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A "How To" presentation about QR Codes geared to salon and spa owners. This presentation was offered as an added value service to clients of Milano Software.

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  • What are we using to get on the internet? How is it changing?
  • QR or Quick Response Codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read using a Smartphone and dedicated QR reading devices, that link directly to text, emails, websites, phone numbers and more!
  • Ordinarily we think of a barcode as a collection of vertical lines; 2D Barcodes or QR Codes are different in that the data is stored in both directions and can be scanned vertically OR horizontally.While a standard 1D Barcode (UPC/EAN) stores up to 30 numbers, a QR Barcode can store up to a massive 7,089! It is this massive amount of data that enables links toa plethora of web content.
  • Why are men more likely to scan? Tease & Reveal Marketing techniques are typically aimed at men.
  • Three things are required in order to successfully decode a QR code: a Smartphone, a QR code scanning application, and a connection to the Internet (either through the phone’s data plan or over a site-generated wireless network).
  • In order to use QR codes, you need to have a cell phone capable of running decoding software. These phones can download and install applications, can access the Internet, and have cameras. These types of phones are loosely referred to as “Smartphones”; the most common examples are iPhones, BlackBerries and Android phones.
  • There are a number of applications which can be used to decode a QR code, all of which work in similar ways. We have chosen two ScanLife and i-nigma, free apps which have versions for a wide range of phones. Going to the website - http://getscanlife.com and/or www.i-nigma.mobi - on a phone’s Internet browser will automatically detect the type of phone and guide you to the appropriate version of the application.
  • Because the QR code is a link to online content, you need to be able to connect to the Internet in the location where the codes are placed. A Smartphone can connect to the Internet in two ways: 1) through a cellulardata connection 2) through Wi-Fi.
  • http://qrstuff.comhttp://goo.gl (urlshortener)http://bit.ly (urlshortener)http://delivr.com
  • shelf talker (how to video, product reviews)business reviewsbusiness cards/reminder cardswindow cling (online booking, online store, etc)product stickers (how to...)Business app (market)online surveyEtc.
  • Bring your business cards to life
  • Make checking in to
  • Print QR codes directly on your receipts to guide clients to complete a feedback survey.
  • Send your clients directly to your online booking site or online store.
  • Shelf-talkers that help your clients get the look they want. Don’t forget to give then a list of what they need to buy.
  • Make your own how-to-videos presenting you and your staff as the experts you are! Empower your clients to try new products with confidence.
  • http://qrstuff.comhttp://goo.gl (urlshortener)http://bit.ly (urlshortener)http://delivr.comhttp://qrickit.comhttp://goqr.me/
  • Common sense right? Because you can’t read a QR code just by looking at it, you should always test the proofs with a variety of smartphones and scanning apps before you release a campaign.
  • Where your ad will run is just as important as how you implement it:Will is be too small to scan?Is it unsafe to scan?Will there be a data signal?Is the topic too embarrassing to scan in public?
  • Your QR code scans successfully but you've pointed the user to a standard desktop website, when 99.9% of QR codes are scanned by a mobile device.
  • This point is highly subjective but also probably the most important. Reward the user for scanning your QR code! This "reward," however, will change depending on what you're trying to promote.
  • QR Codes - Bringing the Off-line Online

    1. 1. QR Codes - Bringing the Off-line Online Presenter: Dayna Elliott; Milano Software
    2. 2. Bringing the Off-line OnlineWhat kind of cell phone do you have?
    3. 3. Bringing the Off-line Online
    4. 4. Bringing the Off-line OnlineWhat is a QR Code?
    5. 5. Bringing the Off-line OnlineInvented in Japan 1994QR stand for Quick ResponseStores more info than a regular barcodesThey are free to make and use
    6. 6. Bringing the Off-line Online
    7. 7. Bringing the Off-line Online
    8. 8. Bringing the Off-line OnlineTease & Reveal Marketing aimed at men
    9. 9. Bringing the Off-line OnlineYou will need things to successfully decode a QR code:
    10. 10. Bringing the Off-line OnlineYou will need a Smartphone.
    11. 11. Bringing the Off-line Online You will need a QR Scanning App.www.i-nigma.mobi OR getscanlife.com
    12. 12. Bringing the Off-line OnlineYou will need a data connection.
    13. 13. Bringing the Off-line Online
    14. 14. Bringing the Off-line Online
    15. 15. Bringing the Off-line Online
    16. 16. Bringing the Off-line Online
    17. 17. Bringing the Off-line Online
    18. 18. Bringing the Off-line Online Going SocialTalk to window shoppers 24/7!
    19. 19. Bringing the Off-line Online Make Shopping Easy!
    20. 20. Bringing the Off-line Online Be the Expert that You Are!
    21. 21. Bringing the Off-line Online
    22. 22. Bringing the Off-line OnlineMistake 1: Not Testing the CodeWhile visually interesting, doesn’t scan…Whoops!
    23. 23. Bringing the Off-line OnlineMistake 2: What Audience?
    24. 24. Bringing the Off-line OnlineMistake 3: Serving up Non-Mobile PagesA desktop website is next to impossible tonavigate on a mobile device.
    25. 25. Bringing the Off-line OnlineMistake 4: Not Offering Enough Value
    26. 26. Bringing the Off-line OnlineRecognize “tween-time” & capitalize on it
    27. 27. Bringing the Off-line OnlineResource ListQR Readers Referenceshttp://www.i-nigma.mobi http://www.marketingcharts.comhttp://getscanlife.com http://www.scanlife.comQR Generators Presenterhttp://www.qrstuff.com Dayna Elliotthttp://bit.ly @: dayna@milanosoftware.comhttp://goo.gl Tel: 1-800-667-1596 ext 106http://delivr.comhttp://goqr.me