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Workshop Mobile Product Strategy, #App4Mi, 10 Giugno- Andrey Golub
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Workshop Mobile Product Strategy, #App4Mi, 10 Giugno- Andrey Golub


Andrey Golub (Tech Entrepreneur, Board Member Master SNID Politecnico). …

Andrey Golub (Tech Entrepreneur, Board Member Master SNID Politecnico).
#App4MI- Workshop Mobile Product Strategy: 10 Giugno - Urban Center (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele).

OpenCampus, Milano.
A Milano, da maggio a luglio 2013, non perdere gli appuntamenti dell’Open Campus di App4MI. Un intenso programma di Conferenze e Workshop con protagonisti e specialisti dell’Economia Digitale.

Published in Technology
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  • 1. M E R C A T I , S T R U M E N T I , V I S I O N I , S T R A T E G I E, C O M P E T I Z I O N E , M O D E L L I D I B U S I N E S S+E S P E R I E N Z A D I 1 0 + A N N I N E L L ’ R & DMobile (Product) StrategyAndrey Golub, @aVg
  • 2. C H I S O N O E P E R C H È S O N O Q U IPart 1: INTRO
  • 3. S O N O U N A P E R S O N A I N T E R N A Z I O N A L E( N A T O N E L L ’ E X - U S S R , L A V O R A T O S E M P R EN E L L ’ A M B I E N T E I N T E R N A Z I O N A L E )- >P A R L O U N A L I N G U A … I T A L - E S E ( E P R E F E R I S C O “ P A R L A R E ” I N X M L ! )Nota personale 1
  • 4. N O N C ’ E N T R O M O L T O C O N “ L E A P P ” D I R E T T A M E N T E …M I O A M B I T O P R I N C I P A L E :• R E T A I L T E C H N O L O G Y ( C O M E C O N S U L E N T E (• D I G I T A L F A S H I O N ( + D O C E N T E @ D O M U S A C A D E M Y )• S O C I A L N E T W O R K I N G ( C O N L E S T A R T U P S )• - - B U S I N E S S A P P S - -Nota personale 2
  • 5. @aVg: Chi sono?
  • 6. @aVg: Perchèsono qui?My specialization:• R&D x Business(Retail, Digital, Luxury/Fashion, Automotive, Security)• Entrepreneur/Startup Founder• Startup Advisor(Strategy +Technology)• SoftwareDevelopmentManager• Docente/ mentor
  • 7. Enterprise Mode Startup/ Advisor Mode SALVO per Sicuritalia VEEP perSemplicemente/ IFK PoltronaFrau per Ideolo Una Nave Intelligente Fiera- navigazione interna Dubai- città intelligente Taxi App (similar to Uber)Personal Experience (Mobile):R&D Advisor/ CTO
  • 8. R I N G R A Z I A M E N T I : M I P & S N I D , -P O L I T E C N I C O D I M I L A N OEndorsements (ringraziamentipersonali)
  • 9. Social Project showcase:Master SNID, Milan PolytechnicSNID stands for Social NetworksINFLUENCE Design, http://snid.euMy Role is:• Scientific Committee member• Partners- Research & Industry• Brand & Marketing 2.0, BloggerINFLUENCE is an ability todrive others to action Personal & CorporateBranding Digital Content Interactive Media Web & Communicationevolution Information Intelligence Social Networks P2P Economies DIGITAL INFLUENCE
  • 10. Master SNID: Social NetworksINFLUENCE Design Master SNID, SocialNetworks INFLUENCE Design.Entitlement 60 CFU (university credits)validated by Politecnico di Milano, Schoolof Design. is the ability to drive othersto action.
  • 11. SNID/ SNIF: Social Summer School 2012/ 2013L’Osservatorio SNIF, in collaborazione con il Consorzio Poli.Design delPolitecnico di Milano, organizza nel campus universitario di Fisciano la IIedizione della Social Summer School SNIF-SNID dal 24 al 29 giugno
  • 12. MIP Startup SchoolLo Start-up Program è una delle iniziativedellEntrepreneurship Academy, il programma culturale del MIPPolitecnico di Milano, volto a supportare Start-upper,Imprenditori ed Executive nello sviluppo di progettiimprenditoriali.
  • 13. D I C O S A P A R L I A M O O G G IMobile Strategy Overview
  • 14. Cosa intendo per laSTRATEGIA?Di cosa è composta lastrategia MOBILE?1. Cosa fare (bisogni- veri onuovi, da qui le strategie diverse!)2. Perche fare (businessproject, competition logic/ potential,etc)3. Come progettare epromuovere (nel sensologicamente, tools/ technologies-services design) Branded Apps Magaines/ Media E-Commerce Apps Retail Apps Tools/ Utilities/ Web 2.0 serv Games (+ Gaming x AppStores) Mobile Payments Social/ Communities Augmented Reality GPS- Location Based, Proximity Citizen Services Mobile Advertising …Mobile Marketing (as tool)Business Strategy & Technology Architecture
  • 15. W H A T I S M O B I L E S T R A T E G Y ?Part 2: THE STRATEGY
  • 16. What is Mobile Strategy? The “eras & ages” of (Mobile) Technology CPU born (research, then business), Personal technology (Ms-Dos,Windows, PC), Internet Technology, Mobile Technology (WindowsMobile, Symbian- Nokia device), “Powered by design” technology(Apple’s revolution), Mainstream mobile (Samsung- the new leader),Lifestyle Technology (sensors + “always connected” services) Mobile OS type, goals, history, business strategies, target market, market share The Apps:  &  The AppStores (software distribution platforms) Mobile Browsing Evolution: Tablets, Integration: Multi- screen/ Smart-TV,Wearable devices (Glass, Watches, Sensors) BUSINESS MODELS
  • 17. Business Models (motivation)Perchè fare un’app? To make money  Business App: serve “in generale” Logic “inside the business” Paga: Branding/ Marketing, Retailing, Loyalty Community App Paga: Self- promotion Web 2.0 business models (Adv, Free + Premium services,Freemium)
  • 18. A P P  A N D A P P ( J U S T F O R F U N ! )Take a smile 
  • 19. Mobile RevolutionThe Mobile Movement- Understanding Smartphone Consumers.Video by GoogleVideo: The Mobile Movement- Google.mp4
  • 20. The Mobile Raise25 Mobile Stats to Know for 2013A great summary: & Market• Mobile phones will overtake PCs as themost common web access deviceworldwide by 2013 [Gartner]• The number of smartphones will exceed1.82 billion unities worldwide in 2013[Gartner]• Samsung is expected to capture 29% ofworldwide cellphone shipments in 2012[Mashable]• The Chinese smartphone market isgrowing faster than any other with year-over-year growth of 85% in 2012 [BGR]• Worldwide business mobile devices areprojected to grow from 889 million in2012, to over 1.4 billion by 2016[Radicati]• Global mobile traffic now representsroughly 13% of Internet traffic [Forbes] Systems• Android is expected to claim 63.8% market share by 2016[Digital Trends]• By 2015, one in every two handsets sold worldwide will bepowered by Android [BGR]• Windows Phone 7 will overtake iOS by 2015 [Gartner]• 2 out of 3 mobile phones sold in China in 2012 were poweredby Android [ZDNet]App Market• iOS monthly revenues are 4x those of Google Play[AppAnnie]• In October 2012, nine of the top 10 publishers by monthlyrevenue on both iOS and Google Play are game publishers[AppAnnie]• Apple has paid developers $5 billion in checks [Mashable]• Google Play Has 700,000 Apps, Tying Apple’s App Store[Mashable]• Microsoft and Nokia to invest €18 million in mobile appdevelopment over three years [TheNextWeb]
  • 21. Mobile OStype, goals, history, business strategies, target market, market share
  • 22. Apps vs. Mobile Browsing
  • 23. Tablet UsersNew tablet models making the devices moreaffordable and commonplace among consumers Ex: nearly 55 million Americans will own a tabletby the end of 2012. Now: 58% of consumers use their tablets athome, and 52% prefer to shop via their deviceThe demographics* of tabletshoppers, and theirhabits.* Sources including comScore, Digital Marketing Insights, eMarketer and Proper Mobile
  • 24. Mobile commerce- mobile web has a global average of 5.9Mmonthly unique visitors.Their new mobile web site, a good example of how to domobile commerce (analysis by Automatically directs mobile users to theoptimized version of the site2. Unlike some other mobile commerce websitesand apps, effective filtering options are provided• Search by keywords3. Search results- very clear and easy to read4. Product page “perfect” (picture, favorities,scrolling)5. Shopping basket page makes the deliverycharges clear6. Payment options cover card payments, PayPal,and even a cash on delivery option7. Checkout process as a whole is well-designedand well optimised for the mobile user.Rating: *****
  • 25. Social Media and MobileMobile Social Media Use Grows Thanks to iPad, iPhone, report by comScore 2012 Mobile social media use on the browser increased by 25% While social networking app audience has grown five times faster in the pastyear, now jumped by 126% in just one year Last year, only 12% of consumers bought anything through social media.(Source: PwC, 2013)What social networks are we using? Facebook mobile use increased by 50% Twitter mobile use by 75%, LinkedIn mobile use saw a 69%Among mobile social media users:o 53% report following brands and organizations,o a third received coupons or special offerings via socialmedia,o about 27% clicked on an adcomScore: Social Networking On-The-Go: U.S. Mobile Social Media Audience Grows 37 Percent in the Past Year
  • 26. The AppStores (software distribution platforms /mobile marketplace) iOS App Store Google Play BlackBerry World Windows Phone Store Firefox Marketplace Amazon Appstore Digital distribution platform(distribute the app) Online store (to sell) Info & Reviews (to market theapp) Service Middleware (not exactlythe AppStore) Package management systemsCONTROL & DICTAT:submissions go through anapproval process…
  • 27. T H E E V O L U T I O NMobile Strategy & Technology
  • 28. Google Glass (and not only Google) is working on wearable techcalled the Baidu Eye
  • 29. W H A T W E D O W I T H T H E M O B I L E D E V I C E SA N D M O B I L E A P P L I C A T I O N S ?Part 3: The Trends/ “Tools”
  • 30. Mobile Trends/ Tools Branded Apps Magaines/ Media E-Commerce Apps Retail Apps Tools/ Utilities/ Web 2.0 serv Games (+ Gaming x AppStores) Mobile Payments Social/ Communities Augmented Reality GPS- Location Based, Proximity Citizen Services Mobile Advertising …Mobile Marketing (as tool)
  • 31. B A C K - U P S L I D E S F O R “ T R E N D S / T O O L S ” :R E T A I L S C E N A R I OMobile Trends/ Tools- 2
  • 32. Localization, Personalization for MobileCustomer EngagementPersonalization, which is not a new concept in marketing, is definitely going to be a keyfactor in the success of mobile commerce. Mobile is personal and marketers need to take that into account when developing theirstrategies If retailers can deliver for example special offers that allow consumers to view themobile site as a resource for savings, everyone wins. Localization is a key to know more about the customerMobile Tools for Customer Engagement*1. Check-Ins2. Location Based Services3. Push Data4. Personalization* Special thanx to: bacononthego.comMany retailers are providing customers with mobile apps to help themnavigate stores, get product details or check inventory, but people use mobileweb not always in favor of the store (price comparison):o Now customers are in the store but not under retailer control anymore.
  • 33. Mobile Customer Engagement:Check-InsA check-in is basically when someone saying “I’m here!”. GPS co-ordinates of the mobile device (GPS or Network or fromOperator) Using a Location Based Service- system where is being checked to A QR Code scan could be considered a “product checkin”, if theretailer’s app was used (not a 3-rd party one as of Amazon)People check-in to locations for many reasons to let people know where they are to participate in a meta-game where check-ins earn them points(gamification). Ex: Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook, even Twitter posts canbe tagged with location data. to qualify for rewards or offers from the location they’re checking intoIt’s an active action by a user (their choice).• Active actions require the customer to understand the value ofperforming the action.Value for Business? Analytics (post), Advertising (now), RetailGames (RESPONSE to check-in).
  • 34. Mobile Customer Engagement:Location Based Services(wikipedia) An information or entertainmentservice, accessible with mobile devices throughthe mobile network and utilizing the ability tomake use of the geographical position of themobile device. A bonus: the device itself can (usually) contributethe location of the person without the personhaving to do so manually.On user request (use of mobile app ormobile web site): Provide the relevant information to thecustomer (country, region, store) App or web site personalization Record location history for furtheranalyticsAutomatically (background appor through integration with anotherLBS apps) Push messages: news, offers Social elements (connect toanother customers)
  • 35. Mobile Customer Engagement:Push DataThis is quite new to mobile marketing,although the concept is well known byBlackBerry users: An ability for a remote system to to sendinformation to a mobile device at any time.Typically, data is delivered to a mobile deviceafter the device ask for it: it’s a “pull”.Push approach advantages: Temporal relevance: Scheduling the exact date/ timeof message sending (could be useful for flash-salesand not only) Personalization: Send a different message to everymobile device (personalized message): controlled ona per-user basis.This approach could replace some of the most costly traditional marketing activities (TV,Radio, Web Advertising, e-mailing)
  • 36. Mobile Customer Engagement:PersonalizationMobile gives the ability to completely personalizeeach customer’s experience, by providing information, specials, promotions, sales andexperiencesthat resonate with each specific customer, responserates and conversion rates.A marketing system can takeadvantage of the customer’ssocial graph, alwaysconnected (“know” thesocial networkingenvironment such asFacebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc).Doing behavioral analysis of auser’s actions in you app or wheninteracting with your business canmake personalized messagingmuch more effective.For business it means: doing one-on-one marketing!
  • 37. Contact me any time!ma non al cellulare Mail: andrey@computer.orgSkype: avg_milanoTwitter: @aVg (!/aVg)Facebook:… the rest is on Google