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If you require a Step by Step Guide on "How to grow an Income with KB Gold" -

then please DOWNLOAD to your Desktop - the very important attachment to this

email. Let me know if you cannot find it and I will help you...!!

Here are the contents:


1) How to Get Registered

2) What You need to know about the Product

3) Sharing the Opportunity with Others


4) YOU & Your Affiliates must attend the online KB Training Events

5) TEAM Training - Live Conference Call every Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue

6) Make sure YOU and Your Affiliates Download Skype, Open a

Facebook Account & Like the Fan Page

7) Further Knowledge

Your Upline Team Leader,

Yours Sincerely,

Kind regards,

Michael J Robey

KB Gold - Independent Partner

New Corporate Website: http://kbvisiondirect.com

Info Website: http://mykbvision.net

Team One Website: http://bit.ly/goldfromkb

Email: michaeljrobey@gmail.com

Skype: michaelrobey1

Tel: +44 1172305226

How To Market Online?

Learn from Cowboy Mikey


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Kb Gold - getting started as an affiliate-2

  1. 1. GETTING STARTED AS AN AFFILIATE WITH KB GOLD<br />1) How to Get Registered<br />2) What You need to know about the Product<br />3) Sharing the Opportunity with Others<br />MORE ADVANCED TRAINING<br />4) YOU & YourAffiliatesmustattendthe online KB Training Events<br />5) TEAM Training – Live ConferenceCalleverySat, Sun, Mon, Tue<br />6) Makesure YOU and YourAffiliatesDownloadSkype, Open a<br />FacebookAccount & Likethe Fan Page<br />7) Further Knowledge <br />
  2. 2. Getting Registered with KB<br />By registering, YOU will be able to purchase products made available by KB Vision and you will be able to become a KB Vision Affiliate and participate in the KB Vision opportunity.<br />The registration is FREE and has NO obligations or financial commitments.<br />
  3. 3. PART 1. - How to Get Registered - <br />Tell the Person who told you about KB GOLD that you want to register for FREE.<br />They will send you an email requesting the following;<br />Your choice of Username - Choose a unique username (a-z and/or 0-9 only)<br />First Name <br />Last Name / Surname <br />Date of Birth<br />E-mail Address <br />Residential Address <br />City <br />State <br />Zip/Postcode <br />Country of Residence<br />Send these details by email to your Sponsor<br />
  4. 4. Your Job as a KB Affiliate<br />STEP 1.Ifyou are ALREADY anAffiliate and you are RegisteringotherAffiliatesforthe 1st time, thenwatchthe Video www.KB.GoldBlog.us<br />STEP 2.Gotothe Online Spreadsheet, whichyou WILL havereceivedfrom YOUR Sponsor and registerthedetails of your new Affiliate<br />STEP 3.Gotothemain KB Websitewww.kb-vision.comto complete theregistration of your new Affiliate. <br />STEP 4.Telephoneyour new Affiliateimmediately - toconfirmtheirRegistrationiscompleted and talkthemthroughhowtochangetheirPassword and uploadtheir KYC docswhich are Proof of Id and Proof of Address<br />Toregister a new Affiliatewilltake no more than 10 minutes<br />
  5. 5. PART 2. - What You need to know about the Product<br />We DO NOT GIVE FINANCIAL ADVICE and NEVER USE THE WORD INVESTMENT – We simply show people how to swap spare cash for Gold Bullion. <br />Gold has always throughout history – been a great store of value..!!<br />ALL you DO need to know - is how to refer people to <br />The 14 Minute Recorded Call <br />TEL: USA (001) 605-475-4309 with an Access Code of 982603<br />AND refer people to the Website<br />www.MyKBGold.us<br />
  6. 6. PART 3. – Howto share theOpportunitywithothers -<br />Ask everyoneyouknowthefollowingquestion –<br />Ask themiftheyhavebeenfollowingthenewsabouttheeconomyrecently, thedebt crisis in USA, Ireland, UK, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Greeceetc – and rising un-employmentetc -<br />Ask iftheyhavecheckedrecentlywhatinterestthey are gettingpaidontheir Bank Accounts – eithertheirCheckingAccountortheirSavingsAccount – theywillprobablylaugh –<br />You can tellthemthattheywillbegettinglessthan 2% p.aontheiraccounts.<br />WithInflationquotedaround 5% butsaidbymanytobe at least 10% p.a – thatmeansthey are losingover 8% p.a.ontheirSavings..!!<br />Tellthem, youhavefound a FinancialInstitution, thatallowspeopleto Open a FREE Online Account – and thatpaysyou more interestonyoursavings – whenevertherate of inflationgetsworse..!! <br />Theywillask – howdoesthatwork?<br />Tellthemtowritethisnumberdown001- 605-475-4309. It´s a recordedcallthatwilltellyoueverything. Youwillalsoneedtoenteran Access Codewhenyougetconnected – The Access Codeis982603. Ask themiftheyhavewrittenitdowncorrectly?<br />AftertheyhavelistenedtotheCall , tellthemtogotowww.mykbgold.us<br />Tellthem, ifthey´relikemostpeople, they´regoingtowantto set up anaccountrightaway. Bythewayitis FREE to open anAccount. Justtellthemtoget back toyou, ortellthemyou can callyouthem back in halfanhourifthatis OK. Tellthemyou can getthem set up in 10 minutes.<br />
  7. 7. REMEMBER TO SAY: -<br />Bytheway, ifyouthinkyou can tellthissamestorytootherpeoplethat YOU know, thentheCompanywillpayyoufordoing so. Doesthatsound simple?<br />I´llspeaktoyou in halfanhour, whenyouhavelistenedtothecall and visitedthewebsite – OK?<br />
  8. 8. PART 4. Advanced Training– YOU & YourAffiliatesmustattendthe online KB Training Events<br />Makesure YOU and ALL your New Affiliates are attendingtheseEvents<br />Gotowww.mykbgold.us<br />Click - More (Top Right)<br />Click - Live Event Schedule – (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun)<br />Click - RecordedCalls<br />Click – RecordedWebinars<br />
  9. 9. PART 5.Advanced Training <br />TEAM Training – Live ConferenceCalleverySat, Sun, Mon, Tue<br />"Introduction to KB GOLD for New Guests –<br /> plus Training for Getting Started as an Affiliate“<br />ACCESSING THE CALLS - SKYPE or Landline<br />FREE ACCESS BY SKYPE <br />1) Add FreeConferencing to your Skype list of Contacts<br />2) Call FreeConferencing on Skype plus enter Participant access code: 111876<br />Alternatively - ACCESS BY TELEPHONE<br />Call (USA): 001-712-432-0075 plus enter Participant access code: 111876<br />Schedule as follows;<br />EVERY SATURDAY @ 1PM EST - 6PM GMT<br />EVERY SUNDAY @ 1PM EST - 6PM GMT<br /> EVERY MONDAY @ 1PM EST - 6PM GMT<br />EVERY TUESDAY @ 1PM EST - 6PM GMT<br />*What YOU will GET from these 35 minute Calls -<br /> You will learn the Secrets for growing an Income with KB GOLD <br />* What YOUR Guests will GET from these 35 minute Calls - -<br />Your Guests will be introduced to TEAM ONE and KB GOLD<br />
  10. 10. STEP 6. Advanced Training<br />Makesure YOU and YourAffiliates do thefollowing;<br />a) DownloadSkype<br />b) Open a FacebookAccount & Likethe Fan Page<br />c) Addyour New AffiliatetotheTeamNewsletter. <br />Goto - http://kbnewaffiliates.blogspot.com/<br />d) Remembertocheckyour Email inbox and SPAM box dailyfor KB News & importantinformation<br />Usingthesetoolstogether - isthe BEST WaytoCommunicatethemessageto a GLOBAL Audience..!!<br />
  11. 11. PART 7.Advanced Training<br /> FURTHER KNOWLEDGE<br />Learn everything you can about KB GOLD<br />Go to www.kb-vision.com and www.mykbgold.us <br />Write these websites down now -<br />On these 2 websites - read EVERY article, watch EVERY video and listen to EVERY recording<br />Keep your KB Gold business simple and focus 100% of your time on exposing new prospects to KB GOLD. <br />Use www.mykbgold.us as a resource for Q&As<br />Finally Internet Marketing skills are ALWAYS useful but NEVER essential..!!<br />
  12. 12. DisclaimerAffiliates of KB don't give legal, tax, financial or investment advice. In fact, we avoid using the word investment at all costs. We simply refer others to a company that enables and empowers them to exchange fiat paper currency for gold and silver bullion.Please contact a licensed professional for legal, tax, financial and investment advice.<br />