Assignment 2 Version 3


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Version 3 of Assignment 2. Rearranged slide order.

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Assignment 2 Version 3

  1. 1. Crash Course on Creativity Professor Tina Seelig, Stanford Venture Labs Assignment 2 Mala Sarat Chandra October 28, 2012 1
  2. 2. Mala Sarat Chandra 2
  3. 3. Urban Modern CoolMala Sarat Chandra 3
  4. 4. Mala Sarat Chandra 4
  5. 5. Rustic Homey Warm Mala Sarat Chandra 5
  6. 6. ImpressionsCrate and Barrel and Pottery Barn try hard tocreate a welcoming ambience. Distinctive.Informative. Encourage exploration.Friendly, attentive staff, there to help whenneeded. Security is unobtrusive. Mala Sarat Chandra 6
  7. 7. InsightsLarge, well-lit store, invites exploration.Color scheme and themes are coordinated and distinct.Seasonal items standout from everyday items.Advice on how to use products are provided clearly in each section.Items on sale are displayed tastefully alongside those that are not.40 pleasant, knowledgeable sales people are available in the store toattend to every need instantly. Opportunities The furniture department appeared rather more crowded than the general home accessories department. The bright lights tended to overpower the furniture. Varying lighting arrangements by room type would have made it easier to imagine the furniture in a home setting. Mala Sarat Chandra 7
  8. 8. OpportunitiesInsights Reduce clutter.The store is too cluttered. Improve store navigation.Although everything is arranged by Offer examples to guide customersfunction (window through the store experience.accessories, candles, table linen) the Make custom design services alayout is not obvious. distinctive place in the store.Custom design is offered but it’s Make clear the advantages of customunclear that it is. services. Mala Sarat Chandra 8
  9. 9. Mala Sarat Chandra 9
  10. 10. BasicClutteredWall of ShoesRacks of Clothes Mala Sarat Chandra 10
  11. 11. Mala Sarat Chandra 11
  12. 12. BasicLess ClutteredWall of ShoesRacks of Clothes Mala Sarat Chandra 12
  13. 13. ImpressionsChamps and Finish Line had similar ambience.Basic, functional, walls of shoes and racks ofclothes. Champs was cluttered, Finish Line lessso but not by much. No attention from staffeven after 10 minutes of “browsing” in thestore. Getting staff attention was difficult – notenough of them. Waited awhile for staff to bringme shoes to try on. Long wait line at thecheckout counter. Mala Sarat Chandra 13
  14. 14. Insights:A basic store could still provide a pleasant shopping experience. Too manyuncoordinated colors and textures. The floor was too cluttered for comfort.Opportunities:More sales people per store is essential. Mala Sarat Chandra 14
  15. 15. Insights:A basic storecould stillprovide apleasantshopping Opportunities:experience. More sales people per store isToo many essential.uncoordinatedcolors andtextures. Thefloor was toocluttered forcomfort. Mala Sarat Chandra 15
  16. 16. Mala Sarat Chandra 16
  17. 17. OpenMinimalistProduct focused Mala Sarat Chandra 17
  18. 18. ImpressionsOpen, minimalist, uncluttered. Not crowded fora change. Large tables with products on display.Customers encouraged to browse, interact withand compare product configurations online.Knowledgeable, attentive, helpful staff. Brightblue shirts make them easy to spot. Storesecurity not easy to see. Mala Sarat Chandra 18
  19. 19. Insights: Opportunities:Boring colors – the brown Carry forward Apple’sfloor, pine wood table product color schemes offinish, bright blue displays white and black withdid not live up to the design splashes of color to improveApple is so famous for. store appearance. Mala Sarat Chandra 19
  20. 20. Mala Sarat Chandra 20
  21. 21. Red White Boring Mala Sarat Chandra 21
  22. 22. ImpressionsMacy’s don’t seem focused on customers. Cold.Unappealing. No unifying theme. Hard tonavigate. Too cluttered to explore. Productseither clustered by designer (KateSpade, Martha Stewart) or type(Kitchenware, Coffee, Towels). Unhelpful staff.Security is obvious. Mala Sarat Chandra 22
  23. 23. Insights: Opportunities:Too old school. Tired So many!design. Start with the storeSales people not design – colormotivated to help. schemes, themes, layoOnly die-hard, long- ut.time customers cannavigate the store Train staff to besuccessfully. pleasant, courteous, h elpful.Perhaps prices arewhat attract Act as if customerscustomers. I would matter!rather shop Macy’sonline than visit thestore. Mala Sarat Chandra 23