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EarthLink Business Hosted Voice

EarthLink Business Hosted Voice



Hosted voice solution from EarthLink Business

Hosted voice solution from EarthLink Business



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    EarthLink Business Hosted Voice EarthLink Business Hosted Voice Presentation Transcript

    • 1EarthLink CompleteTMHosted Voice Overview
    • 2Built on a Solid Foundation2Over $1.4 billion in annualized revenue$200M free cash flowOver 400 accounts billing 10K +Over 10,000 accounts billing 1k – 10KOver 1.6 million total customer relationshipsOver 3300employeesThe CompanyMission StatementOver 10,000 Hosted SeatsOver 20,000 Integrated Voice & Data nodesOver 50,000 Data & Internet nodesAnytime, anywhere,EarthLink keepscustomersconnected andbusinessesempowered. Ourleading-edgemanaged IT, networkand communicationsservices deliver thesuperior and secureexperience ourcustomers value andtrust.
    • 3Nationwide Network
    • 4EarthLink Business Infrastructure• Operates a nationwide IP network with underlying fiber assets in30 of the top 50 MSAs in the country• Over 1,300 Central Offices / Collocations Nationwide• Fiber Optic Network– 27 states– 90 Metro Rings– 55 IP and circuit-based switches– 7,916 Metro Fiber Miles– 20,813 Non Metro Fiber Miles– Over 28,000 Miles in Total Fiber Transport
    • 5Hosted VoiceHosted Voice is a completely managed enterprise class IP phone system, highspeed broadband, voice services, features and unified communications, deliveredvia a secure, private IP network as an end-to-end solution from one provider.Limitless Office LocationScalabilityRemoteWorkerEarthLink SupportCenterFind Me Follow MeMetaswitch
    • 6Business Continuity & Disaster RecoveryWhat are businesses concerned about?• In 2011 alone there were 79 natural disasters declared in the UnitedStates through September• The United States produced an excess of $18 billion insuredbusiness losses in the first half of 2011 alone• More disasters have followedTornados in Alabama –April 2011Hurricane Sandy –November 2012Floods in Indiana –March 2011
    • 7Business Continuity & Disaster RecoveryHow can EarthLink Business provide solutions?• Redundancy and failover options for data networks• Auto-rerouting and IP failover for voice networks• Web portal control of call routing to alternate sites or phone numbersPower Outage -NortheastParalyzing - BlizzardCatastrophic - Fire
    • 8How is EarthLink’s Hosted Voice Different?• Differentiators– EarthLink’s Financial Stability and it is a Publically TradedCompany– EarthLink provides managed IP Phones or customer can purchaseIP Phones from EarthLink– IP Phone Options – Polycom or Aastra– POE & Battery Back-up included– Onsite training (Major Markets 25+) or Virtual training– Dedicated Hosted Customer Support Group– Multiple Broadband Options (DSL/T-1/Ethernet) w/ SLA & Class ofService (COS)– No/Low CAPEX– Private Nationwide Network w/ Quality of Service (QOS)– Proven Enterprise Class Hosted Voice Provider
    • 9What are the components of Hosted Voice?
    • 10What are the Component of Hosted Voice?
    • 11HostedVoiceAccess TypesBYOB* DSL - 23 Speeds T-1 and NXT-1 (up to9mbps) Ethernet Access 10 &20mbps Hosted Voice ComponentsHosted VoiceOptionalCall Router General Voicemail Standard Voicemail Premium Voicemail Unified Fax Auto Attendant Basic Auto AttendantPremium Webhosting Analog Lines Confererncing Mobile MPLS 1.Service Bundle 4. Select your OptionalServicesHosted VoiceService BundleConverged Minutes1500 Internet Access Unified Voicemail (1included) Email accounts Toll free number (1included) Domain NameRegistration Basic Managed Router 2. Select Numberof Seats – basedon bandwidth*BYOB Access requires BYOB Notice3. Choose YourAccess Methods
    • 12Hosted Voice Hardware OptionsPolycom IP 450 Polycom ExpansionModulePolycom IP 450Polycom IP 550 Polycom IP 6000Aastra 6755iAastra 6757iAastra 6731iAastra 6739iPanasonic CT (Cordless)Adtran NetVanta 1234Adtran NetVanta 6355Aastra 6757iPolycom IP 650Polycom IP 33512
    • 1313How to choose:Select Phones based on type ofuser and required functionalityAastra 6757iUp to 9 lines with call appearances12 Customizable soft keys with LEDsSupports up to 3 expansion models4 Navigational keysDesk PhoneAastra 6731iUp to 6 lines with call appearances3 line LCD display4 Navigational keys8 Programmable keys with LEDs10 Pre-defined hard keysLobby/Break RoomAastra M675i Expansion ModuleCompatible with Aastra 6755i, 6757i,6757iCT and 6739iMaximum of 3 expansion modules20 soft keys per expansion module (up to 60keys)LED for status indicationMultiple power saving optionsAdministrator/ReceptionAastra 6739iGigabit Ethernet SupportBluetooth Headset SupportBuilt in USB PortOn Screen QWERTY keyboardUp to 9 lines with call appearancesUp to 55 programmable soft keysExecutive/Power User Gig E Capable
    • 14Conference RoomsSoundStation IP6000(SIP) conference phone. 802.3af Power overEthernet. Expandable. Includes 25 (6 meter)Cat5 shielded Ethernet cable.Administrator/Reception Add OnExpansion module for IP650Affordable Desk PhoneSoundPoint 4503 line, POE, XHTML micro-browser, HD voiceBacklit grayscale 256x116 LCDDesk PhoneSoundPoint 550SIP 4-Line IP desktop phone. With HD VoiceBuilt in PoE, Microbrowser & Backlit displayCompatible Partner platforms.Administrator/Reception/ExecutiveSoundPoint 6506-line IP desktop phone with PoE support.Backlight display, HD Audio, USB portHow to choose:Select Phones based on type ofuser and required functionalityLobby/Break RoomSoundPoint IP 3352-line SIP desktop phone with HDVoice
    • 15Cordless Telephone (CT)Base station and one phoneUp to 5 additional phones per base station
    • 16Customer Premises Topology• EarthLink provides and manages all premises based equipment andIP Phones associated with our Hosted Voice Solutions• IP Phones allow for PC’s to be connected on the same customerprovided cablingIAD & Ethernet SwitchIP PhoneIP PhoneIP PhoneIP PhoneCustomer PremisesComputerComputerBattery BackupComputer
    • 17Hosted Voice Network TopologyConnectivity solutions should be based on type ofcustomer facility and bandwidth requirements.
    • 18Hosted Voice Seat TypesHow to chooseyour seat?•Basic Seats – For sharedor public phones (noVoicemail)•Standard Seats – Forusers who do not requiredcommunication outside ofthe office, mobile integrationor call routing•Premium Seat – For userswho need advanced tools forproductivity including mobileintegration, more storagecapacity for voicemail, fax &contacts•Remote Worker =Premium Seat for individualusers who work from homeor any fixed location outsidethe officeBasic Seat FeaturesCall HoldCall ForwardCall ParkCall PickupCall TransferCaller ID NameCaller ID NumberCaller ID BlockingDo Not DisturbThree Way CallingSelective Call AcceptanceSelective Call ForwardingSelective Call RejectionAnonymous Call RejectionPermissive DialingDistinctive RingAccount CodesSpeed Dial (8 or 30)Standard Seat FeaturesUnified VoicemailClick-to-DialFind-Me/Follow-MeCommPortal (Web)Call HoldCall ForwardCall ParkCall PickupCall TransferCaller ID NameCaller ID NumberCaller ID BlockingDo Not DisturbThree Way CallingSelective Call AcceptanceSelective Call ForwardingSelective Call RejectionAnonymous Call RejectionPermissive DialingDistinctive RingAccount CodesSpeed Dial (8 or 30)Premium SeatFeaturesCommPortal Assistant (Desktop)Call Handling ScheduleOutlook IntegrationCommPortal ContactsClick-to-Dial RemoteCall Me WidgetCall JumpMobile FuseUnified VoicemailClick-to-DialFind-Me/Follow-MeCommPortal (Web)Call HoldCall ForwardCall ParkCall PickupCall TransferCaller ID NameCaller ID NumberCaller ID BlockingDo Not DisturbThree Way CallingAnonymous Call RejectionSelective Call AcceptanceSelective Call ForwardingSelective Call RejectionPermissive DialingDistinctive RingAccount CodesSpeed Dial (8 or 30)
    • 19Key Hosted Voice Features & OptionsIncoming Call Mgr.Dashboard AdministrativeUser Phone Profile Editor Find Me / Follow MeACDAuto Attendant Call LogsCommPortal Communicator(Soft Phone)
    • 20Unified Voicemail and FaxFeature Standard Premium GeneralOff-Hours Greeting   Future Delivery of Voicemail   Voicemail to Email   Voicemail/Fax Storage * 50MB 100MB 50MBMax Message Length 180 secs 180 secs 180 secsUnified Fax option optionLive Message Screening   Group Mailbox   Mobile Fuse   Mobile VM Notification   Call Jump   Announcement only   Announcement with general mailbox   Announcement with Operator asst   • Basic Seat VM not included• Standard Seats include Standard VM• Premium Seats include Premium VM &Advanced Features• General VM – stand alone service– For use with Auto-Attendant asgeneral mailbox– General Mailbox – greeting only forMain number– Directions to location– After HoursUnified Fax - Optional•Provides a separate phone number for inboundfaxes only•Delivers faxes to your Communications Portal•Forward faxes as “.pdf” attachment to youremailUnified Voice Mail Options:*Approximate Message Size = 1 MB per Minute
    • 21Communications Portal• Web-based interface to manage system 1. Dashboard : provides aquick view of the mostcommon functions2. My Mobileconfigures “Mobile Fuse”3. Messages & Calls :provides Call Logs, VoiceMail & Faxes4. Contacts : provides amethod for storing andretrieving contact details5. Call Manager : allowscustomer to manage howincoming calls are handled6. Appsdownload optional features7. Settings : provides accessto customize hostedservices and features1 2 3 4 5 6 7*Communications Portal not available with Basic Seat
    • 22Auto-Attendant• Answers calls and routes them according to customer preferences– Routing to:• Individual users• Groups• Remote locations• Mobile Users– Providing “big company” feel• Two options– Standard• 10 Options– Premium• 10 Options• 5 Sub-Options• Integrates w/ Hosted ACD22
    • 23Standard Offering•Includes 1 to 10 levels of routing options•Only allows for users to add voicemessages, no file upload available•Out of Office Hours scheduling•Custom Menu and announcement options•Dial-by-Extension Directory– Callers are played the administrator-defined extension options and may inputan extension to reach the intendedparty.•Dial-by-Name Directory– Callers are played the administrator-defined name options and may select aname to reach the intended party.•Administration Via Telephony UserInterface (TUI) or Graphical User Interface(GUI) via the WebAuto AttendantPremium Offering•Includes 1 to 10 levels of routing options•Adds up to 5 sub-options•Out of Office Hours and Holidayscheduling•Allows Customer to upload custommessage files•Dial-by-Extension Directory– Callers are played the administrator-defined extension options and may inputan extension to reach the intendedparty.•Dial-by-Name Directory– Callers are played the administrator-defined name options and may select aname to reach the intended party.•Administration Via Telephony UserInterface (TUI) or Graphical User Interface(GUI) via the Web
    • 24ACD Feature SuiteGeneral Features• Auto Attendant routing to a specific queue• CDR Retention and Storage• Remote Agent support• Customized message while caller is on hold in queue• Zero out from queue to voicemail for message storage and retrievalAgent Routing Plans• Skill based call routing (SBR)• NPA NXX routing• DNIS based routing• Direct Department calling (DDC)• Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
    • 25ACD Feature SuiteAgent (GUI)• User Name and Password secured Login / Logout• Active / Idle Status and Busy – Ready indicator• Last call time and date• Number of calls currently in queue• Transfer calls to another queue (4 digit extension)• Whisper message to agent identifying queue & hold timeQueue Supervisor (Supervisors GUI)• Real Time Reporting• Agent Search• Listing of Agents/Agents within a specific queue• Queue monitoring w/real time displays• Real time call monitoring w/ whisper
    • 26ACD Feature SuiteCustomer Defined Selections• Number of Queues• Number of Agents in each queue• Maximum number of calls holding in eachqueue• Customer designated call routing• Customer specified “Zero Out” routingdestination• Agent assignment to a specific queue or tomultiple queues• Multiple queues assigned to a single IPHandset• Maximum hold time while holding in queue
    • 27CommPortal (BG) - Administrative• The BG Admin portal is anadmin interface that allowscustomers to managebusiness groups.• Customers can manageindividual lines and phones,adjust MADN and MLHG(hunt groups), programextensions and short codes.• Customers have real-timeaccess to adjust and recordAuto-Attendant and Musicon Hold services.• A minimum of oneadministrator is required foreach account. Additionaladministrators can beassigned by the customerafter turn-up.
    • 28Find Me / Follow MeNever miss important calls!YourMobileYour Desk Phone Home PhoneRoute calls from your numberto multiple numbers• Simultaneous• Sequential• Time of Day
    • 29CommPortal Assistant - Premium• Lightweight application installed on subscriber’s PC— Downloaded from CommPortal – Apps tab• One-click access to key telephony features from taskbar— Instantly accessible, regardless of other applications currentlyin use• Features include:— Search contacts, with option tolaunch click-to-dial call— MS Outlook synchronization— Search corporate directory— Instant ComPortal launch— Control features such as Call Forwarding,Do Not Disturb, etc.— Control settings on Incoming Call Manager— Incoming VM/Fax message popup— Incoming call popup with call handling options
    • 30Incoming Call Manager - Premium• Manage and route calls from your desktop– Send to voicemail– Route to another phone– Route to pre-defined numberImprove productivity and response30
    • 31Incoming Call Manager - Premium31
    • 32Fused IP Desk Phone / Cell Phone VoiceMailbox - Premium• A single Voice Mailbox forboth Cell Phone and IPDesk Phone• CommPortal walks usersthrough migrating fromtheir Mobile voicemailservice with simple steps• Subscribers benefit fromsingle voice mail boxUnifiedMailbox
    • 33• Free Calling Between Customer’s Sites• Customers can build abbreviated dial plans from 4-10 digits• Eliminates a Significant % Of LD Costs For a Typical Multi-LocationCustomerCompany A (Site to Site):Denver, COCompany A:Dallas, TXCompany B:Charlotte, NCCompany B (Site to Site):Rochester, NYSite-to-Site CallingNote: Each site must subscribe to any EarthLink’s Voice Services
    • 34CommPortal Communicator - Premium• Soft Phone– Load onto laptop– Use your laptopas your officephone
    • 35• Converged Minutes is the Hosted Voice Long Distance Plan– 1500 Long Distance Only Minutes per service location• Additional 1000 minute buckets available• Minutes can be shared between multiple locationsOR– 1500 Shared Long Distance and Mobile Minutes• Adds an additional 500 minutes to bundle for each mobile line• Additional 1000 minute buckets available• Minutes can be shared between multiple locations– Converged Minutes is for domestic LD, including Toll Free• International is offered under a separate rate plan– International dialing permissions are blocked by default– Customer may opt to enable International dialingLong Distance Options
    • 36Service Bundle Options• Each Hosted Voice service is composed of any or all of the followingoptions at no additional charge– One Toll Free Number– 250 MB POP email accounts included• Up to 50 with T-1 and above access• Up to 10 with DSL access– Expanded Calling Service Available– One Domain Name Registration– 6 to16 Usable Static IP Addresses included (Additionalavailable)• Features included:– Abbreviated dialing – 4 to 10 digits– Available at single site or multi-site
    • 37Configuring or Changing Your PhoneDo It Yourself !
    • 38Hosted Voice Customer TrainingOn–Site Training Virtual Training38
    • 39Traditional Phone System Support ModelThink of the support and maintenance issues for atraditional phone system that business owners have toworry about and the possible negative impact on theircompany’s bottom line.• Third Party required for hardware• Third party required for software• Third party for MACD• Unavailability of needed features and functions• 5 to 7 years usage before it becomes obsolete• Capital requirements for initial purchase forreplacement system at “End of Life”.• Expensive “In-House” technical support.• Expensive floor space utilized for equipment• Possible system downtime during a poweroutage or catastrophic event.
    • 40Hosted Voice BenefitsFeatures Advantages BenefitsOne Provider Solution One Number to call for service and support issues – ONEcompany accountability.Improved Efficiencies/Saves TimeAbbreviated Dialing Global Centrex, 4-10 digit dialing between domestic orinternational locations.Improved Efficiencies/Saves TimeHosted PBX Platform Reallocate IT Staff and Cut Third Party Costs. Reduced CostsLD & Local Calling Site to Site Calling / EarthLink In-Network customers andconverged calling minutes included.Reduced CostsOngoing Support Managed Hosted Voice Service. Software & FirmwareUpgrades. Eliminates Third Party Costs (new feature releases& additional applications).Reduced CostsScalable / Easy MAC Pay As you grow: Add Seats, IP Phones, Broadband, Locationsor additional services as needed.Reduced CostsElectronic Fax .pdf documents distributed via email / CommPortal. Increases Productivity / Saves Time /Reduced CostsUnified Messaging Voice, email, and electronic fax Integration into a SinglePlatform.Improved Efficiencies/ Saves TimeSingle Cable Run 10/100 Ethernet port into Phone and an Output Port for a PC.(GIG-E option available)Reduced CostsIP Phones Aastra, Polycom – Industries Leading IP Phones Maintainedby EarthLink.Improved Efficiencies/ Saves TimeCPE Industry Leading CPE, POE Switch, IP Phones, Battery Backup Improved Efficiencies/ Reduced Costs
    • 41Hosted Voice BenefitsFeatures Advantages BenefitsTraining Included On Site or Virtual training. Improved Efficiencies/ Saves TimeFind Me/Follow Me Never miss a call again because the system will find you!Flexible user options. One Number to DialImproved Efficiencies/ Saves TimeAdministrative Portal (BG) More administrative control than with system located atcustomer premises.Improved Efficiencies/ Saves TimeCommPortal (User) Anytime, anywhere, anyplace complete call management foruser (Call logs and Call Routing).Improved Efficiencies/ Saves TimePlatform Upgrades Instant access to the latest and greatest features andfunctions automatically. (No EOL)Reduced CostsCall Logs Visual logs of missed, received and placed calls for referenceor single button dial backImproved Efficiencies/ Saves TimeMinimal Capital Investment Low to No CAPEX vs. OPEX Reduces costsImported Call Directory Anywhere, any time, anyplace access to your importedcorporate directory.Improved Effectiveness / Saves TimeACD Affordable Inbound call routing to skill based agents. AvailableCall reporting, monitoring and MOH.Better customer service / BetterRetention, Continued RevenueAuto Attendant Automated routing of Inbound calls Better customer service / BetterRetention, Continued Revenue
    • 42How Does HostedVoiceStack Up? Latest TechnologyEnterprise FeaturesUnified CommunicationsTotal Cost of OwnershipSystem FlexibilityEase of ManagementTime to Add FeaturesTime to Move PhonesCapital OutlayMaintenance CostsSimplistic & EfficientCost of Upgrade & ExpandCisco, Infinera, Redback,MetaSwitchIncludedAuto Attendant & ACDVoice Mail & E-faxPay-as-you-GrowEasy MACsMinutesMinutes$ / Low$ / LowEasy to UseZero (0) /LowConnect Multiple Locations SimpleThe POWER ofHosted Voice