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C tfa 9 10

  1. 1. Things Fall Apart Ch 9 Nairi Hovsepian
  2. 2. Basic Events ● Okonkwo finally starting to forget what happened to Ikemefuna and is able to sleep ● Okonkwo woken early by Ekwefi because Ezinma is dying ● Learn that Ekwefi’s 9 other children died in infancy ● Okagbue and Okonkwo dig up Ezinma’s iyi-uwa and destroyed it to keep her healthy ● Okonkwo cooks medicine from Ezinma ● Enzima falls asleep
  3. 3. Conflict ● Ezinma vs. Nature ● Ekwefi vs. self ● ogbanje vs. iyi-uwa
  4. 4. Cultural Norms ● Stories are passed down to generations ● After 3rd child, a woman is gifted a goat ● Each ogbanje has an iyi-uwa ○ the iyi-uwa must be found and destroyed in order for the child to survive
  5. 5. Terms and Definitions ● Nne - what children called their mothers ● Onwumbiko - “death I implore you” ● Ozoemena - “May it not happen again” ● Onwuma - “Death may please himself” ● orbanje - a wicked child who, when they died, entered the womb to be born again ● chi - personal god ● iyi-uwa-special kind of stone which forms the link between an ogbanje and spirit world
  6. 6. Connections to Today ● People go to a doctor to prescribe them medicine in order to cure illness ● When a child is born, friends and family give gifts to the family (baby showers)
  7. 7. Characters ● Okagbue Uyanwa- medicine man; the man Okonkwo goes to for medicine for Ezinma ● Onwumbiko - child of Ekwefi; died at 15 months ● Ozoemena - child of Ekwefi; died at 11 months ● Onwuma - child of Ekwefi
  8. 8. Questions ● Do you think all 10 of Ekwefi’s children were also Okonkwo’s? ● Do you think it was more difficult for Okonkwo to kill Ikemefuna knowing the pain Ekwefi went through after the death of her first nine children?
  9. 9. Chapter 10 Things Fall Apart By Tianna Habosian
  10. 10. Basic Events ● “After the midday meal” a trial took place between Mgbafo and Uzowulu. -Titled men and elders sat on stools -9 masked spirits in a clan represented a village of Umuofia -Evil Forest was oldest of the nine sons
  11. 11. Conflicts ● Mgbafo vs. Uzowulu
  12. 12. Cultural Norms ● Dressing up as spirits and having trials at the egwugwu house ● During the trial women are on outside of the crowd/not allowed in the hut ● First nine fathers of the clan, passed down generations ● Spirits always address humans as “bodies” ● Bribe price is given back if wife run away
  13. 13. Terms and Definitions ● Egwugwu-impersonates the ancestral spirits ● Kwenu-shout of approval/greeting ● Ilo-village green where assemblies take place
  14. 14. Connections ● Going to court ● Getting a divorce
  15. 15. Characters ● Mgbafo-Wife of Uzowulu, going to trial with her brothers ● Uzowulu-Husband of Mgbafo, going to trial with relatives, beats his wife ● Evil Forest-Eldest of the nine sons, represents village of Umueru (the children of Eru) ● Odukwe-Mgbafo’s oldest brother
  16. 16. Questions ● Do you believe that Uzowulu will go do what the Evil Forest suggests? ● Do you think that Uzowulu will keep beating his wife?