Tercer periodo grado cuarto


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Tercer periodo grado cuarto

  1. 1. English 4º Colegio Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento Sede F ENGLISH TEACHER: MILENA OLARTE THIRD TERM GUIDE: 8 NAME: GROUPS: 4ºA-B ACHIEVEMENT: Identificar los días de la semana con su respectiva asignatura del colegio.1. Complete the Words: M__nd__y __ue__da__ We__n__s__ay T__ur__d__y __r__d__y Sa__u__da__ Su__ __ay2. Write in the blanks the days of the week: __________ Monday ___________ Wednesday Thursday __________ ____________3. Fill in the blanks with the correct day of the week. There are seven days in a weeka. ________________is the first day of the week.b. ________________is the last day of the week.c. ________________is the middle day of the week.d. ________________is the first day of School.e. ________________is the last day of School.4. Complete the Schedule with the subjects of your classroom, and write your activities in Saturday and Sunday: Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  2. 2. English 4º 5. Reading: Read about Mariana and her friends: Hi! My name is Mariana. These are my friends at School. Their names are Elizabeth and Helen. My favorite subject is Math. Math is at 9:20 on Monday. Elizabeth’s favorite subject is History. History is at 10:15 on Wednesday. Helen’s favorite subject is Art. Art is at 2:25 on Friday. Answer the Questions: a. What is Mariana’s favorite subject? Her favorite subject is Math. b. What is Elizabeth’s favorite subject? ____________________________________________ c. What is Helen’s favorite subject? ____________________________________________ d. What time is Math? ____________________________________________ e. What time is Art? ____________________________________________ f. What time is History? ____________________________________________6. Look at the posters and write about the events:1. CONCERT 2. MOVIE 3. PICNIC 4. FOOTBALL GAME 5. PARTY 6. BIKE RICE9:00 P.M. 2:00 P.M. 11:30 A.M. 7:00 P.M. 8:15 P.M. 5:30 P.M.On Wednesday On Friday On Saturday On Tuesday On Monday On Thursday 1. __The concert is at 9 P.M. on Wednesday_________ 2. _________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________ 4. _________________________________________________ 5. _________________________________________________ 6. _________________________________________________ 7. Now complete the sentences with the correct day 1. The first day of the week is S___________________. 2. The fourth day of the week is _____________________. 3. The seventh day of the week is _____________________. 4. The fifth day of the week is _____________________. 5. The third day of the week is _____________________. 6. The sixth day of the week is _____________________. 7. The second day of the week is _____________________.
  3. 3. English 4º Colegio Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento Sede F ENGLISH TEACHER: MILENA OLARTE THIRD TERM GUIDE: 9 NAME: GROUPS: 4ºA-B ACHIEVEMENT: Reconocer las actividades y festividades que existen en cada uno de los meses del año.Write the months, that aren’t in the pictures: ________________________________________ 1. Complete: - How many are months in the year there? __________________________________ - My birthday is in: __________________________________ - Christmas is in: __________________________________ - We celebrate Halloween in: __________________________________ - We begin School in __________________________________ - Mother’s Day is in __________________________________ - Father’s Day is in __________________________________ - The first month of the year is __________________________________ - Valentine’s Day is in __________________________________
  4. 4. English 4º Colegio Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento Sede F ENGLISH TEACHER: MILENA OLARTE THIRD TERM GUIDE: 10 NAME: GROUPS: 4ºA-B ACHIEVEMENT: Identificar la estructura gramatical de los adjetivos comparativos. ADJECTIVE COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVE COMPARATIVE Small Smaller Expensive More expensive Tall Taller Modern More modern Young Younger Beautiful More beautiful Old Older Elegant More elegant New Newer Interesting More interesting Long Longer Dangerous More dangerous Short Shorter Exciting More exciting Big Bigger Boring More boring Fat Fatter Easy Easier IRREGULAR ADJECTIVE COMPARATIVE Happy Happier Good Better Crazy Crazier Bad WorseACTIVITY. Complete the sentences with the comparative. 1. The ostrich is __________ than the rabbit. (big) 2. The rabbit is ________ _________ the ostrich. (small) 3. The giraffe is _____________ than the cat.(tall) 4. The _____ ___ __________ _______ ____ _____. (Short) 5. The elephant is ____________ than the lizard.(heavy) 6. ___ _________ _____ ________ _______ ____ ______.(light) 7. The rabbit is _____________ the turtle. (fast) 8. The_______ ___ ________ ______ ______ _________.(slow) 9. The bear is _____________ than the mouse. 10. ____ _______ _____ ________ _____ ____ _______. 11. The lion is ________________ than the snake. 12. ____ ________ ____ ___________ ______ ____ _________. 14. The grandfather is ______________ than the boy. 15._____ _____ ____ ___________ ______ ____ ___________.
  5. 5. English 4ºA. Write the comparative form of the C) Fill in the blanks with the comparativeAdjectives: form of the adjectives:1) Good 1. This bag is ______________ the others.2) Bad (heavy)3) Big 2. The train is ________________________4) Expensive the helicopter. (slow)5) Elegant6) Happy 3. The giraffe is __________________ a horse. (tall)7) Generous 4. A lion is _________________a cat.8) Exciting 5. An elephant is _________________ a tiger. (heavy)9) Boring 6. A laptop is __________________ a computer. (light)10) Tall 7. My cat is ____________________ all the cats. (lovely)B. Choose the correct one: 8. Maria is ________________________ Alice. (beautiful)1) My brother is taller / more taller than me. 9. My sister is _____________________ my brother2) This way is shorter / more short than the others. (educated)3) My grandfather is older / the older then 10. George is ___________________Frank (handsome)everybody in our family. 11. Going to beach is _________________________ staying4) This book is expensiver / more expensive at home. (exciting)than the others. 12. This skirt is _____________________ that dress. (expensive)5) Our garden is biger / biggerthan the others gardens. 13. I am ___________ at driving ________ John. (bad)6) Reading book is better / gooder 14. Luis is ________________________than watching TV. all the students in the class. (smart)7) Summers are hoter / hotter 15. Suzy is ____________________than the springs. Marta. (fat) 16. My brother is ________________________ me. (lazy)D) Make comparisons by using the words given.1) _______________________________________________________________ (Kristen-everybody-beautiful)2) _______________________________________________________________(the weather-today-better-yesterday)3) ________________________________________________________________ (books-TV-useful)4) __________________________________________________________(Ben-Tom-fat)5) ____________________________________________________________________(Ann-Sue-generous)6) ____________________________________________________________________(Kate-Adam-old)7) ____________________________________________________________________(Laura-Ann-elegant)
  6. 6. English 4º