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  • {"5":"In an environment where there are many competent alternatives, there needs to be something about you that sets you apart from the crowd.\nWhatever the core, essential skills of your business may be, learn to do them well and efficiently. They will be at the core of your success.\nDon’t try to do everything. You won’t be able to. It will detract from your ability to do the core things well.\nHire other people/companies to do the non-core things that are outside your competencies so you can focus on the core of your business\nKeep the core under control, and use the competition of the marketplace to manage the non-core aspects\nYou cannot manufacture more time. Guard it well. Consume it wisely. You cannot replace it, and you are only allowed a specific amount each day.\n","11":"Take classes\nGet certifications\nGo to conferences\nJoin local associations\nStart your own association\nMeet others for lunch\nExpand your circle of business associates\nLearn about new products\nRead blogs\nWrite a blog\nRead online discussion groups and forums\n","6":"COMPANY WEB SITE\nA web site is your corporate identity in the world. \nIt is the PRIMARY source of public information about your company\nIt establishes what you are as a company\nIt is your storefront on the web\nSOCIAL NETWORKS\nPeople sharing similar interests finding each other\nLow/no cost to create\nUse it to inform people about you and your business\nShow them a side of you they would not otherwise know\nCreate a connection\nSEARCH ENGINES\nThese are potential customers in research-and-buy mode\nThe fact they are searching means they are ready or near ready to consume\nBLOGS\nYour chance to shine as an expert\nUpdate it daily, even if just a little bit. It keeps you relevant in the search engines\nPROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS\nMeet others in the same industry\nMeet others in businesses surrounding you\nThey are potential friends, supporters, and competitors\n","1":"This is a difficult topic to speak on, not know what type of businesses we have represented amongst the attendees\nSurvey the group to find out what we have in the room\nFind out if there are any specific areas people want me to cover\n","7":"Do not give a person a reason not to contact you\nEmploy every means available for customers to get in touch with you\nThink generationally. Use the appropriate method with each generation.\n","2":"Economic fundamentals are:\nSimple to understand\nUniversal – it doesn’t matter where you live\nTimeless – they were the same 500 years ago, and will be the same in the future\nUnchanging – based on people’s needs, and the basic needs do not change\n","8":"Make it really easy to buy your product\nOffer it for sale in a variety of easy-to-consume methods\nDon’t require too much information to make a purchase\nAccept as many forms of payment as possible\nTake advantage of the low-cost services of businesses in the head\nUse only reputable ISPs and banks\nDo not try to squeeze people for extra amounts of money. You’ll lose business\n","3":"Global\nToday it is possible for people in other countries to affect your livelihood. That wasn’t always true\nEvents in another part of the world can affect your business today\nGlobal Economy\nCompanies can compete in more than their local market\nCompanies can more easily compete in distant markets\nThe internet is making it economical to create a global business\nCompetitive Saturation\nCompetition is the norm. There are no businesses where there is no competition. \nThere are more competitors than the market can support. Therefore companies go out of business. This is normal.\nFast-Paced\nCustomers are impatient. They want their needs satisfied on their timeframe.\nThe ability to complete tasks quickly, efficiently, and well has high value\nYour company’s success is based on the ability to perform\nFast-Changing\nCommunication has become extremely efficient\nEvents and information can be quickly conveyed\nPeople expect fast response\nPeople want efficient, fast service\nThe internet has enabled fast change. A new player can quickly alter what was a stable situation\n","9":"Chances are that others have previously done the things you want to do\nLearn through observation\nMeet others in your business. Talk about how they do things\nRead about new businesses. Are they incorporating concepts you have not heard about?\n","4":"Following are a list of ideas to consider.\nThe ideas are tailored for small businesses rather than large ones\nMedium-to-large businesses could draw some benefits from the ideas\n"}
  • Business structure for today's economy in bulgaria.ppt bulgarian

    1. 1. Приспособете Вашата бизнес структура към днешната икономика Adjust Your Business Structure for Today’s Economy Рик Грим Rick Grimm © Expressive Business Strategies 2009 All Rights Reserved
    2. 2. Основите на икономиката никога не се променят The Economic Fundamentals Never Change  Хората имат неосъществени нужди и People have unfulfilled needs, and  Бизнесите искат да осъществят тези нужди Businesses want to fulfill those needs…  Срещу заплащане For a price
    3. 3. Особеностите, отнасящи се изключително за днешната икономика The Attributes Unique to Today’s Economy  Глобална, конкурентноспособна в световен мащаб Global, globally competitive  Свързана с глобалната икономика Tied to a global economy  Конкурентно насищане Competitive saturation  Забързана Fast-paced  Бързо променяща се Fast-changing  Ефикасна Efficient  Базирана на знания Knowledge-based  Изискваща комуникация Communication required
    4. 4. Трябва ли да промените някоя част от Вашия бизнес? Do You Need to Change Any Part of Your Business? Идеи: Приспособяване на аспекти от бизнеса ви към днешната икономика Ideas: Tailoring aspects of your business for today’s economy
    5. 5. Идея: концентрирайте се на това, което знаете, възложете това, което не знаете Idea: Focus on what you know, outsource what you do not know  Станете експерт в нещо. Become an expert at something  Фокусирайте се на главните си умения – съществени неща, които правите най- добре. Focus on your core competencies – the essential things you do best  Не можете, не би трябвало да правите всичко. You cannot, should not, do everything  Какъв е главният продукт/ услуга на вашия бизнес? What is your business’ core product or service?  Контролирайте нещата, които се отразяват на успеха ви. Control the things that affect your success  Възложете на някой друг това, което не правите добре. Outsource what you don’t do well  Времето има голяма стойност. Time has great value
    6. 6. Идея: Улеснете другите, за да ви намерят Idea: Make it easy to find you  Уеб сайт- фокусната ви точка. Web site – your focal point  Социални мрежи – хора със сходни възгледи. Social networks – Like-minded people  Търсачки- клиенти в режим на откриване. Search engines – customers in discovery mode  Блогове – хора, търсещи информация. Blogs – people looking for information  Професионално връзки – равни и бизнес контакти. Professional associations – peers and business contacts  Търсене на контакти в прецата – хората около теб. Networking – The people around you  Конференции – равни, конкуренти, зъвместно учещи, потенциални бъдещи работодатели и служители. Conferences – peers, competitors, co-learners, potential future employers and employees  Табели – за минаващите шофьори. Signs – For people driving by  Реклама – кажете на хората за съществуването ви. Advertising - Let people know you exist  Имейл подпис – всеки мейл има безплатна реклама. Email signatures – every email is a free ad  Рецензии – покажете на хората какво знаете. Reviews – Show people you exist and what you know
    7. 7. Идея: Улеснете връзката с вас Idea: Make it easy to contact you  Улеснете връзката с вас. Make it easy to contact you  Телефон (станционарен, мобилен). Phone (toll-free, cell)  Факс. Fax  Имейл. Email  Мигновени съобщения. Instant Messaging  Текстови съобщения. Texting  Мрежата. Web  Мейл. Mail  Визитни картички. Business cards  Брошури. Brochures
    8. 8. Идея: Улеснете сключването на сделки Idea: Make it easy to do a transaction  Намалете препятствията в сключването на сделки. Minimize barriers to making a transaction  Изградете няколко продуктни точкови цени. Have multiple product price points??  Приемайте всички начини на плащане. Accept all forms of payment  Използвайте интернет базирани икономии като Амазон, eBay, за да сте начело в интернет. Use internet-based economies like Amazon, eBay to get into the head of the internet  Правете бизнес със сигурни и известни банки. Do business with reputable, world-wide banks that won’t get rejected
    9. 9. Идея: Учете се от другите Idea: Learn from others  Изучете как оперират успешните бизнеси. Study how successful businesses operate  Изучете вече установени бизнеси във вашата сфера, за да видите как работят и научете защо са толкова дълго време в този бизнес. Study longestablished businesses in your field to see how they operate and learn why they have been in business so long  Изучете нови биснези, за да научите за нови методи, които да включите. Study new businesses to learn if there are new methods you can incorporate
    10. 10. Идея: Създайте истински бизнес Idea: Build a virtual business  Истински = „работен термин за истинското нещо“. Virtual = “a working substitute for the real thing”  Наемайте за основните задачи. Hire for essential tasks  Възложете несъществените задачи. Outsource nonessential tasks  Партнирайте си с бизнеси, които допълват бизнес процеса ви. Partner with businesses that complete your business process  Пример: Вие правите дизайна и се свързвате с производител, който да създаде продукта. Еxample You do the design, and contract with a manufacturer to build the product
    11. 11. Идея: Никога не спирайте да учите Idea: Never stop learning  Промяната е продължителна. Change is continuous  Усъвършенствайте уменията си. Refine your skills  Изучавайте други бизнеси. Study other businesses  Учете нови неща. Learn new things  Срещайте се с нови хора. Meet new people  Пътувайте. Travel  Говорете с непознати. Talk with strangers  Помагайте на хора с по-малко късмет от вашия. Help others less fortunate than yourself
    12. 12. Въпроси Questions