and UNAP audit
  • Need to show blog, video, panaromio,flickr, picasa – images, you tube, your site, Maps etc..
  • Add Twitter handle and blog feed
  • Transcript

    • 1. Top 10 Marketing Resolutions for Hotels in 2012 Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc 11 January 2012
    • 2. Panelists Moderator Mike Supple Sr. Social Media Manager Milestone Internet Marketing Presenter Benu Aggarwal Founder and President Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc2 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 3. Top 10 2012 1. Site/Content Freshness 2. User Experience and Site Usability 3. Using Mobile Effectively 4. Leveraging Hyperlocal Channels 5. List of Most Valuable Local Citations/Links & UNAP Audit 6. Cross Channel Optimization 7. Social Media Marketing Plan 8. UGC – Rating and Reviews 9. Deals, Offers, Coupons, Contest 10. Google+, Blogs, Maps, Video, Image Search3 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 4. 1 Site/Content Freshness
    • 5. Site/Content Freshness, Relevancy Google Caffeine Update What is the Google „Caffeine‟ Update? The “Caffeine” update, was a major algorithm update initiated by Google in 2010. Referred to as the “freshness” algorithm. Massively increasing page indexing speed What‟s new, hot, recent and relevant.5 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 6. Google Panda Update What is the Google „Panda‟ Update? The “Panda” update (“Farmer”), is a major algorithm update initiated by Google in 2011. It is a filter that detects low quality pages from a “user experience/happiness” perspective. It views websites from a quality and user benefit perspective. Strives to emulate human perception, behavior and overall experience inside an algorithm.6 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 7. Key Highlights of Panda Update 1. Panda update main goal – Improve quality of search results 2. Positive impact of Panda on high quality websites 3. According to search engines - what is a high quality site? 4. Quality of content is critical Does it provide value to the user? Is it trustworthy? Is the source an authority? Trust is because of reviews, links and social signals Is the content shallow or rich? (fresh content, engaging content) 5. Content relevance to the topic or search query must be very high 6. Originality of content is important: no duplication, redundancy or similarity of content 7. Is the content engaging and interesting? Does it have shareability factor? 8. Content vs. ads/banner ratio should be high *Source: Amit Singhal, Google Blog and heads Google’s core search quality department.7 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 8. How search engine determine website freshness score?  Based on when crawler discovered your new page  How much content is changed?  How frequently pages are changed and added?  What is getting changed – main content or ads (banners)  Natural link growth. Link from sites having higher freshness score (News Site)  Changes in anchor text  Changes in visitors behavior (bounce rate) MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL
    • 9. Evolution of Search - Where is Search Today? If a parent can tell their child to go learn something from a website, that’s what Google considers to be the best site  Freshness of Content – Website Freshness Score (Caffeine & Panda update)  Semantic Indexing – (Schema,org, HTML5)  Overall Download Speed – How easy it is to get to?  Onpage – Focused and Quality Content, Page which satisfies user intent and follows SEO friendly site architecture  Onpage analytics – What is the searcher behavior when they land on the page?  Content – Useful/ relevant content which is comprehensive, highly satisfying, authoritative, entertaining, and recent (such as breaking news on a topic)  Offpage – Trust, Authoritative & Quality Links, Social Signals, Consistent UNAP  Overall Goal – Better Search Experience9 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 10. Few Ways to Improve Freshness Score of Your Site Contests Blogs Special Offers Reviews with UGC Things to News Do with Room UGC Website Integrate Polling Feature Freshness Social Score Profiles10 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 11. 2 User Experience and Site Usability
    • 12. Site Usability Life Cycle Page Speed by Google Rich Snippets/Semantic 100% Yslow by Yahoo! Information Architecture Tags Colors Usability Browser/Device Images Google Analytics Compatibility 50% Legibility / Eyetracking Backend Webmaster Tools Download Time 0% Visitor Behavior/Bounce Rate12 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 13. Site Architecture and Search Engine Crawl Ability 1 Download Time 3 Sitemap Feed for Search Engines 4 CSS 3 Validation 2 Tools to Check Site 5 HTML 5 Validation 3 Performance13 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 14. Rich Snippets for Reviews, Address and Events Rich Snippet – Semantic Indexing Rich Snippet is Google’s way of indexing most critical and time sensitive information on a website faster User can achieve rich SERPs by providing certain information on the site such as address, phone numbers, reviews, events, videos etc in the rich snippet format Helps user get relevant / real-time information quickly Site is indexed faster by Google Reviews Address Events14 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 15. Site Download Speed Site Speed Post-Panda Update, Site Download Speed is now an important ranking factor. This tool provides the ability to implement page improvements based on specific data provided. Google Analytics: (New Version) Standard Reporting > CONTENT > Site Speed15 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 16. Ultimate Heat Map – People Looking for Content16 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 17. Superfluous Images Users are ignoring the large graphic images and focusing on site navigation and text. Nielsen, J. and Pernice, K. (2010). Eyetracking Web Usability. Berkeley, CA: New Riders. Page 198.17 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 18. Layout Evolution of a site design and site live – example of how a design can evolve into something that‟s get‟s out of control with additions of page elements MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 19. Visitor Behavior - Bounce Rate Visitor Flow Visitor Flow A visualization of visitor‟s path that illustrate a visitor navigation activities and drop off point of their site visit Google Analytics: (New Version) Standard Reporting > VISITORS > Visitors Flow Official Google Statement on what Goal Flows display: • The relative volume of visits to your site by the dimension you choose (e.g. traffic source, campaign, browser) • The rates at which visitors abandon different pathways • Where and how visitors navigate each of the steps that you defined • How the visitors interacted with your site, including backtracking to previous goal steps19 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 20. 3 Using Mobile Effectively
    • 21. Fun Facts about Mobile Search • Mobile search is a rapidly growing segment of overall search volume • 67% of travelers use their mobile devices to find local services • Number of mobile buyers will nearly triple by 2015 (eMarketer) • 40 million access social networks daily via mobile (Search Engine Land) • More mobile users than PC users by 2015 • Mobile queries are local & last minute in nature • People use mobile platform to inquire, to get deals, offers, social sharing • Engage with customer by offering hyper local check in, click to call, maps, ease of booking, ability to leave review and more • Mobile site should be extension of your domain verses mobile site on third party domain21 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 22. Mobile & Hyperlocal Promotional Channels Mobile Paid Search Google+ Check Ins Business Coupon/Off Yelp ers Mobile Face Book Directory Hotel Listings Hyperlocal Mobile Site Mobile Four Square Maps Mobile Reviews Click to Call QR Codes Mobile Apps22 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 23. Mobile Site23 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 24. Mobile Site24 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 25. Why Mobile PPC? PPC for mobile search allows business to target ads to users who are searching in their geographic area Competition for mobile ads is less. Set up mobile specific daily budget. Create mobile-specific ads and landing pages / offers (Device Specific). Target Local destinations . MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 26. 4 Leveraging Hyperlocal Channels
    • 27. Mobile Profiles on Google+, Foursquare and Yelp27 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL
    • 28. Most Popular “SoLoMo” Channels Connecting Businesses with Consumer Consumer SERPs Business • Optimized Website, blog • Web-results • Geo-tagged Images • Images • Google Places Profile • Maps • Bing Places • Reviews Local • Yelp • Videos • TripAdvisor • News • YouTube • Blogs • Vimeo • Facebook Page • Facebook • Twitter Profile • Twitter Social • YouTube Channel • YouTube • Google+ Page • Google+ • Flickr, Panoramio Picasa Accounts • Facebook places • Foursquare Business Page + Place • Bing Places • Yelp Business with Deals • Google Places • Foursquare Places Mobile • Trip Advisor Business • YouTube Videos • Yelp Check-In • Facebook Places • Trip Advisor App • Bing Places • YouTube App • Google Places, Google profiles • Flickr • Flickr, Panoramio, Picasa Photos28 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 29. Facebook Places – Claimed Listing29 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 30. YelpYelp Listing  Includes a page on Yelp  Option to add photo, slideshow  Link to the website  Add categories  Add specials  Respond to reviews  Monthly performance reports30 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 31. Foursquare Business & Place Page31 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 32. 5 Most Valuable Citations / Links and UNAP Audit
    • 33. Handy List of Most Valuable Citations and UNAP Audit Social Sites – Blogs, Mobile, Coupons, Video, Images Local & News Sites & Regional PR Sites Sites IYPs Your Review Sites Website Niche Sites Universities Attractions33 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 34. Example – Off-Page Optimization: Snapshot 1 Regular enrollments 3 Local citations 2 Competitive back link analysis 4 Custom local level link building34 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 35. Valuable Local Citations35 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 36. Valuable Links – Showing Hotel Location, Address, URL36 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 37. Marriot Anaheim NAP Inconsistency37 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 38. Consistent UNAP – Hotel‟s Online Assets and Web Equity38 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 39. Hyatt Regency Orange County – Consistent UNAP Niche/Local Listings Website Places/Maps Image Search Review Sites Hyatt Regency Orange County Social (Facebook) Video Yelp39 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL
    • 40. 6 Cross Channel Optimization
    • 41. Cross Optimization: Channels and Tools 1 Local Google 3 Place, Bing & Hyperlocal 2 Tools Mobile Organic SQR reports Website, Website, Mobile, Emails, PR Webmaster Promotion Cross Optimization Local data Real Time search 4 3 Paid Social Analytics Search Media Facebook, Marketing Google, Content, Facebook, Blog, Display Youtube, Flickr41 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 42. Cross Channel Optimization Social Organic Local42 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 43. Cross-Optimization Case Study: Google Places Cross Optimization Opportunity Implementing Across Channels FOUND: „Parking‟ was a top search query in Google Places, but website did not have content related to query. LISTENED: Client mentioned owning a great parking garage that was in close proximity to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and wanted to rank for related local attraction terms STRATEGY: Created a „Parking Special‟ Page ACTION: New Parking Page43 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 44. Cross-Optimization Case Study: Google Places Cross Optimization Opportunity Implementation Results 1 Week after Page Went Live: Google sent out „Alert‟ about new page Traffic Result: Parking Page is now in top 15 for site page views Ranking Result: Client began ranking for „attraction‟ related keyword phrases as desired44 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 45. 7 Social Media Marketing Plan
    • 46. Blending Social and Search• “I can confirm we do use Twitter and Facebook links in ranking;• Were also trying to figure out the reputation of an author or creator in Twitter and Facebook;• Pagerank depends quality of social sharing: who the people actually are - not just bots or some software program.” - Matt Cutts, Search Quality Group, Google (December 2010)• As of 5/17/11 Facebook “Likes” have a direct impact on where pages appear on the Bing SERPs. MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 47. Social Interactions – Why it Might Not Work?47 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 48. Social Media Marketing Plan Who & Why? Results – What? ROI Social How- Competitiv Media Which e Analysis Marketing Channels and Tools? Plan Type of Content- Frequency Video, Images, Blog etc. Content Calendar48 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 49. Milestone Marketing Funnel Awareness Social Familiarity & Sharing Reviews & Recommendation Consideration Web/Mobile Check Rates/Directions Conversion Points - Photo Gallery - Videos - Specials Booking Local49 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 50. Market Analysis Snapshot  Research and create market analysis  Events  Location  Attractions  Local Organizations  Competitive Analysis  Market Trends  Create custom strategy50 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 51. Promotion Overview Overall Strategy 1. Improve SERP domination 2. Create brand awareness Facebook 3. Provide direct interaction Twitter opportunities 4. Drive traffic and bookings LinkedIn Integrated Website Social Platform Specific Actions 1. Create calendar to socialize 2. Stay engaged and active Flickr Yelp 3. Network with influential users to increase reach of client messaging YouTube Google+51 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 52. 8 UGC – Rating and Reviews
    • 53. Why Encourage Reviews? People • 89% of consumers are influenced by reviews1 + Search Engines • Search engines use reviews as a ranking signal2 = Conversions • Good reviews = increased bookings & better SERP placement 1 – November 201053 2 Search Engine Land – 1 December 2010 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 54. The Impact of Quantity The number of reviews directly impacts: 1. Ranking in review sites 2. Ranking in third-party distribution sites (OTAs) 3. Ranking in search engines results pages 4. Online Reputation54 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 55. How to Encourage Reviews? 1) Visitor Check-Out 2 - Staff, flyer, business card, QR Codes 3 QR code, computer station, feedback card 1 2) QR Codes Visitor Incentive - Throughout the property, Check-Out Offers printed materials and etc. Explain codes 3) Incentive Offers - Discounts, rewards, How to Encourage contests Reviews - Immediate gratification 6 4 4) Website Reviews Page Ask Website - Page on independent site Reviews Page - Links and instructions 5 5) Email Email - 24-48 hr feedback requests 6) Ask - Proactively train staff55 - Ask “Happy” clients MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 56. QR Codes and Landing Pages56 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 57. Tools to Encourage Reviews QR Codes – on all print material On the website – link to hotel pages leading to a mobile review page. on the different review sites. Enabling User Reviews Link to review sites from the Create a UGC module to WiFi login page when guests encourage guest interaction access the hotel’s internet. with your website.57 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 58. 9 Deals, Offers, Coupons, Contest
    • 59. Deals, Offers, Coupons and Contests on Website/Mobile Platform59 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 60. Google Coupons and Google Offers60 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL
    • 61. 10 Google+, Blogs, Maps, Video, Image Search
    • 62. Saturating All Search Engine Buckets – Ideal Scenario for Any Platform62 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 63. Google+63 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 64. Google+ Video and Image Search64 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 65. Geo-tagging Images and Videos Geo-tagging Images and Video helps in connecting with local customers65 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 66. Panoramio - Images Panoramio:  Images has a major impact on search results.  Images upload on the Panoramio get indexed by Google.  These images are shared on Google Earth, Google Maps etc.  In less than 3 weeks time images got more than 850 views from various sources.66 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 67. Conclusion • Website freshness score – Check if your content strategy is built towards improving site freshness score • User is a king – focus user experience • Use mobile promotional channels effectively • Enhance profiles on Hyperlocal Channels by offering tips, offers and specials • Secure most valuable citations and links and perform UNAP credit • Optimize your hotel presence across all the channels • Develop well integrated Social Media Marketing Plan • Increase site trust factor – Encourage customers to leave more reviews • Offer Deals, Contest, Coupons and other value add • Create Blogs, SEO friendly Video and leverage all the channels. Connect with67 your customer through Google +. MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg
    • 68. Thank You! Questions or Comments? Feedback? Input on future webinar topics?  Visit our blog:  PDF article and slides from this webinar:  Product questions: sales@milestoneinternet.com68 MILESTONE CONFIDENTIAL @milestonemktg