Language of Conversion


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Accidental Innovation: How we unintentionally decoded the language of conversion

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Language of Conversion

  1. 1. Accidental Innovation: How we unintentionally decoded the Language of Conversion Mike Roberts President, SpyFu, Inc. @mrspy @mrspy
  2. 2. I’m going to tell you a story… @mrspy
  3. 3. Context: Who is SpyFu?• Founded 2005; based in Scottsdale• Spy on your Adwords and SEO competitors (invented the genre)• SEO Recon Files• No Consulting. @mrspy
  4. 4. So, this project…Adwords AdvisorOur Best Recommendations for your PPC Campaign. @mrspy
  5. 5. Do Three Things Ridiculously Well1. Specific Buy Recommendations2. Negative Match RecommendationsAnd 3… @mrspy
  6. 6. 3. Ad Copy Improvements• Which ads are doing worse than your competitors, and what can you do to fix it? @mrspy
  7. 7. Whoa. That’s actually *really* hard.• Maybe we can at least do the first part – “which ads are doing worse than your competitors” @mrspy
  8. 8. That’s something we can do.• Solid data signals: time, coverage, position• Reverse engineering Quality Score @mrspy
  9. 9. Pretty good results.• Works really well for big campaigns; not as well for small ones.• Hard to account for bidding strategy and discipline. @mrspy
  10. 10. Okay, but, is there anything we can do about the second part? • Recommendations to improve your ad copy? @mrspy
  11. 11. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to solve this problem.• Some things just *SUCK*.• Our plan: compile expert advice from the Internet and look for patterns. @mrspy
  12. 12. We distilled the Good Things:Use words that imply a secret is revealed. (“hidden”,“secret”, “exposed”) Source: credibility indicators (“rated 4 stars”, Source:“guarantee”) copy-tested.html Source: the phrase "free shipping." most-to-consumers-free-shipping-low-prices-or-coupons.htmlUse the phrase "you need to." Source: the phrase "how to" Source: words to build urgency. (“now”, “today”,“tomorrow”, “ends”, “hurry”, “limited time”, Source:“tonight”) copy-tested.htmlUse the word "download." Source: @mrspy
  13. 13. …and the Bad ThingsAvoid repeated words misspellings, including dynamicinsertion on misspelled keywords use of the word "buy" company name in your headline(unless you are major brand) mistakes-that-kill-your-ppc-ad-copy/Use digits instead of spelled-outnumbers mistakes-that-kill-your-ppc-ad-copy/ @mrspy
  14. 14. General Rules• Have a call to action.• Shorter is better.• Specificity, specificity, specificity. @mrspy
  15. 15. These seem pretty smart, but…1. There’s not very many of them.2. Do we really *know* they are true?3. Could they change over time? @mrspy
  16. 16. Is there any way to *prove* or *disprove* these “wisdoms”? @mrspy
  17. 17. What if…we did what we were doing with individual campaigns in Adwords Advisor… …but looked at like a billion ads from a million advertisers? @mrspy
  18. 18. Couldn’t we…Control for bidding strategy and discipline?Giving us a very clear picture of what *is* a good ad. @mrspy
  19. 19. And then… We could figure out which words andphrases winning ads have in common? (proving or disproving those rules) @mrspy
  20. 20. HOLY YAHTZEE BALLS!!! (this is exhilarating) @mrspy
  21. 21. OMG, OMG…What do I *actually* KNOW? @mrspy
  22. 22. Audience Participation:Ads with which phrase get more clicks? Free Shipping vs Free Overnight Shipping @mrspy
  23. 23. Free Overnight Shipping @mrspy
  24. 24. Not a casual observationWinner based on 5.3 Million uniquematching ads from 54k advertisers. @mrspy
  25. 25. Let’s try another one: Inexpensive vs Value Priced @mrspy
  26. 26. Value Priced**Based on 32k unique ads from 1.9k advertisers @mrspy
  27. 27. One more confidence builder: 30 day free trial vs30 day money back guarantee @mrspy
  28. 28. 30 day free trial* *Based on 81k unique ads from 1.4k advertisers @mrspy
  29. 29. Pretty nuanced for warm-ups Great vs Greatest Fine vs Finest You vs Us Death Lawyer vs Kittens @mrspy
  30. 30. Give AwaysPut these in order: Case Study Ebook Whitepaper Report Newsletter @mrspy
  31. 31. Answer: Newsletter ReportEbook  Weird? Case Study Whitepaper @mrspy
  32. 32. Check this out: Newsletter Report Ebook Case StudyFree Ebook <-- BAM! Whitepaper @mrspy
  33. 33. But… Newsletter > Free Newsletter Report > Free ReportCase Study > Free Case StudyWhitepaper > Free Whitepaper @mrspy
  34. 34. Let’s at some more: Webinar Podcast Webcast Video @mrspy
  35. 35. Answer: VideoPodcastWebinarWebcast @mrspy
  36. 36. Let’s try that Free thing: Video vs Free VideoPodcast vs Free Podcast (inconclusive) Webinar vs Free WebinarWebcast vs Free Webcast (inconclusive) @mrspy
  37. 37. Inconclusive Results• Lots and lots of them.• Which is kind of healthy. @mrspy
  38. 38. So, what’s the pattern?Free helps if it’s meaningful, not as a reminder. @mrspy
  39. 39. Free Trials• We already know “30 day free trial” > “30 day money back guarantee”• Also, FYI, “free trial” beats “money back guarantee”. @mrspy
  40. 40. How about this one? 30 day free trial vstry it free for 30 days @mrspy
  41. 41. Try it free for 30 days @mrspy
  42. 42. But, check this out…Free Trial > Try it Free @mrspy
  43. 43. Specificity, Specificity, Specificitytry it free for > day free trial > free trial @mrspy
  44. 44. Here’s one more: Try it Free vs Try it for Free @mrspy
  45. 45. Shorter is betterTry it Free @mrspy
  46. 46. This isn’t just about Adwords... …or even limited to the Internet.Any time you want to cause someone to act: Landing pages, Emails, Social Media, Physical signage, Direct mail, etc. @mrspy
  47. 47. Shipping We know that:Free Overnight Shipping > Free Shipping @mrspy
  48. 48. Put these in order: Free shipping Free 2nd day shippingFree same day shippingFree next day shipping @mrspy
  49. 49. Answer: Free shipping Free next day shippingFree 2nd day shipping (likely) Free Same day shipping @mrspy
  50. 50. Keep going… Free same day shipping Free shipping & free returns Free shipping and returnsFree shipping and free returns @mrspy
  51. 51. Answer: Free Shipping and returns  Free Same day shipping Free shipping and free returns Free shipping & free returnsNote: still nothing better than “Free overnight shipping” @mrspy
  52. 52. Don’t act too excited about shipping!!!!! free shipping > free shipping! next day shipping > next day shipping! overnight shipping > overnight shipping!free shipping & free returns > free shipping & free returns! @mrspy
  53. 53. These things change over time…and we can watch as it happens. (pardon me while I gtf out) @mrspy
  54. 54. So, I’ve talked a lot about Free, but it turns out… $0 < Free < No Cost @mrspy
  55. 55. But, it hasn’t always been that way. @mrspy
  56. 56. Conversion language isn’t alwaysmuch of a lingua-hipster as you areMonetize > {Make money, profit, profitable} Utilize > {use, using, choose} @mrspy
  57. 57. It’s Nov. 5th. I couldn’t *not* do this: Obama vs Romney @mrspy
  58. 58. Answer: Inconclusive(not quite enough data on “Romney”, but results lean “Obama”) @mrspy
  59. 59. Final thought.Life, according to the language of conversion… @mrspy
  60. 60. sex > love @mrspy
  61. 61. sex > love > marriage @mrspy
  62. 62. sex > love > marriage > “with kids” @mrspy
  63. 63. sex > love > marriage > “with kids” > divorce @mrspy
  64. 64. porn > sex > love > marriage > “with kids” > divorce @mrspy
  65. 65. Thanks > Thank youporn > sex > love > marriage > “with kids” > divorce @mrspy @mrspy
  66. 66. @mrspy
  67. 67. Coming Soon… @convertasaurus @mrspy