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Mike Richman, Redskins historian and journalist is the author of the two most comprehensive books on Redskins history – The Redskins Encyclopedia and the Washington Redskins Football Vault: The History of a Proud Franchise.

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Mike Richman

  1. 1. About Mike Redskins historian and journalist Mike Richman is the author of the two most comprehensive books on Redskins history – The Redskins Encyclopedia and the Washington Redskins Football Vault: The History of a Proud Franchise. He also produces and hosts a TV show called "Burgundy & Gold Magazine," which brings viewers front and center with Redskins tradition. For his work in 2013 on "Burgundy & Gold Magazine," Mike won first place for sports coverage in the nationally recognized 2013 Hometown Media Awards sponsored by the Alliance for Community Media. Mike has also hosted a radio show focusing on Redskins history called "Burgundy & Gold Flashback" on Sports Talk 570 in D.C. He's been interviewed extensively by print and broadcast media on Redskins lore, including NFL Films for its documentary, “History of the Washington Redskins,” and the Redskins for their 75th anniversary production, “Great Moments in Redskins History.” Plus, he's appeared on the “NFL Top 10,” a program that airs on the NFL Network. His articles on Redskins nostalgia have run in Sports Illustrated and on Redskins.com, the Redskins' official Web site, and he's covered the Redskins for the Associated Press. The Pro Football Researchers Association recognized him with an award for feature writing. Mike, who has covered sports for a half-century, has contributed to many other publications such as American Football Monthly, Investor’s Business Daily, The Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun. He also co-hosted a sports talk show on ESPN 840 in Charlottesville, VA called the “DC Sports Blitz.” He holds Bachelor's degrees from the University of Maryland and Master’s degrees from American University and Temple University. He works at the Voice of America in Washington. A long-time Redskins fanatic, Mike grew up in the D.C. area in Montgomery County, MD. He began to bleed burgundy and gold when George Allen became coach of the Redskins in 1971 and led the team to five playoff appearances, including a spot in Super Bowl VII. He's since maintained an unyielding passion for the storied franchise. He lives in Potomac, Md.
  2. 2. Mike's Media Channels
  3. 3. Mike’s Link Mike has been connected to the Redskins for decades. He has thus built a huge network of friends, fans, media resources and more. Visit Mike's favorite websites, and you'll be a Redskins super-fan, too. Featured Links • Redskins Historian Mike Richman (Blip TV) http://blip.tv/redskins-historian-mike-richman • Burgundy & Gold Magazine (Blip TV) http://blip.tv/burgundy-gold-magazine • Washington Redskins http://www.redskins.com • Sports Talk 570 http://sportstalk570.com • Extreme Skins http://www.extremeskins.com • ESPN 980 http://www.ESPN980.com Other Links • Hog Heaven http://redskinshogheaven.com/ • National Football League http://www.nfl.com • NFL Films http://www.nflfilms.com/ • Professional Football Researchers Association http://www.profootballresearchers.org/ • Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni Association http://www.redskinscheerleaderalumni.org/ • Redskins Edge http://www.redskinsedge.com • Redskins Rule http://www.redskinsrule.com/ • Riggo's Rag http://riggosrag.com/ • The Curly R http://curlyr.blogspot.com/ • The Hogs http://www.thehogs.net • The Redskins Blog http://blog.redskins.com/
  4. 4. WWW.REDSKINSHISTORIAN.COM Mike’s web site, redskinshistorian.com, is a treasure trove of information on the Washington Redskins. It’s like a Redskins library right at your fingertips. The goldmine of material on the site includes: * All episodes of Mike’s TV show “Burgundy & Gold Magazine” * Mike’s wealth of articles on Redskins history * Audio clips from Mike’s special series “This Week in Redskins History” * Mike’s appearances with Larry Michael, the “Voice of the Redskins,” on the popular TV show “Redskins Nation” * Mike’s myriad of other TV and radio guest appearances * Mike’s blog * All episodes of Mike’s radio show/podcast “Burgundy & Gold Flashback” * Mike’s interview with NFL Films for its documentary On Redskins history SOCIAL MEDIA: From the site, all content can be uploaded to Mike's popular Facebook Friend (Mike Richman) and Fan (Redskins Historian) pages, as well as his popular Twitter page (@Skins_Historian). Question: Why are streams of visitors drawn to redskinshistorian.com? Answer: The Redskins’ rabid fan following and thirst for information – combined with Mike’s name power and the site’s eyecatching design and dynamic content. Also, redskinshistorian.com pops up at the top of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) when one types in Redskins Historian or Redskins Historian Mike Richman. During the last football season from Sept. 1, 2012 to Jan. 31, 2013, the site drew nearly 22,000 page loads and 13,500 unique visits. Those are very good numbers, and they are bound to at least double due to advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools on the site.
  5. 5. BURGUNDY & GOLD MAGAZINE Burgundy & Gold Magazine (B&G Magazine) is a prime source for news and features on the Redskins’ present and storied past. Mike Richman hosts and produces the show, which is highlighted by: * Interviews with Redskins legends and other players who proudly wore the burgundy and gold * Interviews with Redskins of today * Compelling panel discussions on the current state of the team Question: Who has been interviewed for the show? Answer: * Iconic figures such as Sam Huff, Larry Brown, Ken Houston, Ron McDole, Roy Jefferson, George Starke, Joe Theismann, Dexter Manley, Charles Mann, Neal Olkewicz, Ron Saul, Mike Nelms, Bobby Beathard, Joe Bugel, Raleigh McKenzie, Ron Saul, Jim Lachey, Andre Collins, Ken Harvey, Clinton Portis, LaVar Arrington and Jon Jansen. * Current players such as Robert Griffin III, London Fletcher, Ryan Kerrigan, Reed Doughty, Kedric Golston, Niles Paul, Will Montgomery and Keenan Robinson. Question: Where does the show air? Answer: * Montgomery County, MD (Verizon 21/Comcast 21) * Prince George’s County, MD (Verizon 42/Comcast 76) * Fairfax County, VA (Verizon 10/Cox 10) * Arlington County, VA (Verizon 38/Comcast 69) (Three of the stations that carry the show – Montgomery Community Media, Prince George’s Community Television and Fairfax Public Access – can potentially reach about one million people and nearly 300,000 households in their respective counties.) NOTE: B&G Magazine shows and segments are archived on these web pages: Mike’s web site: http://www.redskinshistorian.com/bg-magazine Montgomery Community Media: http://www.mymcmedia.org/program/burgundy-and-gold-magazine/ Blip.TV: http://blip.tv/burgundy-gold-magazine | YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RedskinsHistorian
  6. 6. BURGUNDY & GOLD FLASHBACK Burgundy & Gold Flashback (B&G Flashback) is a podcast that relives the Redskins’ deep tradition in the words of legends who once represented the proud franchise. Through Mike’s insightful one-on-one interviews, listeners can: * Interviews with Redskins legends and other players who proudly wore the burgundy and gold * Interviews with Redskins of today * Compelling panel discussions on the current state of the team * Re-connect with Redskins from a cross-section of eras * Soak in the reminiscing that emanates from the broadcasts * Hear the views of ex-Redskins on the current state of the team * Learn what Mike’s guests are up to now Question: Who has appeared on the show? Answer: In the debut of B&G Flashback on Sports Talk 570: Powered by ESPN, Mike interviewed Redskin greats Bobby Beathard, Billy Kilmer, Eddie LeBaron, Jim Lachey, Andre Collins, Jeff Bostic, George Starke, Brig Owens, Mark Murphy, Kenny Houston and Vince Promuto. All episodes of B&G Flashback to date can be heard on: Mike’s web site: http://www.redskinshistorian.com/bg-flashback Sports Talk 570: Powered by ESPN: http://stationcaster.com/player_skinned.php?s=83&c=1691&f=338841
  7. 7. ABOUT THE HOST Mike Richman is Mr. Multimedia when it comes to the Redskins and is no stranger to fans of the burgundy and gold. He is: * The foremost authority on Redskins history * The author of the most comprehensive journalistic account of the franchise, The Redskins Encyclopedia, and the most unique book ever compiled on the team, the Washington Redskins Football Vault * An award-winning producer and host of the TV show “Burgundy & Gold Magazine.” (He most recently won 1st place for sports coverage in the nationally recognized Hometown Media Awards.) * A regular contributor to Redskins.com, the team’s official web site * Host of the radio show/podcast “Burgundy & Gold Flashback” * A former member of the “10 for 80” committee that chose the 10 new names added to the Redskins’ 80 Greatest list in 2012 * The author of Redskins history articles that have appeared in Sports Illustrated magazine. Many media outlets have asked Mike to share his knowledge of Redskins history. Here are some of them: * CBS Network News * WTTG-TV (FOX DC affiliate) * WRC-TV (NBC DC affiliate) * WUSA-TV (CBS DC affiliate) * News Channel 8 (DC) * WMAL radio (DC) * WTOP radio (DC) * ESPN 980 (DC) * WIP radio (Philadelphia) * The Washington Post * The Wall Street Journal * The Atlantic magazine * Comcast SportsNet Plus, Mike has co-hosted “Redskins Chronicles,” a history show produced by the Redskins. The team interviewed Mike for its 75th anniversary production, “Great Moments in Redskins History,” as did NFL Films for its documentary, “History of the Washington Redskins.” He also appears on the nationally televised NFL “Top 10,” which airs on the NFL Network.
  8. 8. Mike's Books All books are personalized for free by the author! My last copy of the Washington Redskins Football Vault has been sold. The book is out of print, but I hope to update it in the near future with the spectacular RGIII highlighting the pages as he leads to Redskins to championships! To those of you who have a copy of the Vault, the most unique book ever compiled on the Redskins, you now own a collector's item. I still have plenty of copies of The Redskins Encyclopedia, the most comprehensive journalistic account of Redskins history. Just go to this page to make a purchase: http://www.redskinshistorian.com/redskins-encyclopedia. Thanks to everyone for your staunch support. HTTR! Mike Richman has authored two Redskin history books, the Washington Redskins Football Vault and The Redskins Encyclopedia, that are a must on any bookshelf. These comprehensive works are the result of years and years of Mike's extensive and detailed research into his beloved Redskins. Organized chronologically, the books begin with the birth of the team in 1932 as the "Boston Braves," transition to its move to the nation's capital in 1937 and continue tracking the history and lore of one of the most storied NFL franchises. Both books are special in their own way. In addition to its compelling written account of the Redskins, color photos and glossy pages, the Vault contains a unique treasure trove of Redskins memorabilia that one can touch and examine, including game program covers, ticket stubs, press passes and player contracts. Ever think you'd see a letter from the U.S. attorney general to Redskins Hall of Fame quarterback Sonny Jurgensen? Check out the Redskins Vault. The 432-page Redskins Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive journalistic account of the Redskins ever compiled! It features a season-by-season overview of the team, bios of the greatest players and coaches in team history, entertaining anecdotes and an incredible appendix that includes historical data such as team records, coaches, game results, draft picks and the all-time player roster. If you love the Redskins or are just seeking a gift, you are going to love these books!
  9. 9. Mike Richman is the man with all of the answers when it comes to Redskins history. A journalist who has covered sports for a quartercentury, Mike is the author of the two most comprehensive books on Redskins history – the Washington Redskins Football Vault and The Redskins Encyclopedia. His articles on Redskins history have appeared in myriad publications, and he hosts an award-winning Redskins TV show called “Burgundy & Gold Magazine. Mike Richman • Redskins Historian & Freelance Writer • Author of The Redskins Encyclopedia and the Washington Redskins Football Vault 301-251-5731 office | 240-676-1270 cell mikerichman@redskinshistorian.com Facebook |Twitter