Miles Design branding process


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Our branding firm follows a process called Bold Brand - to learn more visit

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Miles Design branding process

  1. 1. A GREAT BRANDSPEAKS VOLUMES.Our Approach to Branding & Positioning // branding for professional services.
  2. 2. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningAbout Miles Design: We are an award-winning branding firm, specializing in branding and design for professional services firms. // branding for professional services.
  3. 3. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningIndustries Served: High Expertise / Architecture / Software / Legal / Consulting / Engineering / Biotech // branding for professional services.
  4. 4. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningSample Client List: AIT Labs / RJE Knoll / Ratio Architects / Big Brothers Big Sisters / Indy Chamber / ExactTarget / Bose McKinney & Evans / BSA Lifestructures / BlueLock // branding for professional services.
  5. 5. LEVERAGEYOUR STRENGTH.Our Branding Process // Bold Brand™ // branding for professional services.
  6. 6. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningWhy Rebrand? Our brand is losing relevance and is outdated. We have new partners, products, or services. Our expertise is not understood by the market. Our team is not on the same page. // branding for professional services.
  7. 7. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningOur Process: Bold Brand ™ Guiding a unified, consistent brand roll-out: Discovery Strategy Positioning Identity Delivery Stakeholder Meeting Business Objectives Our Market Category Black & White Logo Marketing Collateral Client Interviews Audience Who We Are / Aren’t Full Color Logo Print Production Internal Surveys Competition What We Believe Alternate Usage Online Tools Deliverables How We’re Unique Stationery Package Roll-out Bold Brand Essence Standards Guide Registering TM/SM* Elevator Speech Internal Protocols // branding for professional services.
  8. 8. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningPhase 1: Discovery - Exploring differing points of view - Considering possibilities - Thinking big // branding for professional services.
  9. 9. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningPhase 2: Strategy - Who are your clients? What do they want? - Who is your competition? - Why should you matter? // branding for professional services.
  10. 10. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningPositioning: - What is your niche? - What makes you unique? - What are your brand values? - What is your elevator pitch? // branding for professional services.
  11. 11. Service Profile: Client Profile: A short listing of the most Qualities that outline the striking characteristics general profile of your of your service. target audience. Bold Brand Essence: This is the sweet spot where the unique elements of your brand intersect. It will be precise statement pinpointing the core of your Bold Brand. It is the shortest, cleanest description of who you are. Client Benefit: Service Benefit: Explains the key benefit What benefits are most (or benefits) derived likely to be felt by your from the product or prospective audience? service’s profile?// branding for professional services.
  12. 12. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningIdentity: - A logo is an identifier, not a description - The identity is informed by the positioning - Must work large and small, black and white - Standards Guides insure consistent use // branding for professional services.
  13. 13. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningDelivery: - Website, collateral and other elements - Launch of the new brand - Email, SEO, Social Media // branding for professional services.
  14. 14. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningBrand Identities: // branding for professional services.
  15. 15. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningBrand Identities: ® // branding for professional services.
  16. 16. BUDGETS ANDPRICING- Fixed pricing for branding packages- Retainer for ongoing work- Set goals, track stats and progress // branding for professional services.
  17. 17. BOLD BRAND // Our Approach to Branding & PositioningThank you. Client references available upon request. Josh Miles, Principal Miles Design LLC - Indianapolis 317.915.8693 ext. 1 // branding for professional services.
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