PSNGB University of Bath September 2012 complete slide set


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The set of presentation slides used at the PSNGB event at the University of Bath on 17th September 2012.
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  • Why is PSN so important for UK government? PSN is the foundation of the government’s ICT strategy, at the heart of shared service and cost reduction agendas. The PSN, which is to be governed by a number of standards and protected by high levels of security will rectify these problems. It will also change the way customers procure products and services, as they will no longer require physical network assets. Instead they will buy services such as storage capacity and software applications as and when required – either alone or combined in packages. The result is flexibility and standardisation, which will together deliver the opportunity for interworking and reduced costs.
  • Drivers - Public Services Network (PSN) is a change programme driven by a need to save money, integrate and join up services. As well as a desire to create new and innovative business opportunities for public service providers and the suppliers of communication services. The Issue - A plethora of public sector telecoms networks have evolved with varying levels of co-ordination. As a result there is a lack of standardisation and variance in costs; interoperability between organisations and sites can be constrained and inflexible. There is duplication of networks and services across the public sector together with an imperative to save money. PSN Objectives Substantially reduce or eliminate duplicated procurements and expenditure on network and associated services Enable anyone connected to PSN to consume any service and access any data that they have the right to from anywhere on PSN Establish a unified market aligned to wider market investments Generate competition and innovation in the provision of public sector telecoms Enable new and creative ways of joining up and delivering shared public services UNCLASSIFIED
  • PSN customers, suppliers and services must meet PSN technical, security and service management standards. By applying a standards based approach, with assurance through a compliance and accreditation regime, PSN will be incrementally delivered. Some core network services either are or will be delivered centrally: GCN, DNS, PKI, Interconnects WANs can connect directly to DNSPs (without going through a PSNSP) Capabilities: GCF MTCF PSN Connectivity PSN Services
  • 2012/13 Benefit realisation – currently standing at £109m – forecast £130m for full year Great news that both PSN Connectivity and Services Frameworks are now operational (Services went live this week) and public sector organisations are already using them. UNCLASSIFIED
  • PSNGB University of Bath September 2012 complete slide set

    1. 1. Phil Gibson University of Bath Chair - PSNGBUNCLASSIFIED
    2. 2. 10.00 Welcome and Introduction - PSN - delivering on the promise10.40 Workshops morning session:  Framework Procurement  Compliance  Security11.40 Coffee break, networking12.00 PSN Innovation13.00 Lunch, networking13.45 Workshops afternoon session:  Framework Procurement  Compliance  Security14.45 The way forward, final Q and As - Cabinet Office and PSNGB15.15 Close© British Telecommunications plc UNCLASSIFIED
    3. 3. Martin Farncombe Commercial Manager PSN Delivering on the Promise PSNGB Seminar University of BathPSNGBThe Industry association for PSN suppliers Monday 17th 2012 UNCLASSIFIED
    4. 4. Now Why Change?• 2 0 0 0 + n e t w o r k UNCLASSIFIED s• 5 .
    5. 5. Local authorities Government departments Common Standards • Technical standards improves interoperability over the same underlying infrastructureBlue light services • Information Assurance standards enable us to trust one another to handle our data • Service Management standards enable services to operate Other public effectively within a multi-supplier environment services • Commercial standards enable us to operate within an open and transparent market place, adopt common portfolio Accredited private products and services and aggregate demand sector Common infrastructure services By aligning to these common standards we can: • Create a more unified market aligned to wider market investments • Harness our corporate buying power • Reduce procurement costs • Share services and reduce duplication of infrastructure services and business systems • Generate greater competition and innovation • Save money UNCLASSIFIED
    6. 6. How it works UNCLASSIFIED
    7. 7. • Core standards set • Central government mandate• Successful pilot being enforced• • Substantial take up by Non PSN Authority established Central Government• Focus on benefit realisation - • Transition plans published £30m 11/12 target significantly exceeded – • Major customers contracting actual £64.2m now for PSN services• PSN Connectivity Framework • 2012 standards now operational and first published competitions completed • Cyber work in progress• PSN Services Framework • Users and suppliers operational –competitions becoming PSN Certified underway UNCLASSIFIED
    8. 8. • The PSN marketplace is open for business• Delivery of PSN has begun, with wide scale adoption across all parts of the Public Sector continuing throughout 2012/13• There has been great progress by both Government and the supplier community: but there’s lots more to do• The big prize is ahead of us: we need to accept the challenge to exploit PSN, aim high, collaborate and drive business transformation UNCLASSIFIED
    9. 9.  PSN Website PSN Collaboration zone on Huddle Contact us:  General Communications with the PSN Programme and PSN Authority  PSNA Compliance Team, for compliance requests and questions regarding compliance  PSNA Service Bridge, for major incidents and security incidents UNCLASSIFIED
    10. 10. Phil Gibson University of Bath Chair - PSNGBUNCLASSIFIED
    11. 11. Ask the Panel – PSNGB & Cabinet Office UNCLASSIFIED