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Wagstaff Customer Benefit Brochure

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Wagstaff Csr Brochure Email

  1. 1. innovation.trust.w o r k p l a c e c o n s u lt a n c y . I NTER I OR D ES I G N .professionalism.longevity.i n t e r i o r f i t- o u t . FURN I TURE SOLUT I ONS . m o v e m a n a g e m e n t . H i r eexpertise.efficiency.re-use & recycle specialistswagstaff Corporate Social Responsibilitywww.wagstaffgroup.co.uk
  2. 2. innovation.trust.professionalism.longevity.expertise.efficiency.wagstaff modern life is rubbish .... time for a change?
  3. 3. Contents4 Managing our environmental impact4 How are we doing? Our Carbon Footprint4 Our accreditations4 Health and Safety4 Helping Suppliers live our values4 Re-use, recycle and waste management4 Wagstaff whitepapers4 Charity and ethics4 Our aims and goals
  4. 4. Our Corporate Social Responsibility“Our CSR policy is Here at the Wagstaff Group we hope to set a new level of social and Our CSR is more than just a statement of good intent, we have more than just environmental awareness and in doing so we have taken a holistic approach to broken it down into real processes that we have implemented and which will a statement of encompass more than just a reuse and recycle policy. continue to develop and grow in the future, for the good. good intent” You won’t find another sweeping statement about how we run our business in the ‘greenest’ way possible and we don’t claim to be saving the world with a few generic environmental policies, that would be ridiculous, but as a company and as a group of individuals we do realise that we can make a difference. Waste is something that we should all oppose, there is no gain in any form of being wasteful, waste costs money, stretches resources and it screams of inefficiency and incompetence. Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Our Corporate Responsibility
  5. 5. Managing our environmental impact“consolidation of Some time ago we sat down and discussed how we could run our At Wagstaff we realise, that due to the nature of our business our carbon deliveries business in a more efficient and emissions are relatively low. (see article on & maximisation of loads” effective manor, back then big changes How are we doing?) were made to implement this and As well as the fundamental changes at the same time reduce our carbon we have made to our business over the emissions. years, we have also made a series of The changes small internal steps across our company A Outsource our transportation to nationally, to help reduce our specialist companies to take environmental impact even further, we advantage of the consolidation of realise that these small steps can make a deliveries and maximisation of loads. BIG difference if we all get involved. Also routing and scheduling vehicles helps to minimise mileage whilst “Sowing the seeds of change continuing to meet customer demands into our team to work, act and be across the country. conscious of how they carry out their A Outsourcing warehousing day to day activities will ensure that operations to specialist locally in the future acting positioned companies to reduce environmentally will become energy consumption by sharing and second nature ”. managing furniture distribution all under one roof. Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Managing our Environmental Impact
  6. 6. A Recycling paper via paper planet A Investment in MFD (multi function A We recycle toner cartridgesA ‘Think Before you Print’ policy devices) to replace worn outA Reduction in paper consumption printers fax machines scanners, A Recycling card and plastic photocopiers etc..A We use motion sensor lighting to A All timber based products are A David Smith (Company Secretary) light only used space. All other sourced from sustainable achieves over 70 mpg in his new lights, heating and standbys are forestland under FSC chain VW Polo blue motion turned off when not in use of custody. A Maintaining vehicles in accordance with manufacturers guidelines A Encouraging our drivers to adhere Small steps for BIG change to speed limits A Check your tyres policy better fuel economyA Reuse existing sample furniture A Working with and assessing A Reducing unnecessary travel by manufacturers to ensure car – we promote conference optimisation of processes. calling, route planning and using A Plus working with them to reduce public transport packaging A Ride to work schemesWagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Small Steps for Big Change
  7. 7. How are we doing? Carbon Footprint“we have a total further estimates for energy consumption (electricity). The carbon footprint of calculation is at the initial stages and we are working closely with the advice and approximately verification of FIRA, so that we have a 533 tonnes of fossil CO2” degree of certainty that our bench mark figure can be used, in the future, to measure our performance.Although we have achieved a reductionin energy and fuel consumption sincewe achieved our ISO14001 status inJanuary 2005, we want to do morein our fight against climate change.Our initial calculations show that as an as a guideline, which will enable us toorganisation we have a total carbon measure our future performancefootprint of approximately 533 tonnes year on year.of fossil CO2 during the course The calculation has been arrived at,of one year. in the main, by looking at our fleet ofThis measurement reflects our vehicles, kilometres travelled andconsumption for the year ended applying the rate of g/km as providedDecember 2009 and is to be used by the Environment Agency, with Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - How are we doing? Carbon Footprint
  8. 8. Offset Options Clean Energy Portfolio – Our funding “UK Tree Planting – “We are currently in would support VCS Planting of trees in the UK region the process of verified carbon reduction projects of our choice, supporting wild life habits whilst offsetting our becoming a around the world which reduces carbon emissions through the carbon emissions. From £6,142.00 carbon Neutral to pledge 534 trees ” company ” displacement of fossil fuels through clean/renewable energy generation From £4,399.00 to offset 533 tonnes Reforestation in Kenya – pledge funds for the planting of native broad leaved trees in the Great Rift Valley. The project is co-ordinated by ESCONET and is also supported by the Red Cross’.We are currently investigating carbon reducing our CO2 emissions as The influential Stern Report publishedoffsetting options which would described in these sections in 2006 called for a 60-80% reductionenable us to offset our unavoidable It is now widely acknowledged that of CO2 emissions by 2050 and the UKemissions by helping fund projects greenhouse gas emissions must be Government is now committed, in thethat deliver an equivalent CO2 saving reduced dramatically to avoid climate Climate Change Bill, to reducing carbonelsewhere. chaos. Business, whether delivering dioxide emissions by 60% from 1990Before we turn to offsetting we are products or services, has a central role levels, by 2050.going through the process of to play in this.Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Offset Options
  9. 9. Extract of our CarbonFootprint Calculation Transport and Travel Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Extract of Carbon Footprint Calculation
  10. 10. Our accreditationsWe currently have 15 accreditations, here is a brief explanation of each oneA AIS membership recognises that A Wagstaff is a member of the British A Wagstaff is a member of we are a quality company that Contract Furnishing Association. Construction Line which is the provides a quality service. This We are recognised as are a UK’s largest register of membership ensures we stay well manufacturer and supplier of pre-qualified construction services. ahead of minimum standards and furnishing services to the office, It streamlines procedures by recognises that we promote good hospitality, education and supplying the construction industry practice and safe working, healthcare industry. and its clients with a single national industry-wide. pre-qualification scheme.Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Our Accreditations
  11. 11. Our AccreditationsA Wagstaff is an environmental A Wagstaff is a member of EXOR A Wagstaff is a member of agency (EA) licensed waste which provides supply chain British Safety Council. The British carrier determined to recycle as solutions across an increasing Safety Council (BSC) is one of the much material as possible. number of companies in a variety world’s leading health and safety of industries across the public organisations and states that and private sector including; Wagstaff keeps people healthy and construction, manufacturing, leisure, safe at work. retail and financial and professional services.A The Building Register Approved A Wagstaff is a member of A FIRA focuses on environmental organisation promotes Wagstaff Contractors Health & Safety issues, purchasing, end of product Interiors Group as an approved Assessment Scheme (CHAS) life, social and community issues. sub-contractor and supplier to that gives clients’ health and safety FIRA membership can also offer companies in the Construction pre-qualification assessments to a cost savings and production Industry. They provide vital information nationally recognised and accepted efficiencies, improving a member’s` on our financial, health & safety, threshold standard competitiveness. quality and insurance stance to help companies reduce risk and save time. Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Our Accreditations
  12. 12. Wagstaff AccreditationsA FISP focuses on environmental A We have been awarded a Mayor of A Wagstaff have achieved ISO 9001 issues, purchasing, end of product London green procurement award, standard which is a set of life and social and community by demonstrating under strict internationally agreed standards issue. FISP membership also offer scrutiny that we consider and that provide guidelines for a quality cost savings and production practise purchasing products and management system efficiencies, to improve our services that are deemed to be competitiveness. more favourable to the environment and by companies that consider their environmental impacts and try to minimise them.A ISO 1400; 2004 is an A OHSAS 18001 is the standard A Wagstaff is a member of the environmentally management against which organisations are Utilities Vendors Database. UVDB standard. It defines a set of assessed on their health and safety verify and allows Wagstaff to environmental management performance demonstrate compliance to health requirements for environmental and safety environment and quality management systems and requirements. performanceWagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Our Accreditations
  13. 13. Health & SafetyAt Wagstaff we ensure that the health, ethical and environmentally sourced For full details relating to the topicsafety and welfare of all our operatives, and which are designed and installed to headings listed below, please visit ourclients and other personnel are meet and exceed the latest standards. website atmaintained at all times. Throughout a Our fit-out, refurbishment and furniture www.wagstaffgroup.co.uk/csr/h&s.project life cycle we will seek to delivery & installations are managed to where you will also be able to viewcontinually monitor, maintain and im- ensure that a safe working environment and download the Wagstaff Interiorsprove our health and safety is achieved and maintained by ensuring Group, Health and Safety Policy.management systems at all times that all our employees and subcontrac-Our Health and Safety management tors are trained and regularly assessedsystems are fully accreditated and to the highest health & safety standards.certified to OHSAS 18001:1999 and We seek to eliminate risk on all aspectsare externally audited annually by QMS. of our work to ensure the well being ofWe strive to provide products that are all parties involved in any project.planning . compliance with CDM regulations 2007risk assessment & safe systems of workproject health & safety management . health & safety audit monitoringreview . training . competence . selection & control of subcontractorsconsultation & exchange of health & safety advice .welfare first aid provision . occupational healthaccident & incident reporting, investigation & follow up . emergencyprocedures . fire . manual handling . work at height . lifting operationsplant & equipment noise & vibration . use and storage of materials& substances . asbestos dust . electricity & other servicestraffic & vehicle management . security . industry memberships& accreditations Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Health & Safety
  14. 14. Helping Suppliers live our values“ suppliers are at We have teamed up with FIRA (the furniture industries association) to help at different levels in terms of assessing the carbon footprint of their individual different levels in all our manufacturing suppliers achieve products and our goal is to help the our standards of environmental and ones who are a few steps behind get up terms of measuring social practise by promoting the use of to speed. Far more sophisticated than a the carbon footprint FIRA’s Furniture Footprinter™. simple carbon calculator, the next The Footprinter™ is a revolutionary generation carbon, ecological and of their individual computer software tool developed to accounting tool is geared towards the products” help companies within the furniture issues facing the furniture sector and supply chain to reduce their carbon calculates the footprints of specific footprints. We realise that all our products, projects, processes and furniture manufacturing suppliers are whole organisations. Calculates the carbon and Compares the impacts of ecological impacts of different different product or products or project options project options Identifies areas Creates easy to where significant understand reports and charts improvements can be made Stores data and is Demonstrates continuous continuously updated to reflect improvement the latest footprint figures. Helps to raise employee awarenessWagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - FIRA Carbon Footprinter
  15. 15. The Furniture Footprinter™ is a naturaladdition to FIRA’s strong environmentaland business support portfolio, whichincludes the Furniture IndustrySustainability Programme (FISP), ClubGreen, lean processes, supply chainmanagement, sustainable timberpurchasing and environmentalmanagement (ISO 14001). “Our goal is to help the ones that are a few steps behind ” What does this mean? With an industry standard in place weThe Furniture Footprinter™ has been have a benchmark to work from so thatcreated using a model devised by Best our clients can make informed choicesFoot Forward, which has received the with the confidence that the environ-Queen’s Award for Enterprise in mental aspects of those products haveSustainable Development and has been thoroughly examined.worked on footprinting projects with “We are working towards having everyorganisations such as GlaxoSmithKline, product in our furniture directorythe NHS, Virgin Trains to name carbon rated for a our next issue injust a few. 2013” Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - FIRA Carbon Footprinter
  16. 16. Re-use & Recycle waste management Re-use and recycle is one of our 7 core services and actively promoted to all our customers. We have developed a series of initiatives to help customers to responsibly manage unwanted furniture in a sustainable and cost effective way. 1. Wagstaff joins up with local and worldwide charities; Waste to Wonder Carbon Footprint 5. 2. Buy re-use Internal ‘Swap Although furniture may have furniture through our Wagstaff Shop’ database reached the end of its life in its to collect and Furniture Hire re-use furniture current environment, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. By re-using one desk and task five avenues chair you can save 65 tonnes of CO2, when you of re-use consider that an estimated figure of 250,000 units of furniture comes to the end of its life each year, by re 4. 3. Wagstaff will Online Furniture using just 10% could save 16.5 million tonnes of CO2 market your Store to buy furniture for quality re-use released into the atmosphere, plus the new owner re-sale products gets furniture they need at little or no cost.Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Re-use & Recycle
  17. 17. 1. Waste to WonderWagstaff Interiors Group have partnered schools worldwide as well as protect respected and establishedwith the Waste to Wonder™ their local environment. Wagstaff Interi- charitable organisations including theorganisation to provide an ors Group and the Waste to Wonder™ UNEP, UNESCO, World ORT, Shelter,environmental and corporate organisation invite your company to Mercy in Actionresponsible solution for the step into a simple, seamless and and The Terrencemanagement of redundant office secure process currently endorsed by Higgins Trust.furniture. All of our customers now have over 145 blue chip companies. Wastethe opportunity to support charities and to Wonder™ support a wide range ofIn 6 easy steps we will explain the benefits of our partnership with W2W 1: Wagstaff introduces 2: W2W conducts a survey customer to W2W representative 3: W2W process manager processes items to be sent to W2W warehouses 5: Items re-distributed to projects 6: Reports; Case Study, locally and internationally Public Relations, Carbon Saving 4: Items received at W2W warehouse Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy --Charity and Ethics Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy Waste to Wonder
  18. 18. Internal churn Wagstaff can set your business up with an internal ‘Swap Shop’ 2. database to allow staff to pick and choose from company stock. Wagstaff can manage the whole process. Five Lives 3. Our online used furniture store ‘Five Lives’, where you can buy quality re-used products; www.wagstaffgroup.co.uk/fivelives To Market We market your furniture for re-sale 4. Wagstaff Hire We buy quality unwanted furniture for use in our hire department 5.Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Re-use & Recycle
  19. 19. Recycle waste managementRecycling • Steel is smelted and added back For further information into WagstaffOnly if all of these options have been into new steel production at 30% sustainability initiatives pleaseexhausted or furniture is beyond • Card is 100% recycled up to five follow the link;repair do we send it to be recycled. times to be made back into paper http://www.wagstaffgroup.co.uk/CSRRecycling to us means segregating productsproducts into their core elements, • Wood - chipped and sent to bewood, metal, plastic etc, this is used as animal beddingdone at our distribution hubs before Plastic - recycle back into plasticbeing collected by local recycling products where possiblecompanies. Five Lives (3) Repair Online Store Market online for Wood Re-Sale (4) Steel Customerunwanted and Customer Service Centre, Local Waste new furniture Collection Local Logistic Hub Segregate for Recycle Card Local Sales Consultant Recycling Hubs request Plastic W2W (1) Warehouse, Set up internal Swindon Re-Use (5) General Swap Shop (2) through Hire Waste to Energy UK Worldwide Charities Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Re-use & Recycle
  20. 20. Wagstaff Whitepapers 01-23WagstaffWhitepapersWe are fascinated by our industry somuch so that we have commissionedleading expert Phillip Ross,CEO of Unwired Ltd to produce aseries of reports relating to the 1. New Ways of Working 2. Emerging Technology and the A Loss of the concept of one Office of the Futureworking environment and the future person – one desk as workstations A Fixed phones will vanish with a of the workplace. are shared. move to software or ‘softphones’ Each paper provides a unique insight A Workspace will lose heavy IT and connecting people to people telephony equipment and become a regardless of location.into the way we work and the factors simplified space supporting mobile, A People more mobile around and out which effect us now and in the not too portable technology. of the office so circulation and shared distant future, in fact some of these A Cost savings from pared down space will increase. workspace, capex (through less A Remote users can create Virtualideas have been put into practice by space) and opex (through less Private Network through laptops many forward thinking organisations. churn). to their company’s server allowing use A Fewer allocated desks and of softphones.Many of theses topics will help reduce increased collaborative and shared A Wi-Fi enabled mobiles will roam onto the amount of C02 consumed by space. the local corporate network.business due to improved efficiencyand new ways of working which bettersuit both the employer and employee.Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Wagstaff Whitepapers 01-23
  21. 21. Wagstaff Whitepapers 01-233. The Homeworker 4. Sustainability in the Workplace 5. Expectations of theA Remote access to corporate networks A Carbon footprint of workplace Next Generation and mobile telephony widely used to includes fit-out, materials, equipment A Millennials are the technology adept give flexible working and ‘mobile’ and workers’ behaviour. Consider young people coming of age at the office. long-term energy efficiency and start of the millennium who will be A Benefits of reduced carbon cost-savings of equipment against boardroom faces in 2025. footprint, attraction and retention of initial cost. A They are heavy internet users and staff, reduced office overheads. A Energy saving workforce encouraged content creators, comfortable with A Health and safety, insurance, security by visual energy dashboards to change informal instant communication and remain employers responsibility. behaviour. used to being on an equal footing with A Risk assessment and provision of office A Space management systems other knowledge sharers. and IT equipment may be necessary. optimise energy use by reducing A Will work in the knowledge economy; heating and lighting of empty space. a digital world where work sharing, A Intelligent management information collaborating and showing their own systems allow increased control over initiative are second nature. environment (heating, lighting as well as accountability for energy use.6. Trends and Case Studies 7. Carbon Offsetting and 8. Acoustics in the WorkplaceA Old system of one person – one desk Green Claims Part 1 with hierarchy still commonplace. A Companies are now taking climate A Noise can cause a loss of privacy, A Sustainability putting pressure on change seriously from a financial and confidentiality and productivity companies to justify their work legal perspective rather than from a (up to 20%) in open plan work structure moral or ethical one. environments.A Collaboration, distribution and flexible A The UK has targets to cut emissions A New acoustic challenges in an ageing working, supported by new by 34% and increase its renewable workforce and with new technology technology, promotes workplace energy. Buildings account for 40% of replacing traditional telephones. mobility. all emissions so must play a part in A European legislation sets the ‘daily New concepts of work space with this. personal exposure’ threshold at 80db. corporate office as an academy. A Smart buildings with Building Without a ubiquitous headset and quiet Management Systems and sensors zones, unified communications increase can optimise heating and lighting use the risk of noise pollution. thereby cutting energy bills and emissions. A Energy management companies plus government loans and capital allowances can help companies improve their energy efficiency. Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Wagstaff Whitepapers 01-23
  22. 22. Wagstaff Whitepapers 01-239. Acoustics in the Workplace 10. The Digital City and Third Space 11. The Thin Building Part 2 A Digital cities use broadband A ‘Obese buildings’ are laden withA Traditional passive noise control infrastructure enabling users with technology that requires extensive includes physical barriers and sound mobile devices to connect anywhere infrastructure and large spaces devoted absorption. within the ‘connected community’. to servers.A Active noise control includes phase A People will begin to demand new A Virtualisation provides efficient, shared cancellation or ‘anti-noise’and new places to work, above and beyond server resources such as Amazon’s systems of sound masking. hotels and coffee shops, as wireless AWS with flexibility to expand or reduce technology advances and Wi-Fi the virtual server to meet demand.A Early planning and modelling of embedded in millions of devices. acoustics in workplace design will be A The ‘Cloud’ will see people consuming crucial. A Offices will be under pressure to provide software on demand and companies workspace and free Wi-Fi for being freed of software support and A Adaptive systems can react to suppliers, contractors and clients with maintenance as well as housing bulky occupancy and sensed noise mobile devices. servers. providing ‘ramp’ and ‘level scheduling’ noise masking. A The growth of 3rd spaces will increase A If you don’t need to be in the office for to supply innovative work environments technology and software, this will away from the workplace for a mobile challenge the reasons to be there workforce.. all the time.12. The Connected Desk 13. The Death of Paper at Work 14. The Disability Discrimination Act A With increased use of portable A A paperless office that is both (DDA) and Ergonomics in the technology and wireless systems, environmentally aware and space workplace the interface with fixed technology conscious will become more prevalent seems clumsy and ineffective. as people begin to trust electronic A Employers must make ‘reasonable archiving. adjustments’ to the workplace so as A Laptops and mobile devices need not to discriminate against people with cumbersome power packs and A Storing documents on a network makes disabilities. Each situation is unique and peripherals. Even docking stations them accessible from anywhere, there are usually a number of different become obsolete with each new allowing mobile and remote workers to solutions to the same issue. Expensive development. share and collaborate in real time. solutions are not always necessary.A Standardised hardware and wireless A Shared local and desktop printers will A Disabled people should be consulted power will free up the portable be replaced by MFDs servicing much in planning and simplesolutions can workforce. larger groups with ‘follow me’ printing benefit the whole workforce.A The ‘Connected Desk’ will improve allowing workers to pull documents from anywhere. A Good ergonomics is no longer a luxury productivity and office efficiency by – flexible working and shared space will offering up to three monitors but also A e-Books, containing hundreds of Pdfs, necessitate adjustable furniture assessing use of space. will allow users to carry around solutions. research and reports.Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Wagstaff Whitepapers 01-23
  23. 23. Wagstaff Whitepapers 01-2315. Summary of Wagstaff 16. New Demographics 17. New Era of Mobility Whitepapers & FM action plan18. The Third Space 19. The Future of Meeting 20. Why sit when you can stand? New Ergonomics21. Connected Real Estate 22. The Digital City and Third Space 23. The Thin Building All new titles available on request at www.wagstaffgroup.co.uk/whitepapers Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Wagstaff Whitepapers 01-23
  24. 24. Charity & Ethics As a company we pride ourselves in our ongoing support for two key charities. Firstly our support helps Cancer Research UK in saving lives. expertise, staff time and financial Donations fund work in research, commitment. Wagstaff have preventative information and committed to raising a minimum of influencing public policy. Without £5,000 this year. “ Whizz-Kidz provides the support these charities would struggle to survive and vital aid, information and Wagstaff have pledged to raise £5,000 right mobility equipment, for Cancer Research this year through break through treatments wouldn’t skills-training and advice a combination of staff fundraising and exist to give sufferers a chance. cause related marketing. at the right time, to give Whizz Kids work closely with the NHS disabled children and young in order to provide disabled children people the independence with mobility aids that the NHS has to live a life of freedom limited funding for. As the NHS at home, at school continue to purchase necessary furniture from us our funding ultimately and at play: the helps Whizz Kidz to purchase more independence to be equipment from the NHS. themselves. Wagstaff are engaging with Whizz-Kidz There are still 70,000 in many different forms, we are an children across the UK active partner and endeavor to still in need of the right understand the issues faced by young mobility equipment. ” disabled people by volunteering ourWagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Charity and Ethics
  25. 25. Charity & Ethics “Wagstaff has an A Our Diversity policy illustrates our stand on discrimination in theimportant role to play in workplace and in recruitment as we A Equal Opportunities Policy believe everybody should be treated enriching people’s lives fair and equally. A Diversity Policy that are influenced by A Ethical Procurement Policy our industry ” A Gifts, Hospitality and Entertainment Policy Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Charity and EthicsAs one of the countries largest office Wagstaff supports thefurniture companies, Wagstaff has Mayor of London,an important role to play in enrichingpeople’s lives that are influenced London Living Wageby our industry. please see our Diversity PolicyA The Code of Ethical Procurement for more details.is designed to promote safe and fairworking conditions and the responsiblemanagement of environmental andsocial issues in Wagstaff’s supply chain. Please see the section headings belowIn addition to this we have outlined which illustrate further in-depth detail ofwhere we stand on gifts hospitality and our Ethics and Charity Policy which canentertainment to show that we are all be found on our website at;about keeping our business fair and www.wagstaffgroup.co.uk/csr/ethics &open. charity. Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Charity and Ethics
  26. 26. Aims & GoalsWe understand the importance of collected by supp ing, lier kag tohaving a strong CSR and hope you will ac hicles wit pa e p n y ve hC cagree that we have taken solid steps to pa O s m ka -u 2 ge Re co leimprove the way in which we work and v ne ng elconduct or business. If we can help to wp ri of 1 Offe rodu 40 or lowerinfluence all our suppliers to work to the ctsame values we will be making a hugedifference in our industry.Where do we go from here? Before we Manage display andimplement any new processes to help mock-up furniture through ‘waste to wonder’reduce carbon emissions we must make Implement the use to be re-used for charity basedsure that we are fulfilling our current CSR for external computer project across the UK and clouds to accessbrief. By 2013 we plan to implement abroad electronic information By 2012 insist that all our suppliers package their goods assome if not all of the thus reducing the need sparsely as possible with packaging made from 60% recycled or 100%improvements stated below. to expand FSC managed forests and 95% recyclable materials our server capacityAs awareness and legislation changes to king where ‘installation of eco2 worimprove the world we work in, Wagstaff ho me applic power modules across “Monitor, advise and the regional offices nt abpledge to continually asses, update and me “Communicating through le assist our suppliers and technologies such as to automatically to r Imple sub-contractors to ensureimprove our CO2 reduction their environmental poli- VoIP for turn off edprogram and the way in which we work cies have met or are aimed conference calling uce com at meeting our standards or to reduce business electricalto improve the world we live in. beyond” miles ” equipment when not in use and un m Reduce the number of company monitor power t in cars in favor of public transport g mi les consumption’Wagstaff Environmental and CSR Policy - Aims & Goals
  27. 27. “Don’t blow it ... good planets are hard to find.” Anonymous For further information on Wagstaff CSR please visit www.wagstaffgroup.co.uk/csr For further literature please call to request Wagstaff Corporate Profile l Design & Build Brochure l Furniture Directory l Wagstaff Collection l Our CSR Policy l Wagstaff Hire Brochure l Case Studies l Wagstaff Whitepapers l
  28. 28. innovation.trust.professionalism.longevity.expertise.efficiency.wagstaffwww.wagstaffgroup.co.ukHead/Southern Office Yorkshire OfficeThe Wagstaff Centre Unit 4, Stadium Way15 Wharfside, Rosemont Road Leeds, West YorkshireWembley, Middx HA0 4PE LS11 0EWT: 020 8432 1000 T: 0113 270 3312F: 020 8432 1064 F: 0113 272 5936E: interiors@wagstaffgroup.co.uk E: yorkshire@wagstaffgroup.co.ukSouth West Office Northern OfficeStuart House, The Back Centurion House, Leyland Business ParkChepstow, Gwent Centurion Way, Farington, PrestonMonmouthshire NP16 5HH Lancashire PR25 3GRT: 01291 626 596 T: 01772 511 786F: 01291 630 342 F: 01772 511 758E: southwest@wagstaffgroup.co.uk E: north@wagstaffgroup.co.ukEast Anglia Office North East OfficeUnit 20, Diss Business Centre The Enterprise Centre, Ridley StreetDark Lane, Scole The Quayside, BlythDiss, Norfolk IP21 4HD Northumberland NE24 3AGT: 01379 644 448 T: 01670 542 870F: 01379 644 548 F: 01670 542 883E: east@wagstaffgroup.co.uk E: northeast@wagstaffgroup.co.ukMidlands Office Scotland OfficeHolly Farm Business Park 11 Maritime StreetHoniley, nr Kenilworth EdinburghWarwickshire CV8 1NP EH6 6SBT: 01926 485 083 T: 0131 625 1033F: 01926 485 077 F: 0131 625 1034E: midlands@wagstaffgroup.co.uk E: scotland@wagstaffgroup.co.ukWagstaff Customer Service CentreT: 0844 375 9690F: 0844 375 9691E: customerservice@wagstaffgroup.co.uk