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  1. 1. www.loadlogistics.bizDevelopers Of Freight,Courier,Distribution and Warehouse Software.Logistics Software Developed And Customized To The Way You Do Business 15 Years Experience In Developing And Installing Logistics Software In South Africa & The U.K. GREENLAND RUSSIA CANADA WWW.WinFreight.CO.ZA EUROPE USA M IDDLE EAST ASIA AFRICA SOUTH WWW.WINTRACKER.CO.ZA AM ERICA AUSTRALIA ANTARCTICA
  2. 2. ManagementMike Shraga – Managing Director – Business Analyst 15 yearswriting/marketing functional biz-software both here and in the U.K(25 systems sold in U.K.). Developer of the Tracenet (Pty) ltd. creditcard distribution software – 10-year support contract (value +/- R3.2million). Author and developer of the Winfreight software andaccounting system.Nick Shraga – System Analyst / Programmer / Marketing & Sales – 2years developing / writing and selling the Winfreight range of software
  3. 3. To Brand The Winfreight Name And Software As ThePreferred System In The Logistics Market In South Africa & The World Markets. To Be The The Preferred Company For Logistics SoftwareDevelopment Projects In South Africa & The World Markets To Increase Customer Service Levels In Companies Using Our Software With Systems Technology GREENLAND RUSSIA CANADA EUROPE USA M IDDLE EAST ASIA AFRICA SOUTH AM ERICA AUSTRALIA ANTARCTICA
  4. 4. Window of opportunity Life cycle c2 d2 c b2 S2 d a2 b S1 XaX = Current position of Winfreight With the new Virtual Warehousesystem - a window of opportunity created by e-business
  5. 5. The current web site is being developed as a portal for Winfreight users to advertise their services and manufactures to source their transportation needs world wide.
  6. 6. The Winfreight web site through consistent branding , has been receiving worldwide interest and enquiries for the software.
  7. 7. •Winfreight Parcel Courier •Winfreight (P)oint (O)f (S)ale•Winfreight Road Freight •Winfreight “Virtual” Warehouse•Winfreight Air Freight •Winfreight Accounting System•Winfreight Biker Deliveries •Winfreight Document Scan•Winfreight Broker System •Winfreight Call Center System•Winfreight Consultancy System •Winfreight Fuel/Vehicle System
  8. 8. Suppliers Virtual Warehouse - Special Discounts Vehicles, Tyres, Batteries Insurance, Employment Agencys, Printing etc. M World Market A GREENLAND R CANADA RUSSIA K EUROPE USA MIDDLE EAST ASIA E AFRICA T SOUTH AM ERICA & AUSTRALIA S ANTARCTICA E Exchange Rate L LUserbase - Winfreight Freight, Courier & Distribution Software
  9. 9. Input Screen for adding Creditor and Debtor details, an invoice discount can be added at this point and link to rate account.
  10. 10. A very easy to use customer rates input screen , allowing you to add yourstandard and special route rates for your customers and sub-contractors.
  11. 11. This screen allows you to add a driver or agent and link to rates panel
  12. 12. Create / Edit a Virtual Vehicle for pre-loading and routeplanning , this panel can be linked to your customers order system for auto loading.
  13. 13. Daily collections screen - allows the user to add / edit and track real time regular and adhoc dailies and allocate to routes / drivers
  14. 14. Waybill entry screen - allows user to input collection number for retrieving collection data and processing - links to your customers Winfreight in-house waybill / label software. Process waybill into your Normal / Bonded or VirtualVehicle Warehouse, *** Shows full Debtor / Creditor costing at processing . ***
  15. 15. Waybill quick capture screen for fast and accurate processing of consignments
  16. 16. This panel allows you to give a customer a on-line Quote for shipment
  17. 17. This screen allows the operator to scan out consignments onto manifest
  18. 18. Waybills can be tracked on company’s local intranet
  19. 19. At time of processing waybill or automatically downloading data from your customer , you can allocate to a selected virtual object.
  20. 20. Waybill tracking screen - links to the web site and has Incident and Scanning modules - links to your call center software for customer enquires.
  21. 21. A full scanning module is available and has email and (O)ptical (C)haracter(R)ecognition interfaces for ease of use and increasing customer service levels.
  22. 22. Easy to use system maintenance panel for updating and transferring data to external systems.
  23. 23. Warehouse maintenance and reports screen , all modules are easily customized to the way you do business and your customer requirements.
  24. 24. At time of processing waybill you can track Stock Bin into Virtual Vehicle , links to for Item tracking.
  25. 25. This panel allows you to view whats in a warehouse and the available capacity.
  26. 26. Stock Bin view screen - links to the Winfreight WinAccounts / or to your customers accounting / manufacturing / web EDI system for tracking and updating .
  27. 27. This panel allows you to search virtual warehouses created in the system for a waybill consignment.
  28. 28. A full Invoicing and Statements module is part of the Winfreight system , all reports are customized with your Logo and details.
  29. 29. Login panel for
  30. 30. Search for a vehicle - grid allows you to select and click on waybill for details and drill down for waybill / item details.
  31. 31. Search for a waybill - grid allows you to select and click on waybill for details and drill down for waybill item details.
  32. 32. Search for a waybill - grid allows you to select and click on waybill for details and drill down for waybill / item details.
  33. 33. Search for a Item - grid allows you to select and click on waybill for details and drill down for vehicle or warehouse details.