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SEO - importance, tactics & implementation
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SEO - importance, tactics & implementation


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A brief overview of what SEO is and why it permeates a company’s entire web presence

A brief overview of what SEO is and why it permeates a company’s entire web presence

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. SEO Fundamentals { Compiled by Milena Mitova
  • 2. Where is SEO in Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Social Email Mobile SEM Media ECRM Marketing Marketing Marketing SEM SEO PPC
  • 3. SEM is the web extension of TraditionalMarket Segmentation & Targeting “A market segment is a sub-set of a market made up of people or organizations with one or more characteristics that cause them to demand similar products and/or services based on qualities of those products such as price or function.” – On the web, the market segment is defined by what the web users in this sub-set are looking for, and the keywords they are using to find it.
  • 4. SEO is part of SEM SEO - the process of optimizing your web assets (web content, websites, social presence) to get targeted, qualified, search-based “free” traffic. SEO includes social media optimization. PPC or Paid Search - the process of optimizing paid advertisement campaign assets to get targeted, qualified, search-based “paid” traffic.
  • 5. SEO is the KEY when it comes togenerating leads for the enterprise Source: 2011 Webmarketing123 State of Digital Marketing Survey
  • 6. SEO starts with keywords Market Market Sub-set Market Sub-set Market Sub-set Keywords target users are using to find your products & services(edited by me) Source: WordTracker,
  • 7. SEO Strategies and Tactics On-page SEO strategy -content (text, video, presentation, images, online forms, etc.), HTML (title tag, meta description, etc.), architecture (urls, inter-linking , sharing options, site maps, etc.) Off-page SEO strategy - backlinks (inbound links); social sharing; commenting on external blogs & forums, posting content on external media & article websites; press release optimization, domain trust, localization, etc.
  • 8. SEO tactics in detail
  • 9. Keyword roadmap for yourweb presenceKeywords should:  Be relevant to your business & products/services  Generate enough traffic to form viable, measurable segments of targeted searchers/online personas  Be well positioned re: your competition
  • 10. Keyword selection process Define main/seed keywords Prioritize in importance relative to most important brands, competitive features, profitability Build lists of keyword opportunities and assess for traffic, relevance, competitiveness Build keyword variations lists and assess for traffic, relevance, competitiveness Build relative keyword lists and assess for traffic, relevance, competitiveness Decide which keywords will go into your web copy and start measuring their performance
  • 11. SEO affects all of your web-related content marketingtactics whether they live on your website or are postedon external sites All of your web content marketing tactics should be SEO optimized Source: Marketing Profs, Content Marketing for B2B
  • 12. Your Website architecture should beSEO optimized Crawlability, site maps, robots.txt, .access, duplicate titles/content removal, elimination of errors, etc.; Website Speed Share, Like, LinkedIn, Twitter buttons User-friendly URLs
  • 13. Internal Links, Backlinks, Domaintactics should be SEO optimizedInbound link quality (.org carries highest weight, yahoo directory, relevance, etc.)Inbound link anchor textLink numberDomain name, age, authorityInternal linking
  • 14. Blogging, Social sharing, PR & contentdistribution should be part of your SEO Number of Social shares and likes counts Twitter counts Facebook counts LinkedIn counts Google +1, plus other sites Directories Industry forums and publications PR, article, white paper, etc. distribution sites Blogs
  • 15. In conclusionSEO optimization affects every facet of your user-focused web assetsEvery website & content marketing asset needs to be SEO optimizedKeywords (search terms) are the web alternative of traditional marketing segmentation and identification of viable markets. They are the foundation of Search Marketing.