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Tampere Connected City is where Technology, Communication and Design meet creating a one of a kind Smart City for business & living.

The booklet describes the 4 holistic concepts for creating the Connected City.

Tampere, it's just 10 minutes!
- lake to lake by foot
- forest to forest by bike
- hotspot to hotspot by tram

"big city opportunities - small city living"

Team SmartyPants: Trent, Mikko, Joe
Our team spent 2 months to envision a holistic ideal of Tampere SmartCity & Living for the city of Tampere as part of Demola Summer 2013 program in New Factory. The mission was the make dreamable planable, planable doable and doable DONE.

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Tampere Connected City Booklet

  1. 1. Tampere Smart City Introduction 1
  2. 2. Tampere Smart City Introduction 2 3 gentlemen from around the world gathered together for two months to create a holistic ideal of a Smarter Tampere. With the fate of Tampere in their trusted hands, they were tasked with providing a vision of Smart City & Living, cre- ate an action plan, and engage potential partners in the creation of a New Tampere. TAMPERE SMART CITY Make the Dreamable Plannable, The Plannable Doable, and The Doable Done. Introduction CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS The team members have wide skillset in fields varying from media and business to technology and design. TRENT MIKKO JOE
  4. 4. Tampere Smart City 4 Buses & Trams WiFi Infrastructure Hotspots & Co-Working Stations Wireless Charging Stations Comprehensive City Platform Bicycle & Walking Paths Personal Interactions CONNECTED CITY Tampere - where Technology, Communication and Design meet creating an ideal environment in which to live and work. CONNECTED VIA Introduction
  5. 5. Tampere Smart City 55Tampere Smart City Open platforms to work, collaborate and prototype. Hotspotecosystem Citizensourcing Prototypecity Cityportal Tap into Tampere’s greatest re- source: the community. Invite, encourage and display new designs. Easy access to information for every- one.
  6. 6. 6Tampere Smart City An ecosystem of open platforms to work, collaborate and prototype. A network of worksites throughout Tampere that provide resources, ser- vices and accessibility for businesses and individuals. Hotspotecosystem Citizensourcing Prototypecity Cityportal Tap into Tampere’s greatest re- source: the community. Invite, encourage and display new designs. Easy access to information for every- one.
  7. 7. Tampere Smart City 77Tampere Smart City The way people work is changing. Many employees work best without the constraints of time and location, and more companies want to make the shift towards meeting the needs of this New Work. Productive and creative work requires quality resources, facilities and networks. New Work means more than simply working from home; it needs a connected infrastructure to promote this new culture of working. Tampere already has many of the elements & buildings sites needed. Let’s connect the dots and create a networked ecosystem that connects the existing infrastructure to let employees work to their full potential.
  8. 8. Tampere Smart City 8Hotspot ecosystem OPEN PLATFORMS TO WORK, COLLABORATE AND PROTOTYPE. It’s a blend of technology and people getting smarter about getting efficient use out of their space. Nowadays people don’t necessarily need a landline all the time that’s plugged into a wall that they have to go to and sit in front of every single day. SANDE GOLGART REGUS RESOURCES & COMMUNITY THEMED WORK ENVIRONMENTS SATELLITE WORKSTATIONS STUDENT INTEGRATION A network of workstations, resources and community that provides the necessary tools to allow time and location free work, unplanned collaboration, and co-creation. This benefits individuals, start-ups and larger enterprises.
  9. 9. Tampere Smart City 9Hotspot ecosystem RESOURCES & COMMUNITY Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, SMEs and Industry Leaders all have something to gain from the Hotspot Ecosystem. The network of professionals and resources connect and support one another, creating an open platform for successful growth on all levels. INDIVIDUALS & ENTREPRENEURS START-UPS & SMEs LARGE ENTERPRISES have access to resources and services usual- ly reserved for large enterprises, including a community of professionals in varying fields. This saves time and money, allowing them to focus on what matters most. are connected to expensive software and specialized equipment which was previously unavailable. They save on overhead thanks to co-working spaces and shared resources. can allow their workers to work time and location free, while still providing access to quality spaces and resources. Outside companies are encouraged to do business in Tampere, as there is less risk involved. CO-CREATION SUPPORT SYSTEM UNPLANNED COLLABORATION
  10. 10. Tampere Smart City 10Hotspot ecosystem The network of Hotspots is spread throughout Tampere, each with a separate theme, based on what is already being developed in that area. These hubs are outfitted with unique equipment based on their “theme”, such as R&D Labs, 3-D Printers or virtual studios, that are made available to everyone in the Hotspot Network. Hotspots are connected by tram and bus, so it is easy to move between locations throughout the day. MEDIAPOLIS TOHLOPPI BUILD - ING ONKINIEMI INNOVARE FINLAYSON STRING TULLI H.E.A.L.T.H. KAUPPI TECHVILLE HERVANTA THEMED ENVIRONMENTS
  11. 11. Tampere Smart City 11Hotspot ecosystem Cafes, bookstores, restaurants and more join the Hotspot Ecosystem by acting as satellite workstations. These workstations offer simple office amenities, such as computers, printers and Wi-Fi, to members of the Hotspot Community. Members of the network also receive discounts and incentives, making them an ideal place to hold client meetings or conduct business. SATELITE WORKSTATIONS MEDIAPOLIS TOHLOPPI BUILD - ING ONKINIEMI INNOVARE FINLAYSON STRING TULLI H.E.A.L.T.H. KAUPPI TECHVILLE HERVANTA
  12. 12. Tampere Smart City 12Hotspot ecosystem STUDENT INTEGRATION Non-Traditional Education is an integral part of the Hotspot Ecosystem. Working with local Universities, professionals and students engage in real world, hands-on projects together. Organized workshops, sympo- siums and open university courses provide theoretical understanding. COLLABORATION WITH COMPANIES EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION POP-UP COMPANIES Building on existing collaboration models, such as Demola and Proakateemia, provides students with experience, and companies the opportunities for more dy- namic business with lower cost & risk rate. Student-run projects and businesses, such as cafes, restaurants and IT services, com- bined with lectures and open online courses (MOOC) act as part of their University curric- ulum, educating future employees based on real economic needs. Encouraging entrepreneurship, trial comp- anies are created by students and facilitated by professionals. This offers a safe environ- ment for students to safely test their business models in a real environment without the risk of financial ruin. SUSTAINABLE SELF-RENEWING ECOSYSTEM
  13. 13. 13 The city has needs. If we open these needs up to the people of Tampere (Citizens and Small Businesses) and ask for help in solving them we can build pride & community throughout Tampere. Open platforms to work, collaborate and prototype. Hotspotecosystem Citizensourcing Prototypecity Cityportal Invite, encourage and display new designs. Easy access to information for every- one. 13Tampere Smart CityTampere Smart City
  14. 14. Tampere Smart City 1414Tampere Smart City The Tampere community is filled with ambitious students, driven entre- preneurs and a thriving field of business people. The citizens of Tampere have great ideas and the ability to make a difference. The city has needs, and not all of them can be solved by the government. By opening these needs up to the people of Tampere and asking for help in solving them, we can build new pride & community throughout Tam- pere. Tampere has many impressive resources that make it feel like home. We love what we build together. Let’s tap into Tampere’s greatest resource: the community.
  15. 15. Tampere Smart City 15Citizensourcing Creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the com- munity by going beyond simply listening, and enlisting cit- izens to help design and execute particular government services. Harvesting the collective intelligence of the com- munity solves meaningful issues and promotes awareness, communication, and understanding. TAP INTO TAMPERE’S GREATEST RESOURCE: THE COMMUNITY JAM SESSIONS DO TAMPERE FESTIVAL ADOPTED TAMPERE AUTONOMOUS DISTRICTS The people around us can not only help us make better places, they can help us lead better lives. CANDY CHANG COMMUNITY ARTIST & TED FELLOW
  16. 16. Tampere Smart City 16Citizensourcing JAM SESSIONS City supported “Action Tanks” that bring members of the community together to identify actionable solutions to some of the city’s needs. Facilitated by professionals, these intensive sessions ask Tampere citizens to define, design and implement solutions to needs and problems throughout the city. The Jam Sessions take place on a local scale, as well as an international scale, bringing Tampere more global recognition.
  17. 17. Tampere Smart City 17Citizensourcing Event Organizers Facilitators City Officials & Department Heads Sponsors Artists, Designers, Students, Builders, Businesses, Citizens Volunteers Organize Produce Jam Events Work with city to identify needs Research solution ideas Find project partners sponsors Facilitate the group ideation implementation Funds basic costs Provides access to city spaces resources Suggest partners sponsors Supports Jam facilitators Divide Into Groups Ideate Alternative Solutions Use personal talents tools Plan Actionable Solutions Work Together to Build Design Solutions Implement Solutions Where Needed 1 Theme 25 People 48 Hours
  18. 18. Tampere Smart City 18Citizensourcing Bike Infrastructure Jam session Build, Modify Install Bike Racks “Polkupyörä Päivä” Planning Create Temporary Bike LaneGuidelines Create Used Bikes Parts Database Set Up MaintenanceWorkshop and Classes Design Cyclist Info Packet Build Install “Fix-It” Stations
  19. 19. Tampere Smart City 19Citizensourcing DO TAMPERE FESTIVAL A Hands-On Festival sponsored by the city that combines Community Service, Music, Art, Classes and more. These are all taught, facilitated, and presented by members of the local community, bringing together business owners, citizens and public servants to celebrate and explore Tampere. ACTION TANKS ENTERTAINMENT CLASSES FOOD Jam Sessions where citizens join together help keep Tampere beautiful. Stages that provide a place for Local and International performan- ces and artistic showcases. Local businesses, artists tradespeople offer workshops and classes at low rates, giving people an opportunity to learn new skills, try new hobbies and meet new people. Catering provided by various local restaurants and chefs, providing an opportunity for citizens to try new foods and find new favorite eateries.
  20. 20. Tampere Smart City 20Citizensourcing ADOPTED TAMPERE Individuals, community groups and associations agree to maintain a public space for up to one year. The City provides resources, training and promotion for adopting company/group. INVEST TIME VOLUNTEER SERVICE IN BY BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR Individuals Groups Organizations Businesses Public Parks/Forests Lakefront Shoreline Playgrounds Groundskeeping Services Garbage/Litter Removal Public Events Graffiti Removal Equipment Upkeep Fundraising For New Amenities
  21. 21. Tampere Smart City 21Citizensourcing AUTONOMOUS DISTRICTS Communities neighborhoods have the power to make decisions about local developments through social budgeting, town hall meetings, and more. Citizens can design, build and maintain their communities, providing them with pride and identity. LOCALLY MADE DECISIONS GOVERNMENT AS FACILITATORS CROWD-SOURCED/FUNDED PERSONALIZED TAX DISTRIBUTION Each district decides over local issues, such as community events, neighborhood planning, provisions and amenities. The City oversees and facilitates all actions within the districts, providing resources and network connections to help get things done. An online platform provided by the City of Tampere allows mem- bers of the community to propose, collect funding for, and imple- ment their ideas and initiatives. Allowing people to allocate a certain portion of their taxes to go towards the issues and projects they find important.
  22. 22. Tampere Smart City Introduction 22 Tap into Tampere’s greatest re- source: the community. Open platforms to work, collaborate and prototype. Hotspotecosystem Citizensourcing Prototypecity Cityportal Encouraging local businesses, inviting Global collaboration, and displaying new technological advancements, Tampere steps into the global limelight of innovation. Easy access to information for every- one. 22Tampere Smart CityTampere Smart City
  23. 23. Tampere Smart City 23Prototype City 23Tampere Smart City Tampere has a great image as a global leader in the mobile software industry. Let’s expand this image to include the development of smart technologies. By encouraging local businesses, inviting international cooperation, and displaying new technological advancements, Tampere steps into the global limelight of innovation. Creating a global buzz about the open platforms Tampere offers will breed new business, which will inspire the brilliant minds within Tampere to create their next big innovation.
  24. 24. Tampere Smart City 24Prototype CityPrototype City PROTOTYPECITY TAMPERE TESTING GROUNDS THE TAMPERE STANDARD CITY CANVAS SMART ART INVITE, ENCOURAGE AND DISPLAY NEW DESIGNS. The San Diego region was selected by major automotive manufacturers for the initial market launch of plug-in EVS in 2011. SMART CITY SAN DIEGO Communities neighborhoods have the power to make decisions about local developments through social budgeting, town hall meetings, and more. Citizens can design, build and maintain their communities, providing them with pride and identity.
  25. 25. Tampere Smart City 25Prototype City TAMPERE TESTING GROUNDS Offering Tampere as a testing grounds for new products will inspire local business growth, get the attention of outside industries, and turn Tampere into the location for smart technology development. The global buzz will also inspire the brilliant minds within Tampere to create their next big innovation. FOLDING VEHICLES STRAWBERRY TREE SOLAROAD Folding vehicles save space, reduce congestion and lower emissions. The world’s first public solar charger for mobile devices and wireless internet connection SolaRoad is the first Dutch road surface containing integrated solar cells enabling the road to be used while at the same time generating solar energy.
  26. 26. Tampere Smart City 26Prototype City THE TAMPERE STANDARD Requiring all new construction to implement smart technologies into their infrastructure creates a new standard that focuses on sustainability, efficiency and security. Slowly retrofitting older construction brings them in line with the new Tampere Standard. To support Electric Vehicles, drivers need affordable, convenient, and compatible options for charging. Charging stations at workplaces and public destinations boost the market acceptance of EVs. Measuring ambient light with directionable sensor probes, Libelium’s Smart Lighting device is capable of monitoring conditions inside buildings or in tunnels, and outside, in the streets. Intelligent tools in homes, such as the NEST Thermostat, learn about you and your home as they function. Then, they automatically ajust to your lifestyle for optimal comfort and energy savings. EV PLATFORM LIGHT SENSORS SMART TOOLS IN HOMES
  27. 27. Tampere Smart City 27Prototype City CITY CANVAS Communities neighborhoods have the power to make decisions about local developments through social budgeting, town hall meetings, and more. Citizens can design, build and maintain their communities, providing them with pride and identity. TEMPORARY GALLERIES SMART ART INSTALLATIONS TAKEOVER TAMPERE CITY CHALLENGE Non-Permanent showrooms, such as used semi-truck trailers and vacant real estate, in public spaces that highlight projects being developed within Tampere. Applying design and aesthetics to objects of function and everyday use. Allow artists, performers and designers the opportunity to temporarily “hijack the city” with installations of art and technology. Finding opportunities within Tampere that could be made more useful and offer the opportunity for proposals on how to utilize the space.
  28. 28. Tampere Smart City 28Prototype City SMART ART By creating, sharing and viewing art everyday we enrich our lives culturally and aesthetically. Smart art merges beauty and intellectual stimulation with function and practicality. Increasing exposure and understanding of art fuels a happy, creative, and more culturally aware community. Designed Functionality Repurposed Design Interactive Integration Art For Change Practical or Useful Objects Enhanced and Made Beautiful by Design Recycled Materials Used In Beautiful Ways Combining Art and Service Value Encouraging Social Action Involvement
  29. 29. 29Tampere Smart City Designed Functionality: Practical or Useful Objects Enhanced by Beauty Bike Racks Benches Playable Fountains Public Amenities The Spaghetti Bench / Pablo Reinoso
  30. 30. 30Tampere Smart City Repurposed Design: Recycled Materials Used In Beautiful Ways Sculptures Bike Racks Graffiti Walls Rio de Janeiro
  31. 31. Tampere Smart City 31 Interactive Integration: Combining Art and Customer Service Solar-Powered Charging Stations Ubiquitous Kiosks Interactive Signposts NYC - IBM Think Installation
  32. 32. Tampere Smart City 32 Art For Change: Art Encouraging Social Action Involvement “I WISH THIS WAS” Community Chalkboards Candy Chang - I Wish This Was
  33. 33. Tampere Smart City City Portal 33 Tap into Tampere’s greatest re- source: the community. Open platforms to work, collaborate and prototype. Hotspotecosystem Citizensourcing Prototypecity Cityportal Invite, encourage and display new designs. The city as a portal for everyone to be able to easily access the information they need, how and where they need it. 33Tampere Smart CityTampere Smart City
  34. 34. Tampere Smart City City Portal 3434Tampere Smart City In order to maintain an innovative and connected atmosphere, citizens must not only have information made available, but they must be able to access it however, wherever and whenever they want. By creating an accessible infrastructure of information, the community stays knowledgeable and inspired. Rewarding the people of Tampere with effortless, accessible and well organized information means Tampere stays connected and runs fluidly.
  35. 35. Tampere Smart City City Portal 35 CITY PORTAL COMPREHENSIVE WEB PLATFORM PUBLIC ACCESSIBILITY DATA UTILIZATION Technology is making it possible to fundamentally reframe the function of government in a way that can actually scale by strengthening civil society... JENNIFER PAHLKA, CODE FOR AMERICA By creating an infrastructure of information, the city becomes a portal where everyone can easily access the information they need how and where they need it. This enriches the lives of those who live and work in Tampere. EASY ACCESS TO INFORMATION FOR EVERYONE
  36. 36. Tampere Smart City City Portal 36 COMPREHENSIVE WEB PLATFORM One location where citizens, businesses visitors can easily access any information needed about Tampere. An easy-to-use platform that offers government services alongside a network of independent websites and applications. CURRENT CITY SERVICES COMMUNITY FOCUSED APPS SPONSORED NETWORK Simple and specific links to current services and programs within tampere. Building and sponsoring new web and mobile applications that give citizens a voice. A network of independently produced apps and services created just for Tampere.
  37. 37. Tampere Smart City 37 COMMUNITY FOCUSED APPS A selection of apps and services provided by governments around the world: CITIZEN REPORTING: (SeeClickFix) COMMUNITY INPUT: (Textizen) ONLINE IDEATION: (MindMixer) CITIZEN FEEDBACK: (CitySourced) Report non-emergency issues, such as graffiti and fallen trees, with the click of a button. Community surveys conducted via text message. Let the government know what you want in your community. And actually get a response. Identify civic issues and report them to the government for quick resolution.
  38. 38. Tampere Smart City City Portal 38 PUBLIC ACCESSIBILITY Providing Tampere hassle-free access to the internet wherever they are. This is done through a complimentary wireless network that includes re-designed wi-fi distributors and automated kiosks spread throughout the city center. Wi-Fi DISTRIBUTION SPONSORED CONNECTION AUTOMATED KIOSKS An infrastructure for Wireless Internet requires several hotspots placed throughout the city. Through solar and other technologies, Bus Stops, Garbage Cans, Park Benches and more become portals for internet connection. Dividing up the city-center into sections that can be sponsored by local businesses who become providers of the wireless internet in that area. Spread throughout the city, automated kiosks, such as the UrbanFlow kiosks developed for Helsinki, provide Wi-Fi, as well as information on bus/tram routes and schedules, local amenities, travel guide and historic information about the surrounding areas.
  39. 39. Tampere Smart City City Portal 39 DATA UTILIZATION Gathering and analyzing data generated by citizens, visitors and businesses within Tampere and using this data to re- design infrastructure, community services and more throughout the entire Tampere region. CITY GRID OPEN DATA PLATFORM BIG DATA Advanced data analytics leverage data from different sources, and deliver value in different electric utility applications. Harvest and apply these systems to build or renovate complex systems like electrical grids. There are many areas where open data can be of value. There are also many different groups of people and organisations who can benefit from the availability of open data, including government itself, and turn it into useful tools for the community. Harvesting and exploiting the natural data created as people live and work in Tampere can be used to streamline everything in Tampere. This includes public safety, buildings, energy, water, transportation, social programs, healthcare, and education.
  40. 40. ABOUT THE TEAM For two months, the SmartyPants Team had the opportunity to research envision creative solutions and approaches towards developing a Smarter Tampere. The project was sponsored by the City of Tampere as a part of the 2013 Demola Summer Program. Joe Pacal @PorcelainKid Czech Republic Trent Pancy @TrentPancy USA Mikko Väätäinen @MikkoVaatainen Savo Joe is a visual artist and a graphic designer specializing in brand development and digi- tal experience design. Along with professional production, he gets his hands dirty working on personal creative projects to extend his artistic capabilities. Trent is a consultant, comedian and producer based in Tampere. In addition to producing shows and events throughout Finland, he uses Applied Improvisation to facilitate alternative learning methods in businesses and organizations. Mikko is a designer and consul- tant, professionally focusing on designing businesses, services and products with “co-” prefix, promising insight action in his work. Motto behind his activi- ties is “Things may be serious but doing doesn’t have to!” For more information about this project or the team, please visit www.demola.fi. The team members have wide background and a variety of skillsets in fields varying from media and business to facilitation and design: