Google's "Panda" Ranking Algorithm Update: What It Means to You 2012 01-10


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Ticket Summit® is the leading ticket conference and trade show for live entertainment professionals. Conference attendees include producers, promoters, box office managers, ticket distributors, technology companies, and many more. I joined Ben Kirshner (President of Elite SEM), and Joseph Apfelbaum (CEO of Ajax Union) at the Search Engine Marketing panel discussion where we provided strategies to help companies successfully remarket to their customers, build their consumer base, and boost their bottom line.

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Google's "Panda" Ranking Algorithm Update: What It Means to You 2012 01-10

  1. 1. Mike MoranGoogle’s “Panda” Ranking Algorithm Update:What It Means to You Mike Moran Chief Strategist, © 2012 Mike Moran Group LLC
  2. 2. Mike MoranSo what’s Google Panda?  A new release of the Google search ranking algorithm  It was born almost a year ago  But it just keeps growing in importance  Every few months, it changes2 © 2011 Mike Moran
  3. 3. Mike MoranThe search ranking algorithm decides who’s first  Panda does not affect paid search results  It helps decide the #1 organic result  Some will do anything 89% of clicks on page 13 © 2011 Mike Moran
  4. 4. Mike MoranBlack Hat SEO experts fool everybody  They fool Google  They fool searchers  They are extremely smart and hardworking  If it works for you, good luck4 © 2011 Mike Moran
  5. 5. Mike MoranIt’s not just about spamming  Most of you don’t practice real You black hat SEO  But you don’t win by examining the terms of service like a legal document  You see what works for all three parties Google Searchers5 © 2011 Mike Moran
  6. 6. Mike MoranSome people reverse engineer the algorithm  Google wants the keywords on the page  Google wants the keywords in the title  Google wants links to the site What Google really wants is high quality search results for the searchers6 © 2011 Mike Moran
  7. 7. Mike MoranPanda adds a new factor to the ranking algorithm  Human beings rate a small subset of search results:  Nice design?  Speedy response?  Quality content?  Would you return?  Sites that people like get bumped higher in ranking  The sites they don’t like are shoved down7 © 2011 Mike Moran
  8. 8. Mike MoranMachine learning scales the human ratings  Even Google can’t afford human ratings for every page for every search  So, it looks for patterns—common features  If your site looks like the low-rated sites, your site gets ranked lower8 © 2011 Mike Moran
  9. 9. Mike MoranWhat does it mean to “look like” low quality?  Machine learning detects patterns in what pages look like based on “features”  What could the features be?  The length of the title tag  The ratio of words to pictures  The commonality of runs of words9 © 2011 Mike Moran
  10. 10. Mike MoranWhat is the practical effect of Panda?  Sites that ranked highly with the old algorithm have been affected  If your site was great for search engines, but not for actual people, time to up your game  Who seemed to get hit?  “Content farms” and screen-scrapers  Older content  Sites loaded with ads  Vertical search sites—but not Google sites!10 © 2011 Mike Moran
  11. 11. Mike MoranThat wasn’t just bad luck  Tactics that help You everyone get rewarded  Tactics that help only you don’t  Maybe you should stick to what will work long-term Google Searchers11 © 2011 Mike Moran
  12. 12. Mike MoranShould you only be looking at rankings?  Many sites that lamented their loss of traffic actually didn’t lose any sales  Google might be improving its ability to send qualified leads to your site12 © 2011 Mike Moran
  13. 13. Mike MoranIs Panda over? The world has now stabilized?  Google will continue to roll out algorithm changes based on:  Panda feature changes and human rating changes  Google +1 button ratings  Other content quality assessments, including social media activity  If Panda is working (and Google seems to be committed to it), expect Microsoft and other engines to follow13 © 2011 Mike Moran
  14. 14. Mike MoranDon’t be a good scout. Be good at business.  You’re not trying out for You sainthood  Do it because it works  It’s less risky, easier to do, and has fewer ups and downs  Focus on a quality searcher experience, and success Google Searchers will follow14 © 2011 Mike Moran
  15. 15. Mike MoranThank you! www.mikemoran.comwww.converseon.com15 © 2011 Mike Moran