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  • Today’s business world is driven by data and business owners want to be assured that their mission critical data remains safe and recoverable. There’s no way to stop Mother Nature if she’s sending a hurricane, tornado, ice storm or earthquake at your data center, Servers and systems will crash without warning, and man-made disasters are just as unpredictable, so the only option is to have a backup plan to ensure that your data remains recoverable. Business owners want the ability to access and recover their data as quickly as possible. They want a backup plan that is controllable, flexible and scalable. They want a backup plan that is affordable and doesn’t consume their limited IT resources.
  • Tape backup is a an obsolete technology. Its slow and cumbersome. Disk backup is the best technology for backup, and provide for much faster recovery. And moving Disk backup to the Cloud makes for the best solution, as it reduces internal infrastructure, and IT staff attention. Business owners should be able to set the backup policies and trust them because a provider should provide daily verification that the prescribed backup was successfully completed.
  • EarthLink Cloud Server Backup helps protect your business’s mission-critical information assets. Your data remains intact and quickly recoverable from man-made disasters and when Mother Nature disrupts your data center facility with a hurricane, tornado, ice storm, earthquake or other natural disaster. EarthLink Cloud Server Backup delivers a cost-effective, flexible and easily scalable solution that lets you configure and control your backup policies and procedures online.
  • The Cloud is an ideal place to host your Server Backup. It eliminates backup server capital expenditure, removes the equipment from your data center and frees up your IT staff to spend time on more value-added projects. You subscribe to the amount of storage you need, and its easy to scale in either direction. Choosing EarthLink as your Cloud provider gives you the added security of a SSAE 16 compliant data center and 24/7 security monitoring by our security experts.
  • Some of the key features of EarthLink Cloud Server Backup include: Our backups in a SAN disk environment for instantaneous access and rapid recovery – a far superior alternative to legacy tape backup systems. We mirror your backup data across multiple SAN disks to ensure redundancy. We provide peace of mind, with a system generated daily email confirming that your designated backups have been successfully completed. Your data is encrypted over an 128-bit SSL connection in transit to the data center, and encrypted on the disks during the backup process with 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard, the U.S. government’s standard for secure encryption), so every disk is protected.
  • Not all Cloud Server Backup providers deliver the same capabilities. When comparing EarthLink too some of the other leading providers a number of competitive advantages become obvious. Listed here are the most notable: EarthLink provides the most flexibility by not limiting backup sets or schedules, and providing multiple levels of backup. EarthLink also supports MS SharePoint, and all versions of MS Exchange, Windows Small Business Server. EarthLink also supports virtualized environments of VMware and MS Hyper-V. EarthLink is a 100% on-shore provider, so you can out-source without off-shoring. EarthLink provides extended retention options with up to 3 years of archiving.
  • In summary, EarthLink Cloud Server can deliver value to your business in the following ways: Protecting your mission-critical data Enabling rapid recovery of your data Giving you maximum flexibility and control of you backup procedures And lowering your IT spending, and freeing up your IT staff to focus on more productive projects
  • EarthLink Business Cloud Server Backup

    1. 1. EarthLink Cloud Server Backup
    2. 2. Typical Business ChallengesDoes my tape back system provide theinstantaneous access and rapid recovery that Ineed?How can I develop a backup planwithout capital expenditure, and notoverloading my IT staff?Does my backup plan adequately protect my datafrom man-made and natural disasters?Does the location of my backup serversprovide enough geographic diversity to protectme from a widespread disaster?Does my backup plan meet the requiredregulatory compliance my business mustadhere to?Does my backup plan provide me enoughflexibility, scalability and control?How do I know my backup planis working as designed?
    3. 3. Technology Trends in Backup• Limited opportunity for backup. Tape is slow.• Recovering from a tape backup is slow, error prone, and can be difficult• Equipment challenges. It’s not uncommon for tapes to be usable only in the drives thatwrote the data in the first place.• Potentially huge benefits, including easy expansion of available disk space, speedincreases that result in more continuous protection, and very fast recovery.• Simplicity. Create a “set it and trust it” operation when it comes to data protection.• Reduced infrastructure complexity. Reduce how much equipment is required.Yesterday’s legacy tape-only backup mechanisms are becoming obsoleteDisk-based backup and recovery architecture makes a lot of senseCloud-based Backup benefits
    4. 4. EarthLink Cloud Server Backup• Protect your business’s mission-critical information assets.• Rapid recovery from man-made and Mother Nature’s disasters – servercrashes, fires, hurricanes, tornados, ice storms, earthquakes.• Easy to use wizard to set your own backup schedules and priorities• Define your levels of backup – incremental, full system, real time, fullhardware
    5. 5. Take advantage of the Cloud• Eliminate the capital expense of purchasing new storage units• Reduce data center costs, no IT staff support requirements• Pay for only what you need, multiple standard options from 50 GB to50 TB• Implement best practices for data retention and backup to satisfycompliance requirementsYour data is secure in EarthLink Data Centers• SSAE 16 compliant data centers and certified security staff• Security monitoring 24/7 provides immediate remediation from virusesand malicious intrudersCloud Server Backup
    6. 6. Cloud Server BackupFeatures• Instantaneous on-line access to data – replicated on disks, not tape• Data remains intact and recoverable for disaster recovery protection• Daily email confirming that your data has been successfully backed up• Fully mirrored replication of your data across multiple SAN disks• Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Unix• RAID 10 SAN Storage• 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest (in storage)• 128-bit SSL encryption for data in transit• SQL Backup• Initial seed loading with EarthLink provided external hard drive
    7. 7. Cloud Server BackupOur Competitive Advantages:• Unlimited backup sets and schedules• Incremental, Differential and Full backup control• Supporting MS SharePoint and all MS Exchange versions• Supporting Windows Small Business Server 2011• Supporting VMware Virtual Machine & MS Hyper-V backups• North American-based support – an on-shore solution• Extended retention options with up to 3 years of archiving
    8. 8. Delivers value to your business:• Protecting your mission-critical data• Rapid recovery of your data• Complete control of your backup procedures• Reduced IT expensesEarthLink Cloud Server Backup