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  • LinkedIn Groups API Description:Access LinkedIn Groups and enable your users to engage with professionals. Integrate the ability to retrieve discussions, post new discussions, comment, like, follow posts, interact with group members and join the group. Also, retrieve a user's current and suggested groups.
  • $50k per month , minimum 6 month investment = $300k
  • 2. don’t let someone else advertise in that space
  • Create a community with linked in groups

    1. 1. Talent SolutionsCreate a Community with LinkedIn GroupsApril 9th 2013
    2. 2. Quick Intro Lauren Fogarty Employer Branding & Media Consultant
    3. 3. Agenda Why groups? The anatomy of a group Insights on your group members How to drive membership Premium group options Best practices TALENT SOLUTIONS
    4. 4. Why groups? TALENT SOLUTIONS
    5. 5. Groups: a Solution, not a Product Client Goals or Challenges LinkedIn’s Solution • Engaging Alumni • Employer Branding • Thought-Leadership • Reduction in Force • Talent Communities The groups platform can offer the flexibility to meet more advanced needs around engagement TALENT SOLUTIONS
    6. 6. Why do members join groups? Why do members join Groups? • The topic, industry or function is of interest • Participating in the Group can help them be successful at their job • The Group offers them a way to keep in touch with connections • Their colleagues are in the Group • People they respect or are influential also belong to the Group There are over 1.5M groups on LinkedIn TALENT SOLUTIONS
    7. 7. The anatomy of a groupMember perspective TALENT SOLUTIONS
    8. 8. The core of a Group – the discussion Group Tabs Members can contribute with a discussion or a poll Carousel showcases recent or popular discussions Discussion feeds Most recent comments All topic comments Poll Topic Shared Article TALENT SOLUTIONS
    9. 9. The right rail of a group Manager’s Choice (can be turned on or off) Latest Updates 300x250 Ad Unit Top Influencers Group Statistics TALENT SOLUTIONS
    10. 10. The Members Tab Top Group Influencers Members by relevance Recent Activity TALENT SOLUTIONS
    11. 11. The Jobs Tab Moderator can create relevant job feeds Jobs are posted by moderator or shared by group members Jobs are searchable based on standard job-search criteria TALENT SOLUTIONS
    12. 12. The Search Tab Search group discussions or members Search your own group activity TALENT SOLUTIONS
    13. 13. More… • Updates: List of all recent Group updates and activity • Your Activity: List of a member’s recent Group activity • Your Settings: Where a member can manage Group visibility and correspondence • Subgroups: A member can view the subgroups associated with a Group • Group Profile: Overview of the Group (owner, mission, members, website) • Group Statistics: General stats about Group activity TALENT SOLUTIONS
    14. 14. The anatomy of a groupOwner/ manager perspective TALENT SOLUTIONS
    15. 15. Who does what?Roles and responsibilities related to Groups Group Members contribute to the conversation Group Members Moderators prioritize and delete discussions Moderators Managers have all Moderator capabilities plus they control pre- Managers display moderation and member administration Owner Owners have all Manager capabilities plus they can open the group to the public, terminate the group or change ownership TALENT SOLUTIONS
    16. 16. Managing a Group Moderators, Managers and Owners will see a “Manage Tab” TALENT SOLUTIONS
    17. 17. Managing a Group – Owner View Only a LinkedIn Member can own a group – Groups can’t be owned by Companies TALENT SOLUTIONS
    18. 18. Group Visibility – First DecisionOpen vs. Members-only GroupsOpen Groups are publically viewable Members-only Groups are private. Onlyand shareable by everyone online. This members of the group can view groupincludes non-LinkedIn members. content and contribute to the conversation.Advantages of going public includeincreased visibility, expansion of the Do not open the group if subjectaudience, increased participation matter is sensitive, or the goal is to limit the number who can view/contribute content TALENT SOLUTIONS
    19. 19. Benefits of Open and Members-only Groups Benefit Open Groups Members-Only Discussion visibility Public and LinkedIn Only Group members Indexing by search Yes No engines Social media sharing Yes No Anyone on LinkedIn can Manager to decide No contribute Once a Group is open to the public, it cannot be reverted to members-only Only Group owners can open the Group TALENT SOLUTIONS
    20. 20. Group Settings manage access Group Settings Navigation is home for most moderation settings TALENT SOLUTIONS
    21. 21. Organize where content appears in the Group TALENT SOLUTIONS
    22. 22. Control who may contribute to Group content Note: These are especially important settings for Open Groups TALENT SOLUTIONS
    23. 23. Review the Submission QueueReview posts before they go live TALENT SOLUTIONS
    24. 24. Review the Moderation QueueReview content flagged by members TALENT SOLUTIONS
    25. 25. Manage requests to join TALENT SOLUTIONS
    26. 26. Encourage repeat visits with Announcements TALENT SOLUTIONS
    27. 27. Invite members to join the group TALENT SOLUTIONS
    28. 28. Pre-approve individuals for membership When “request to join” settings are enabled, this feature allows managers to pre-approve list of individuals TALENT SOLUTIONS
    29. 29. View members and roles TALENT SOLUTIONS
    30. 30. Manage the details of your group Logos Summary , description, website TALENT SOLUTIONS
    31. 31. Set group rules Group Rules will appear on top of all Group Pages Group Rules are Optional TALENT SOLUTIONS
    32. 32. Develop templates for communication TALENT SOLUTIONS
    33. 33. View and manage existing sub-groups TALENT SOLUTIONS
    34. 34. Change Group Owner Only Owner can change a Manager TALENT SOLUTIONS
    35. 35. Create a Subgroup  Same template as group creation  Only Managers and Owners can create a subgroup  Only 20 subgroups allowed TALENT SOLUTIONS
    36. 36. Feature discussions with Manager’s Choice  Available through the Search Tab  The top choice will appear in the module  Controlled by Owners, Managers, and Moderators TALENT SOLUTIONS
    37. 37. Insights on your group members TALENT SOLUTIONS
    38. 38. In-Group Statistics FYI - Group Statistics are visible to all viewers. TALENT SOLUTIONS
    39. 39. Group Statistics TALENT SOLUTIONS
    40. 40. Group Statistics TALENT SOLUTIONS
    41. 41. How to drive membership TALENT SOLUTIONS
    42. 42. 3 Ways to Drive Traffic to a Group Paid Media Viral Distribution Offsite / API TALENT SOLUTIONS
    43. 43. Serve them engaging ‘Join Group’ Ads XYZco Group XYZco Group This is where you will type the Featured Discussion: “What small to description of the group that this ad is midsized companies are demonstrating promoting. This is where you will type excellence in social media strategy and the description of the group that this ad leading by example?” is promoting. Join Group Join Group Ryan Roslansky and 4 other connections joined. Boost membership by reaching targeted professionals Personalized to each viewer based on their network connections Provide Group information and context Requires minimum of 2 Featured Discussions TALENT SOLUTIONS
    44. 44. Drive Traffic to Your Group with InMailMessaging InMail Best Practices • Maintain clear call to action • Be Personal • Include example of discussions • Tell members why they have been selected • Tell members what they will gain by joining the group TALENT SOLUTIONS
    45. 45. Grow your Group Members off LinkedIn 1) Add one-click Join Groups buttons to your website/ intranet TALENT SOLUTIONS 45
    46. 46. Premium group options TALENT SOLUTIONS
    47. 47. Standard Group (free) – no brandingYou can advertise tomembers of a groupbut there is no groupbranding TALENT SOLUTIONS
    48. 48. Sponsored Group – own the ad real estateClient can own thead space (300x250)on the right handside and customize TALENT SOLUTIONS
    49. 49. Custom Group – entire right rail + custom developmentYou can fill theentire right rail withinteractiveadvertising units –LinkedIn will assist increativedevelopment TALENT SOLUTIONS
    50. 50. Best practices for meaningful Groups Identify the Audience Build Membership Engage Members and Set Objectives and Goals Stay Relevant “Building a community with intent; frequently and pointedly engaging talented people around the world, whether for jobs available today or anticipated tomorrow, will flourish.” Chris Hoyt PepsiCo TALENT SOLUTIONS
    51. 51. Strong Group Examples TALENT SOLUTIONS
    52. 52. Keyword: GroupsFor more info on premium group options, please contact your LinkedIn Rep or me (Lauren Fogarty: TALENT SOLUTIONS 52