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Home For Life - Smart, Safe and Healthy Homes

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Hfl Brochure

  1. 1. Section 1
  2. 2. HFL SAFE. SMART. HEALTHY. Home For Life was created with one goal: to help their homes while remaining connected to family, As a Certified “Aging In Place” create smarter, healthier and safer homes for se- friends, community and healthcare providers. And Specialist, Mike Varana helps niors and the disabled. We’ve carefully developed while the products are technologically advanced, families find the best solutions a robust product portfolio that offers ways to maxi- they are also completely intuitive and don’t require to create homes that fulfill the mize independence and lower healthcare costs. technical knowledge in order to operate. individual needs of each client. HOME FOR LIFE MIKE Home For Life solutions are intended to enhance, We’ve assembled a professional team of licensed VARANA not replace, the efforts of caretakers. Whether it’s contractors and knowledgeable specialists. To- M.847.644.6050 through the wireless monitoring of in-home activity gether, our experience, knowledge and impec- O.773.956.5289 or straightforward closet or kitchen modifications, cable standards ensure every client’s home can be E.mvarana@aol.com 1 our clients are empowered to live independently in enjoyed independently for years to come. F.734.758.5289
  3. 3. SaFe A. CREATING A SAFE, COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT Common Modifications Through research and collaboration with occu- bathrooms and kitchens. These frequently used pational therapists, doctors, home designers and spaces can pose greater barriers and frustration A. Pull-out shelving D. Closet modifications G. Repositioned electrical universities, we’ve developed several options for those with mobility impairments. But with B. Levered plumbing E. New flooring to accom switches and plugs for Home Modification that make the home a necessary modifications, residents can safely and door hardware modate chairs or walkers H. Automated fall detection safer environment. Through home modifications, enjoy independence once again—and in many C. Grab bars in wet F. Improved, cost-effective I. Improved access to sec- residents can regain access into and around cases increase the value of their home! areas lighting ond story of home the home and enjoy restored functionality to SAFE 3 B. C.
  4. 4. SaFe REDuCE THE RISk OF FALLING INCREASE IN HOME ACCESSIBILITY AuTOMATICALLY DETECT FALLS PROVIDE PEACE OF MIND MYHALO™ The potential for falling is one of the biggest dangers for elderly or disabled people MAXIMIZE The myHalo system provides automated fall detec- Did You Know? living alone. Mobility, arthritis, poor circulation and reactions to medication are just Slip Resistance tion and monitoring. Worn across the chest, the According to a a few of the causes for falls. Visual Supports waterproof strap contains sensors that detect falls study from the Physical Supports automatically—without the need to press buttons. Journal of the Falls are the number one cause of hospitalization for people over the age of 65. Should a fall occur, a message is transmitted to American Geriatrics More than 2 million seniors are treated for falls in emergency rooms each year—re- a call center and instantaneous text messages MInIMIZE Society, those who sulting in over $7 billion in costs annually. Forty percent of those hospitalized do are sent to designated caregivers. The strap also go barefoot are 10 SAFE Trip Hazards not return home and are not capable of living independently. monitors vital signs such as heart rate, temperature Excessive Reaching times more likely to and orientation and can provide the information to fall than those who In many cases, a few important modifications to the home greatly reduce the risk of emergency responders. The myHalo™ Fall Detec- wear sneakers. 5 falls. Our goal is to: tion System is $449 and just $49 per month.
  5. 5. SMaRT INTERNET COMMuNICATION INTuITIVE IN-HOME TECHNOLOGY RENEWED SENSE OF FREEDOM THE TRuE VALuE OF A HOME FOR LIFE A smart home begins with the GrandCare System, home temperature, wake up times and weight can The value of independent living should never be underes- Did You Know? an interactive touch-screen monitor that offers be securely monitored online by family and care timated. For the resident independence brings empower- • Approximately 37% of family caregivers Internet connectivity and in-home wellness sensors. partners. The system can be set to send an email, ment, positive energy, and good health. For family members spend more than 40 hours a week provid- Our clients enjoy access to news, weather, fam- text message or phone call to caregivers if some- and caregivers, the peace of mind and time saved is truly ing care ily pictures, email, reminders, games and more all thing is amiss. priceless. • Seven out of 10 family caregivers spend through an easy-to-use, completely intuitive touch- less time with family and friends since screen. Adding a browser- and smart phone-enabled Home For Life offers a way to make an investment in the becoming caregivers. SMART camera with two-way audio in the home can pro- future of your family and home. Our home modifications • Approximately 62% of working family In addition to entertainment and communication, vide even more peace of mind for the resident and and automation can add thousands of dollars in value to the caregivers have had to make adjustments wireless sensors monitor daily activities and well- family. home. Plus, when compared to the cost of assisted living, to their work life, including reporting late 7 ness. Door openings, blood pressure, medications, Home For Life can offer incredible monetary savings. to work or giving up work entirely.
  6. 6. HeaLTHY BRAIN FITNESS STRENGTH TRAINING IN-HOME WELLNESS MONITORING As we age, failing memory and sluggish thinking Without physical strength, we can’t perform any of We will provide everything needed to begin a are not inevitable. It’s just as important to exercise the activities that make us healthy and fit. Strength strength-training program. Expensive or compli- our brains as it is our bodies. The GrandCare Sys- training brings about the widest range of immedi- cated equipment is not necessary—a flat bench, tem comes with interactive games and trivia, which ate, maintainable and long lasting physical, mental set of dumbbells, exercise mat, exercise ball and can help improve short- and long-term memory and and emotional benefits. Effective training increases the Strength Training for Seniors book will get cognition. independent functional skills and offers significant you started. The total cost for the program is less improvement in daily activities such as stair climb- than $400. HEALTHY 9 ing, standing up from a chair or the floor and walk- ing speed.
  7. 7. HeaLTHY IN HOME WELLNESS AND TELE-MEDICINE In the u.S nearly 75% of older adults suffer from The system uses wireless technology to monitor This type of wellness monitoring, often referred to one or more chronic diseases, according to the key vital statistics such as weight, blood pressure, as Telemedicine, opens the door to increased in- Center for Disease Control. The GrandCare System glucose readings and oxygen in the blood, and dependence, more efficient and correct diagnoses, allows loved ones and caregivers to better manage can send alerts via email or phone to family and/ and immeasurable convenience. chronic illnesses—and lessens the frequency of or health care professionals if a metric is not within doctor visits. the set boundary. These immediate and long-term updates can help caregivers and doctors provide HEALTHY 11 more accurate and cost-effective care.