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Cv marc rowan_jun-2013_cs

Cv marc rowan_jun-2013_cs



IT Professional requires position in Gauteng South Africa; ...

IT Professional requires position in Gauteng South Africa;
Academic Summary
1991 – 1992 –Diploma in Informatics - Rand Afrikaans University
1988 – 1989 – Structured COBOL Certificate – Computer Skills College
1983 – 1984 – N4 Certificate – Johannesburg Technical College
Employment History
I started my IT career at Sage Life in March 1989. In 1997 Sage Life outsourced it’s IT department to EDS and I was transitioned to EDS. In August 2009 HP took over EDS In February 2010 I was retrenched from HP with 20 years of service.



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    Cv marc rowan_jun-2013_cs Cv marc rowan_jun-2013_cs Document Transcript

    • CV – Marc Rowan Page 1 of 11 Curriculum Vitae Marc Rowan Home address Sandringham Johannesburg South Africa 2192 Cell Home +27 +27 E-mail marcjnb@gmail.com Date of birth 8 August 1962 Availability Immediate Academic Summary 1991 – 1992 –Diploma in Informatics - Rand Afrikaans University 1988 – 1989 – Structured COBOL Certificate – Computer Skills College 1983 – 1984 – N4 Certificate – Johannesburg Technical College Employment History I started my IT career at Sage Life in March 1989. In 1997 Sage Life outsourced it’s IT department to EDS and I was transitioned to EDS. In August 2009 HP took over EDS In February 2010 I was retrenched from HP with 20 years of service.
    • CV – Marc Rowan Page 2 of 11 2012 June - Current – Private computer tutoring Position - Tutor Major role - Teaching and training personal computer skills ♦ Develop and deliver training program based on individual abilities 1. Asses and document students abilities and goals 2. Develop program based on students requirements 3. Deliver training and coaching with adjustments to cater for trainees progress and ability. 2012 June - Current – Computer support Position - Computer Support Major role - Handle emergency and overflow computer support ♦ Provide computer desktop and sever support 1. Provide Microsoft Outlook and office support. 2. Provide software product support. 3. Administrative and housekeeping tasks on client and server machines. 2012 June – Volunteer HTML setup for Hospice Position - Volunteer Major role - Develop HTML framework for e-mail messaging ♦ Setting up HTML framework for Hospice Witwatersrand e-mail. 1. Setup HTML framework for e-mail to enable standardised layouts and attached advertising. 2010 February – 2012 June – Home based business opportunities Position - Owner / Developer / Investor Major role - Developed business plan for garden huts and sheds business ♦ Developed business plan for garden hut business. 1. Developed business plan and technical requirements for steel garden sheds and huts. ♦ Sales and distribution in Johannesburg area for commercial cleaning products. 1. Sales and distribution of cleaning chemicals 2. Collecting cash ♦ Developed and implemented a renovation and refurbishment plan for my rental homes 1. Drew up plan and budget for refurbishments 2. Strip, repair, waterproof and repaint roofs 3. Strip and replace tiles, plumbing, electrical and cabinets
    • CV – Marc Rowan Page 3 of 11 4. Strip and paint interior and exterior 01 August 2009 – 31 January 2010 – Hewlett Packard (HP acquired EDS) Position - Information Specialist on GMAC Securitization Account Major role - Operation and support specialist Successfully handed over GMAC Securitization operations to GMAC staff ♦ Implemented secure FTP across five continents on four different platforms. (Technical developer and coordinator) 1. Implemented secure FTP servers to support SSL and SSH transfer protocol. 2. Liaised with teams in North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe to test configurations and exchange certificates. 3. Planned implementations around international timelines and production schedules. 4. Managed and supported services during the cutover period. ♦ Processed the GMAC North America (US and Canada) multi billion dollar month- end transaction and reporting cycle 1. Over a four year period, completed a set of month-end reporting cycles without a single processing error. Ensured billion dollar accounts reconciled to the penny to meet the clients contract obligations. 2. Astute planning and preparation each month provided near perfect results over an extended period for the North America securitization contract. 3. Investigated and liaised with contracted parties to correct inconsistent data and processes. 4. Did not take a vacation day on the first day of any month from 2005 until 2010. ♦ Processed and managed the GMAC Europe (UK) month-end transaction and reporting cycle 1. Worked closely with the GMAC European Treasury team to provide critical reports from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server to enable maximum funding for the client. 2. Provided accurate, timely system reports and ad hoc detail and reconciliation reports from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases to ensure the clients compliance with existing contracts. 3. On five occasions I completed two different financial scenarios in two environments (on a tight schedule that normally would only allow pass,) to maximize the business ability to obtain funding. This required 18+ hour workdays to meet reporting delivery deadlines.
    • CV – Marc Rowan Page 4 of 11 01 August 2005 – 30 July 2009 – EDS (New client account) Position - Information Specialist on GMAC Securitization Account Major role - Operation, development and support specialist. ♦ Built multi-million dollar pools of assets for potential sale to investors 1. Converted business asset selection criteria to system criteria and confirmed that all selected accounts were eligible to avoid a contract breach. 2. Confirmed that no eligible accounts had been missed in order to maximize funding to GMAC . 3. Developed a framework to investigate pool selection criteria for all instances in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. ♦ Implemented securitization process for Asia and Europe operations 1. Tested and implemented systems in pre-production and production environments in accordance with GMAC’s implementation standards. 2. Created operating procedure documents. 3. Managed and operated month-end and daily processes during warranty period. 4. Trained and handed over operational systems to the GMAC client for European and Asian instances of new funding programs. ♦ Travelled to Boston, Massachusetts in the USA for operational training 1. Selected by the client to undergo additional product training from Lewtan Technologies, the software vendor in the USA 2. Knowledge transfer was successful. All subsequent processing met GMAC UK service level agreements (SLAs). 3. Provided training and support to local South African GMAC support team based on my training in the US. ♦ Set up the environment to support GMAC from South Africa 1. Liaised with corporate network and infrastructure teams to create an environment that enabled support of the GMAC client based in Detroit, Michigan, USA. 2. Worked with the project manager in the US to improve productivity from South Africa. The initial productivity level during the pilot was not sufficient to continue the project. 3. Implemented a solution using remote terminal servers based in the Detroit, MI office. This overcame the performance issue on client server applications. 4. Implemented measures that improved the South African team’s productivity fivefold in the initial stages. These process and operational improvements enabled the project to continue after the first milestone and checkpoint was reached.
    • CV – Marc Rowan Page 5 of 11 01 July 1997 – 31 July 2005 – EDS (Sage Life outsourced IT division to EDS) Position - Information Specialist on outsourced Sage Life Account Major role - Development and support specialist ♦ Appointed as Change Controller for OS/390 (Mainframe) application platform 1. Implemented and managed change control procedures. 2. Managed and controlled impact analysis on platform. 3. Automated reporting to provide CMMI level 3 compliance. 4. Trained on the Rational Rose Configuration Management Module ♦ COBOL 74 to COBOL II conversion project (Technical lead) 1. Completed tool evaluation and selection. 2. Completed high level project estimation. 3. Developed the conversion strategy in association with external consultants. 4. Provided strategic and detail input for the conversion project plan. 5. Configured the conversion tools and environment for CA-Migrate, Endevor, Language Environment options and the COBOL and FORTRAN compiler options with IMS/DB. 6. Automated the conversion process to a large extent for COBOL CICS / IMS online system. The online system was completed on schedule. 7. Escalated a request to provide the resources originally assigned in the project plan. With adequate resourcing, the batch COBOL program conversion was completed successfully. 8. The COBOL II conversion project was completed with the final effort very close to my original high level estimate. The consultant’s estimates had been "optimistic". ♦ Implemented Structured approach to Visual Basic application development 1. Delivered a CCMI level 3 compliant client server system with a formal handover 2. Implemented a structured configuration control and management using Source Safe 3. Implemented a secure production and pre-production build environment to maintain consistency and prevent tool and control version issues. 4. Implemented structured managed releases including a formal delivery methodology. 5. Synchronized versioning and time stamping with releases to aid support personnel. 6. Changed an application/system from one of daily and weekly breakfix changes to a system with structured monthly releases. After the initial reluctance from users for the release system, and once the system stabilized, there was a month with zero critical items released.
    • CV – Marc Rowan Page 6 of 11 ♦ Liaised with Life Offices Association as the technical representative on behalf of Sage Life 1. On the technical committee, I provided solutions to a long standing impasse on the data exchange project. 2. I played a key role in the initial data exchange solution implemented by the major players in the life assurance industry. 3. I approached EDS management with the technical architecture and a rudimentary business plan for an independent third party data exchange. This would provide EDS with an opportunity to be a major player in the South Africa financial services industry. ♦ Provided a strategic blueprint for the Sage Life IT architecture in conjunction with a contracted consultant 1. Investigated Sage Life corporate goals and business plan. 2. Prepared and proposed an IT architecture that matched the organizations goals and capabilities in the market. 3. Provided a cost benefit analysis to administer existing products in the system and made recommendations based on existing product sales. Identified large IT costs associated with low volume and low value products ♦ Designed and coded a numeric string parsing module in COBOL 1. Built a COBOL string parser to interpret fields returned from CICS BMS layouts in a numeric format. ♦ Designed and developed a COBOL application framework to populate a third party Oracle based data warehouse 1. Investigated data representations across multiple platforms and determined the most versatile standard. 2. Negotiated with the third party Oracle data warehouse supplier to provide a modified ISO compliant data set format for the data warehouse source files. 3. Designed and built a high performance COBOL IMS/DB framework to download data to the midrange Oracle platform. 23 March 1989 – 30 June 1997 – Sage Life Position – Senior programmer Major role - Developer ♦ Integrated a CICS COBOL application with Rightfax 1. Developed CICS COBOL program suite to integrate with Rightfax. 2. Designed and developed services on the Windows server platform to control and manage the fax service. ♦ Selected for pilot client server workflow project
    • CV – Marc Rowan Page 7 of 11 1. Coded Visual Basic using DDE and COM interfaces. 2. Developed COBOL programs to complete workflow interfaces. ♦ Developed the first client server application at Sage Life 1. Investigated client server solutions and methodologies. 2. Introduced the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) methodology. 3. Created the requirements for a system that had required manual collation and typing to produce life assurance policy documents. 4. During the life of the project the operating system changed twice. The operating system changed from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 and finally to Windows NT to meet the application requirements. 5. The first two iterations of the development effort were unable to meet all the business requirements due to limitations in the tools. I identified Microsoft Office automation using MS Word as a capable solution. On the third iteration we successfully completed the project. 6. I overcame obstacles with a high likelihood of causing a project failure. Both an operating system change and a toolset change are considered high risk actions in the Microsoft journals. I persevered through the failures to find fresh solutions, and finally a successful system. The letter system continued to operate until the demise of Sage Life in 2005. ♦ Transformed Sage Life letter system from initial concept to implementation 1. Highlighted problems in the corporate letter printing system. Minor changes were slow to effect and the printed results were not flattering. I obtained a small budget to investigate solutions. 2. My proposal for a complete rewrite of the system was accepted. I coordinated efforts from the Sage Life marketing department, external processing bureau and system programmers, to provide the framework and standards for the new letter system. 3. I utilized an IBM mainframe product, Script/VS using DCF and GML to create client letters from templates that were easy to change and manage. The extremely versatile markup language enabled Sage Life letters to accurately follow the marketing department print standards. 4. I designed and coded the COBOL programs to support IBM Script/VS formats. I customized the Script/VS product for the Sage Life letters. 5. The new client letters generated positive comments from intermediaries and clients. ♦ Selected to evaluate Intertest mainframe debugging toolset 1. Worked with vendors and system programmers to install and configure Intertest. 2. Created product selection criteria and test cases for evaluation. 3. Provided a report to management justifying the relatively high cost of the product in a small environment. The product was purchased and successfully implemented.
    • CV – Marc Rowan Page 8 of 11 4. Provided a follow up report to management proposing changes to the development and testing process and methods as a result of the new tool set. Most of my recommendations were adopted. ♦ Team member on a CICS 1.6 conversion 1. Converted CICS macro level calls to CICS command level statemets. ♦ Selected as a member of a fast track “new product development team”. 1. The team implemented two radically new insurance products (outside the existing product templates) in record time. ♦ Developed and tested COBOL batch and online systems in a CICS environment 1984 – 1988 –PGK Electronics, Johannesburg Position – Technician Major role - Designer and manufacturer 1983 – 1984 –Wild and Marr, Johannesburg Position – Technician Major role – Outdoor installation and in house repair Technician Courses and Training 2007 – Lewtan ABS and CA application training – Lewtan Technologies, Boston, MA 2004 – Rational Rose - Configuration and Change management – IBM – Rational Rose 2003 – CICS and the WEB – System Contracting Services 2003 – Configuration Management – EDS internal 1998 – Microsoft Visual Basic 5 - Microsoft 1996 – Introduction to Visual Basic 4.0 – Windows Academy 1996 – Microsoft Access 2.0 - ISG 1995 – IBM Advanced Function Printing - ISG 1994 – NCC Systems Analyst Certification - Compusons Training Services 1993 – Writing Technical Documentation - Whitehouse Training 1991 – 1992 –Diploma in Informatics - Rand Afrikaans University • Program design and data structures • Operating systems and computer organization • Databases • Software Engineering • Project Management • New Technologies • Information Security • Data Communication And Networks
    • CV – Marc Rowan Page 9 of 11 1990 – PM/SS Product training – Productivity Software 1988 – 1989 – Structured COBOL Certificate – Computer Skills College • Structured Design • Structured COBOL • Acting instructor over December holiday period 1983 – 1984 – N4 Certificate – Johannesburg Technical College • Digital Electronics • Analogue Electronics • Applied Mathematics • Engineering Science
    • CV – Marc Rowan Page 10 of 11 References (Technical) Jannis Lyttle – Johannesburg, South Africa janice.lyttle@gmail.com +27 83 457 3876 (Technical) Ann Martin – Plano, Texas, USA annm@hp.com +1 214 450 6425 (Program Manager ITG IO) Christine Keith, UK christine.keith@gmacfs.com Mobile +44 7713 629668
    • CV – Marc Rowan Page 11 of 11 Skills Matrix Skill Years Used Last Used Rating* Client Server DOS command and batch processing 10+ Current 9 InstallShield 5 2005 7 Lotus Notes 4 2010 5 MS Access 10+ Current 8 MS Excel 10+ Current 9 MS Office 2003 10+ Current 8 MS Office automation 5 Current 7 MS Project 5 Current 5 MS SQL Server 7 10+ 2010 5 MySql 10+ Current 5 MS Visio 10+ Current 5 MS Word 10+ Current 8 Oracle 10g 5 2010 5 RUP - Configuration and Change management 1 2005 2 Rightfax 3 2004 2 VB 5 8 2005 2 VB Script / JScript 5 2005 2 HTML 5 Current 2 IBM Mainframe CA-7 3 2005 2 CICS 10+ 2005 7 COBOL 10+ 2010 7 Easytrieve 10+ 2010 7 Endevor 6 2010 5 IDCAMS 10+ 2010 5 IMS, DL/1 10+ 2005 7 MVS JCL 10+ 2010 6 REXX 6 2005 2 RPF, CLIST, 10+ 2005 2 Roscoe 10+ 2005 2 SDSF 10+ 2010 8 SYNCSORT / DFSORT 10+ 2010 6 Script/VS, DCF, GML 6 2005 2 TSO/ISPF 10+ 2010 6 * RATING: 10 - Considered expert in field 9 - Good knowledge of skill, able to train or mentor others 8 - Good level of confidence in skill (currently using) 7 - Good level of confidence in skill (not currently using) 6 - Above average level of knowledge of skill (not in senior role) 5 - Medium level expertise (able to competently use key functionality) 4 - Used within the last 12 months (commercial use) 3 - Used within the last 12 months (non commercial use) 2 - Few months experience only (commercial use) 1 - Few months experience only (non commercial use)