Nail making machine, Rajkot Wire Products


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Almost nobody knows how nails to be made. I tried to show you what types of machines are behind of the making of nails with support of Rajkot Wire Products and Mr. Salim Hala, CEO of Rajkot Wire Products, Rajkot.

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Nail making machine, Rajkot Wire Products

  1. 1. Prepared By:Milan Padariya(MBA)Business Development OfficerDepasser Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Special Thanks to……http://rajkotwireproduct.comSupported by……
  2. 2. • It is Integrated and pneumatically poweredtools which is used to make different typesof Nail.• With different types of Nails theapplication of nail machine become samebut only technical specification is changed.• Range of common Nail Machine is calledfrom 00 to 09…
  3. 3. Cont…• This High Speed Wire Nail Machines Retained Basic Design AndSimple Operation.• All Lubrication Parts Are Served By Centralized Automated CyclicLubrication System.• A New Feeding System Permits The Use Of Large Wire BundleAnd Maintains Close Tolerance.• By Optimization Of Moving Parts, Their Guide, Bearing WearHas Been Reduced.• Balanced Critical Parts Results Low Vibration & Enhance Life.• Harden Ground Wedge Type Die Box For Longer Life And EasyLow Cost Refurbishing.• Round Indexable Gripping Dies With Eleven Grooves EnablingEleven Times Longer Life Without Any Reprocessing.(Note: All description remain same among 00 to 09. Only technical specification is changed.)
  4. 4. * Refers machine code from Rajkot Wire Products.
  5. 5. The Cutter Tools Of TheNail Making Machine BecomeBlunt And They Require Re-Grinding. We Have Developed ASpecial Cutter Grinder ForGrinding All The Profiles OfCutters. These Machines AreProvided With Special Type JigsFixtures And Even Semi-SkilledWorker Can Grind (Re-Sharpen)The Cutting Tools Easily AfterBrief Training. It Takes Only FewMinutes To Grind The CuttingEdges Of The Cutting Tools.
  6. 6. This Special Type Of Grinding MachineIs Developed And Manufactured By UsTo Get The Uniform Chequers On TheNail Head. The Header Of The NailMaking Machine Which Is ConstantlyPressing The Wire To Form The NailHead, Gets Worn-Out After The Use OfCertain Period And Hence Chequers OnThe Same Become Uneven And GetsWiped Off.To Over-Come This Difficulties, TheGrinding Machine Known As ChequeredHeader Grinder Are Developed. ByUusing This Machine, Re-Facing AndUniform Re-Chequering Are Made EasierAnd Faster.
  7. 7. Wire Nails Are Produced By Wire Nail MakingMachines. The Nails Are To Be Polished As WellFinished Products. The Quality Of The NailsProduced Depends Upon The Wire Used OnThe Machine. Generally, The Wire ReceivedFrom The Supplier Is Found Dull Due To WireDrawing Process And Also Some Times GetsRested Due To Weather Effects. The Wire ForProcess Of Cutting Nails Is Not So Bright As AResult, The Nails Produced Do Not HaveBrightness And Shining. Such Finishes AreNever Acceptable To The Buyers. Thus, TheNails Do Require Polishing Which Results In AnAttractive Finished Products.To Overcome This Difficulty, The Machine Known As Polishing Barrel Has BeenDevised. The Polishing Barrels Are Available In Three Size 150kgs. 250 kgs. And500 kgs. Capacities Per charge.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. • RAJKOT WIRE PRODUCTS is a leading and widelyrecognized manufacturer and exporter of Wire Nail Machine,Nail Making Machine, Wire Nail Making Machine, Concrete NailMaking Machine, Nail Machine, Polishing Drum, and CuttingGrinder.• The machines are of international grade and give excellentperformance. Our machines are exclusive and elite combinationof speed and accuracy backed by intensive research of experts.We promise our clients for timely shipment and prompt aftersale service for any assistance required by them.
  10. 10. Cont…• We believe in providing quality to our clients with timelydeliveries at the most competitive prices. We have been able todeliver value added solutions to the ever expanding needs of ourclients.• We ascribe our success to two things: The quality of productsthat we offer and the regularity with which they are delivered tothe customers. Our network is spread all around the world,enabling us to respond to the needs of worldwide marketcentered around Romania, Yugoslavia, USA, Belgium, UK, UAE,Sri Lanka, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia,Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Nepal and Bangladesh &World Wide and the other corner of the World.
  11. 11. • Our main aim is to manufacture best qualitymachines and services which will be delivered toour client with quality and best price. We areconstantly improving the quality of ourproducts. We always welcome suggestions fromour client for adding new and better method ofmanufacturing, So that we will be in a positionto provide the good quality machines to ourclient.
  12. 12. The success that we have assumed is indicative of our commitment tothe superior quality of products and needs of the customers. We offera gamut of products which include:• Wire Nail Making Machine• Wire Nail Machine• Nail Making Machine• Concrete Nail Making Machine• Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine• Automatic Wire Nail Machine• Nail Manufacture Machine• High Speed Wire Nail Machine• High Speed Wire Nail Making Machine• GI Nail Making Machine• Polishing Drum• Cutting Grinder
  13. 13. • We believe that quality and excellence doesnot come accidentally, they requirerelentless efforts, willingness tochange, will to become successful andabove all a positive attitude to achieve. Weare doing continuous efforts that are madetowards excellence in all aspects and we donot compromise when the matter ofquality arises.
  14. 14. Business Type : Manufacturer / Exporters /Wholesale SuppliersYear Of Established : 2009Ownership : PartnershipBusiness Markets :India, Romania, Yugoslavia, USA, Belgium, UK, UAE, Sri Lanka, SouthAfrica, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe,Botswana, Mozambique, Nepal, Bangladesh, WorldWide.