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“Russian Nights”- An exclusive Event on the islands Li Galli, 16-18 March 2013.
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“Russian Nights”- An exclusive Event on the islands Li Galli, 16-18 March 2013.


EXCLUSIVE EVENT “RUSSIAN NIGHTS”. Mila Anufrieva Lifestyle Atelier revives the tradition of the Russian parties. The scope of the project Fashion, Culture and History. …

EXCLUSIVE EVENT “RUSSIAN NIGHTS”. Mila Anufrieva Lifestyle Atelier revives the tradition of the Russian parties. The scope of the project Fashion, Culture and History.

The first “Russian Nights” event takes place in the villa “Tre Ville” at Positano in the heart of the Amalfitan Coast in Italy, from 16th to 18th of March 2013 and is dedicated to the memory of the great dancer, a legend of Russian ballet - Rudolf Nureyev.


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  • 1. “Russian nights”An exclusive event on the islands Li Galli 16-18 March 2013
  • 2. MILA ANUFRIEVA LIFESTYLE ATELIER Mila Anufrieva is a Fashion and Luxury Lifestyle consultant and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. In 1992, Mila launched her fashion company “Vanity”, which quickly became one of the biggest luxury retail chains in the Russian market. As the founder of luxury department store Vanity, she was the first representative in Russia of fashion brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Dolce&Gabbana, Fendi and Jil Sander. In 2012, Mila has started Mila Anufrieva Lifestyle Atelier in Milan, Italy which provides services to companies and private clients and operates in the following areas: Touristic Boutique Custom Tailoring Image Consulting Interior Design Buying Office/ B2B Online Stores Fashion for Charity Luxury Lifestyle Magazine 2
  • 3. TOURISTIC BOUTIQUE BY MILA ANUFRIEVA LIFESTYLE ATELIER Exclusive tours on request in the following areas: Fashion & Style 4.Special Project: Islands Li Galli 1. Lifestyle & Wellness 2. Style Academy 3. 3
  • 4. SPECIAL PROJECT: ISLANDS LI GALLI EXCLUSIVE EVENT “RUSSIAN NIGHTS” Mila Anufrieva Lifestyle Atelier revives the tradition of the Russian parties. The scope of the project Fashion, Culture and History. The first “Russian Nights” event takes place in the villa “Tre Ville” at Positano in the heart of the Amalfitan Coast in Italy, from 16th to 18th of March 2013 and is dedicated to the memory of the great dancer, a legend of Russian ballet - Rudolf Nureyev. 4
  • 5. EVENTʼ’S FOCUS: RUDOLF NUREYEV - GENUIS OF BALLET Nureyev was the most outstanding ballet dancer of his time. He was called "exotic, bright, fierce" and "the most frequently photographed man of the XX century." All over the world when he appeared on stage the audience fainted with delight. Rudolf Nureyev (17 March 1938 – 6 January 1993) A Soviet and British ballet dancer and choreographer. During a tour of the Kirov Theater in Paris (June 16, 1961) Rudolf Nureyev decided to defect and stay in the western world. He soon joined the Royal Ballet in London, and quickly became a world celebrity. For more than fifteen years, Nureyev was a star of the Royal Ballet of London. Nureyevs artistic skills explored expressive areas of the dance, providing a new role to the male ballet dancer who once served only as support to the ballerinas. At the Paris Opera, Nureyev simultaneously became a regular soloist with the company, choreographer and director. He danced all over the world (Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, etc.). In 1975, the number of his performances reached 300 per year. From 1983 to 1989, he was the Director of Nureyev ballet company of the Paris Grand Opera. The last years of his life he had spent on the island Gallo Lungo and he dreamed to organize the ballet school there. 5
  • 6. RUSSIAN NIGHTS: THE PROGRAM March 16: Day One is dedicated to Fashion. • Introduction of Mila Anufrieva Lifestyle Atelier. • Haute-couture presentation by Madia Kumaritova and her brand MADOʼ • Exclusive presentation of Rudolf Nureyevs costumes from all over the world. • Presentation of Mila Anufrieva Charity project - Fashion for Charity. • Dinner March 17: Day Two is dedicated to Culture. In memory of the great dancer and legend of Russian ballet - Rudolf Nureyev - “Three passions of Rudolf Nureyev: Places, Music, Cuisine”. • Visit to “Nureyevʼs Island” - Gallo Lungo. • Lunch on the island. • Concert of the rising extraordinary musicians Maxim Beitan (violoncello) and Mateo Sarti (piano). • Gala-dinner by Rudolf Nureyevʼs chef - Giuseppe Guida. March 18: Day Three is dedicated to History. Exclusive tour of Pompeii (places closed to regular tourists / tour of Positano (by choice) 6
  • 7. RUSSIAN NIGHTS: DAY ONE - FASHIONNureyevʼs amazing furnished house, a great collection of costumes, createdby him and many objects of art, are all evidence that he was a great stylist anda connoisseur of luxury.Program of the Day:• 18.00 Presentation of Mila Anufrieva Lifestyle Atelier and its partners: Annagemma Lascari, Donatella Comporese, Luigi Borrelli• 19.00 Haute-couture collection presentation by Madia Kumaritova and her own brand MADOʼ• 19.30 Presentation of Charity Project by Mila Anufrieva Lifestyle Atelier - Fashion for Charity.• 20.00 Exclusive presentation of Rudolf Nureyevs costumes from all over the world.• 20.30 Dinner 7
  • 8. LIFESTYLE ATELIER PARTNERS Annagemma Lascari Luigi Borrelli Napoli Donatella Camporese Years of working close to top One of the oldest Neapolitan designers such as Gianfranco studio of male costume and A jewelry designer from Naples Ferré, Cappucci. Many exclusive accessories. known throughout the world with and famous designs, projects, the company "I Pompeiani". products, concepts... Clothing and accessories from Borrelli, as well as the From cufflinks to earrings, to Years of Head of Fashion proposed brand stylish classics necklaces to anything that may Management Department and in a new, open format are be linked to beauty, she is Master Director at Domus choosing star of Italian football, obsessed by the elegance Academy. successful politicians, heads of coming from the two Bourbon famous dynasties of Europe. Now- Art Director, Atelier Lascari Palaces. 8
  • 9. DAY ONEʼ’S MAIN EVENT: FASHION SHOW Mila Anufrieva Lifestyle Atelier presents Madia Kumaritova and her brand MADOʼ   The designer defines her style as "nostalgia of the ʻ60ʼs". Her inspirations are Italy and Paris, where she lived for many years. Clothing and accessories of MADOʼ are soft enveloping shapes and colors, excellent craftsmanship and prints, materials of exceptional quality from the best manufacturers.     All I create is addressed to a vivid and extraordinary woman who can afford the luxury to stand out from the crowd. She has to be able to wear all these beautiful things and still remain the biggest luxury thing in them. And, of course, the style of MADO has to be appreciated by Men who are close to these Women ... "» Madia Kumaritova 9
  • 10. RUSSIAN NIGHTS: DAY TWO - CULTURE Visit to the favorite places of Rudolf Nureyev - the island Gallo Lungo. Dance, art and music live in this place. The opportunity to enjoy all this splendor is not for everyone. Giovanni Russo the current owner of the island doesnʼt allow anybody to take a picture of these unique private places and maintains it just like their former owners. Lunch on the island – ode to a healthy lifestyle, all of the dishes that will be offered by the chef are made with local products. Fresh fish and seafood, locally grown vegetables, home-made pasta and the best Italian wines.   Favorite places of Nureyev – itʼs not a panoramic excursion, itʼs a meeting with unique places and special people, an opportunity to see what others canʼt . It will be presented Giovanni Russo himself, the owner of the Nureyevʼs Villa and Tre Ville, and others famous people from fashion, busines and politics. Among them: Nicoletta Fioruci - president of Alta Roma, Emanuele Filiberto - Prince of Venice and Piedmont, Maksim Sokolov - Minister of Transportation of Russian Federation, Fabio Borrelli - the owner of Luigi Borrelli Napoli, Lyudmila Narusova - Russian politician, a former member of the Federation Council of Russia, Ugo Simonetti - lawyer, founder and coordinator Studio Legale Simonetti. 10
  • 11. NURAYEVʼ’S ISLAND - GALLO LUNGO ,Island Gallo Lungo was first owned by the talented Russianchoreographer Leonid Massine, the author of Diaghilevs famous"Russian Seasons", who built the elegant Villa Grande in 1924. In1937, the house was restored by one of the most popular andimportant architects of the XX century, Le Corbusier, and then, afterthe death of Massine, was sold along with the other island to anothergreat Russian, whose name is still resounding all over the world, thelegendary ballet dancer and choreographer Rudolf Nureyev.The legendary artist used to hold luxurious parties, invite famousguests, bright Hollywood stars dance with the most worthy andprominent personalities of the last century.Here are some of the great people who were there during the time ofprosperity: Liz Taylor and Igor Stravinsky, Greta Garbo and SophiaLoren, Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy.After the death of Nureyev in 1994, the island was bought by GiovanniRusso, an honorary citizen of Sorrento, an entrepreneur, owner of theTre Ville, Bellevue Syrene, Hilton Sorrento Palace.  «There would be nothing here without the Russians, I truly believe that this Island belongs to Russia! Iʼm trying to maintain the tradition and the spirit of this place». Giovanni Russo 11
  • 12. RUSSIAN NIGHTS: DAY TWO - CULTURE Music The 17th of March will be the 74th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest dancers of the XXth century. On this significant day, after enjoying the fabulous nature, stunning architecture and elegant interiors of Nureyevʼs villa, we will live through the unique event of the trip - an evening of music dedicated to the memory of Rudolf Nureyev. The evening will be full of pleasant surprises. In honor of the birth of the world ballet legend ballet there will be an exclusive concert of the rising cello star Maxim Beitan accompanied by Matteo Sarti (piano). We will take a journey through time and space: from Russia to Italy, from the lyrics of Russian romance to exciting rhythms of tango, from the immortal classics to favorite tunes of popular films. Tchaikovsky and Bizet, Rachmaninoff and Piazzolla, Morricone and Williams - these are the great names whose music will be performed during the evening. 12
  • 13. RUSSIAN NIGHTS: DAY TWO - CULTURE Cuisine Gala Dinner hosted by the brilliant chef Giuseppe Guida. He personally cooked for Rudolf Nureyev personally. Today he is the chef of his own restaurant "Antica Trattoria di Nonna Rosa", which has a Michelin star. The menu of the dinner will include some of Nureyevʼs favorite dishes, an harmonious combination of different cuisines and tastes, an incredible mixture of flavors from the heart of the Mediterranean. 13
  • 14. RUSSIAN NIGHTS: DAY THREE - HISTORY EXCLUSIVE VISIT TO POMPEII A unique opportunity: • Visit the famous sites and places, otherwise closed to the regular public. • To go to "Gastronomy and History" tour with the guide Mattia Buondonno, who personally accompanied the former U.S. president Bill Clinton, actors and other celebrities. • See the real gladiators, dressed in clothes and shoes, as it were 2000 years ago, a complete simulation of colors and shapes of ancient Pompeii. • For dinner, enjoy traditional dishes of ancient Pompeii, prepared according to a modern taste, prepared by the renowned chef Paolo Gramaglia (restaurant «President»). Mattia Buondonno and Mel Gibson 14
  • 15. RUSSIAN NIGHTS: ACCOMODATION1.“Nureyevʼs villa” on the island Gallo LungoThe villa has 6 bedrooms accompanied by 6 bathrooms,food is only from local "bio" products and the best localItalian wine. On the area there are: 2 sea waterswimming pools, two 7-meter boats, one 12-meteryacht, four canoes, one helipad.2.Villa “Tre Ville”The area has its own access to the sea through theelevators, in the rocks or through walking paths, and itʼsdivided into four private villas: White, Pink, Blue, andVilla of Three Pines. There are 15 suites, two of whichhave a private garden.3.Hotel “Bellevue Syrene" 5*The hotel rooms are carefully designed in a way that allof them have a great view on the sea. The hoteloverlooks the bay of Sorrento, from where cruise shipsand ferries go to Capri, Ischia and Naples. In goodweather, there is a perfect view on the Vesuvius. 15
  • 16. SPONSORSGENERAL SPONSORAs a General Sponsor of our event, you will have the following benefits:  • Official presentation of your company as a sponsor of the event; • The opportunity to set up an exhibition stand and a display window during 2 days of the event; • Distribution of information and promotional materials among visitors; • Placement of your logo on all printed materials and handouts; • Indication of the General sponsor of our event trough all media channels and publications related to the event; • Publication of an exclusive interview through online resources of Mila Anufrieva Lifestyle Atelier and in official print editions (media sponsors of event);  Sponsor fee is 10.000 euro    16
  • 17. SPONSORSGOLD SPONSOR As the Gold Sponsor of our event, you will have the following benefits: • Official presentation of your company as an exclusive Gold sponsor of the event; • The opportunity to make a short welcome speech and present your company (10 min); • Exclusive opportunity to set up an exhibition stand and a display window during 2 days of the event; • Two free accommodation in the villa “Tre Ville” during the event; • The opportunity to distribute information and promotional material among visitors during our event; • Placement of your logo on all printed material and handouts; • Publication of your interview in newspapers; • Indication of the Gold Sponsor of our event through all media channels and publications related to the event; • Publication of material regarding your company for 1 year in all our communication channels: official site, online magazine, blog and social networks. Sponsor fee is 25.000 euro The opportunity to become the Gold Sponsor will be provided exclusively to a single company Partner. 17
  • 18. MEDIA PARTNERS Media Partner We invite you to support our event and become one of our media Partners with the purpose of promotion of the upcoming event through mass media to increase and in the tickets sales and find sponsors. The Partner will be mentioned in all communication channels of the project as a "Media Partner". From our side we ask you to: • Place an advertisement page in the magazine; • Publish information about the upcoming event the month before the scheduled date of the event; • Include the information about this event in the planned newsletters (if you have one); • Publish event information summarizing the story. Participation as a supporting organizer will allow you to attract the attention of a large audience.    18
  • 19. EVENT COVERAGE*Printing press La Repubblica, La Stampa, Il Corriere dellaSera, Il MattinoTV Channels:Tg2 Costume e Società, Tg1 cultura, Sky;Tg3 Campania, Rai News (all Europe)Radio: Rai 1, 2 e 3. Radio Capital, Rtl, RadioClassicaInformational Agency: Ansa, Agi, AdnKronos*PR communication is managed by Dieffe Comunicazioneof Carmen Davolo and Daniela Marrapese  19
  • 20. RUSSIAN MEDIA PARTNERSPrinting press • GQ• Style• Bazaar• Tatler• МИЛАН Express,• Bealux- United Colours of Italy,• СОБАКА magazine,• AEROFLOT-Style(distributed during international flights)• Divinam PerfectInternet PortalsSOBAKA.ru 20
  • 21. OUR COMMUNICATION NETWORK FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/mila.anufrieva.vanity OFFICIAL SITE & LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE: www.milaanufrieva.com Overall daily auditory is near to 100.000 page views OFFICIAL BLOG: http://milaanufrieva.livejournal.com 21
  • 22. GETTING TO THE ACCOMMODATION PLACEYou can get to Villa Tre VilleBy car from Rome: take the A1 motorway south to Napoli, then the A3 for Salerno –Reggio Calabria ( not the “Tangenziale di Napoli - the ring road of Naples). Come offthe A3 at Castellamare di Stabia and proceed to follow the brown road signs to thePenisola Sorrentina (Sorrento Peninsular). At Meta di Sorrento follow signs forPositano. At the Positano junction follow signs for Positano and go straight on until"Arienzo". From Positano is easy reachable:By car from Naples Airport Capodichino: join the A3 motorway Napoli – Capri in 20 Minutes bySalerno Reggio Calabria and come off at Castellamare di Stabia. Proceed to follow the Hydrofoil,brown road signs to the Penisola Sorrentina (Sorrento Peninsular). At Meta di Sorrento 15 Km by CarSorrento follow signs for Positano. At the Positano junction follow signs for Positano Napoli approx. 50 Kmand go straight on until "Arienzo".Direct Link on Google Map:https://maps.google.it/maps/ms? 22
  • 23. CONTACTS   http://www.milaanufrieva.com events@milaanufrieva.com via Giovanni Morelli, 1 20131 Milan, Italy tel/fax: +39.02.87074391 mob: +39 327 99 21065